Photoshop CS6 Tutorial on Batch Image Processing (Convert Color Pictures to Grayscale)

Uploaded by unluckylion on 08.09.2012

Hello everyone! In this video I'm going to show you how to
Batch process your pictures in Adobe Photoshop.
I have here a bunch of pictures that are scanned in color
and I want to convert all of them into black and white pictures.
So I'm going to fire up Photoshop.
And in here you can go on file, and you have basically two choices:
You can use *Automate* -> *Batch...*
to process all your pictures
or you can just use *Scripts* -> *Image processor*.
Automate will give you some more choices with renaming the pictures and things like this
but I only want to have them black and white, I don't care about the name.
So I'm going to use the image processor.
In here we select first our folder.
This are already my pictures that are in color right now.
And then we're going to select a folder where you want to save our pictures.
I create a new one and call this one "BW".
Under file type we're going to keep JPG as our picture format
and we choose 12 as the highest quality.
Now under preferences we can define our action.
In this case we going to select "Custom RGB to Grayscale".
And now we can click on *Run* and we see what happens.
Unfortunately it's prompting us now
to confirm every single picture, so we could do some adjustments and then click on ok.
however we wold need to do this for every picture.
so I going to show you how to avoid this.
We go on cancel an abort the whole process.
And then we can go to window
and open the *Actions* window.
In here you have all the processing actions you can have.
And if we take a look at custom RGB to Grayscale
you see here this little symbol.
If you click on this you can toggle of the dialogue box
and it will apply the settings
that are currently set in the box.
So now we can close this one.
And we can run the script again.
On *Scripts* -> *Image Processor*
And we basically keep all the settings and just click on run.
Now you see it's processing all the pictures
and we can take a look into the folder
and you see here how all the pictures are appearing.
Now all our pictures are converted into Grayscale.
But the really cool thing about the Actions window is
you can record your own actions for batch processing.
So let's try this. We create first a new folder.
We call this one "MY ACTIONS", click on OK.
Now let's open a picture.
We going to take a color picture that we used before.
And we can create now our own Action.
We call this one black and white.
And now we click on record
and we basically do what we want
to automate for all our pictures.
So in this case, I just go on to convert the pictures into black an white
and I just going to use the Grayscale for doing so.
It gives us an warning, that black and white with adjustments might be better
but we ignore this one.
And now we can basically
hit the stop button, and we're done.
If you want to apply this now
we go on *File* -> *Scripts* -> *Image Processor...*
And we do the same thing as before, but this time we change to "my actions"
And we select "BW" in here.
Let's chose a new destination folder for this action.
We call this one "BW2"
Create a new folder.
And we click on OK and on Run again.
Now its doing basically the same thing as it did before
but this time it's a little bit quicker, because we're
converting them directly.
So we can take a look.
And you see again our nice B&W JPGs.
If you want you can click here
to see the InDesign tutorial were we combine all our black and white pictures, that we have batch processed now
into a single PDF.
All right, I hope you find this tutorial helpful.
until next time, cu.