Autumn Tablescape With Rebecca Robeson | At Home With P. Allen Smith

Uploaded by ehowhome on 29.10.2012

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There's lots of choices around here, Rebecca, for making this table look the way you want
it to, so we just have to decide. You think you wanna use those plates? I do -- I think
they bring in the color of the sofa. Yeah, well, they're better than the white Kinda
pulls the room together. That's just too boring. Yeah, I think these are good. Okay, now listen,
the closets are full of stuff around here. I know. So we'll just go through and drag
out whatever you want to make this come together. Let's pull together an amazing table. Looks
like we're just about ready for guests. I think so. It came together beautifully. You
know, just using what you had, and even things in the garden, I think we did pretty well.
It looks so abundant and full -- it's be perfect for a holiday. You know, can you imagine for
Thanksgiving -- this would be awesome. And this is something that people can do themselves.
You know, it is. I mean, you should look around to see what you have and build it from there.
That's what we did here. Yes, now, not everyone has gourds --you can pick those up -- but
just the leaves. And these are the fig leaves, right? Right. You based it with that. You
took those off the big fig tree and then sort of laid up a base, and then on top of it,
just placed pomegranates and some of these gourds and things from the supermarket. It's
amazing what you can pick up at the grocery store. It is, and I think it's also so bountiful
it's gonna make people feel good when they come to sit here and eat and enjoy a nice
meal together. Well, that's the whole idea: To comfort and just enjoying the conversation
and company of friends. I really like the way these plates work with the white plates.
The napkins you choose, I think, look really great. You got these color echoes going with
all the different golds, these different flowers and napkin colors. And one of things I use
a lot when I do my tables is I put a votive candle in a different kind of container, but
they're all the same. And each -- what it does is it makes each plate separate and special
and it makes it light up, especially at night. But I also use candles in the daytime. Yeah.
Do you? I do. And it illuminates it. And when they get ready to sit down, you can just move
it over. Move it on over. And it becomes part of the tablescape itself. Yeah, good job.
Yeah, right back at you. I love how the arrangements turned out, and just using three, that's really
all you need. It's perfect. Simple, stylish and homegrown. Listen, we'd love to have you
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