Superstar (3/10) Movie CLIP - Red Carpet Dreams (1999) HD

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[ chuckles ] hey, new friend.
Did you see that sign they're putting up ?
"catholic teenager magazine presents...
"the let's fight venereal disease talent contest.
"winner gets a free trip to hollywood--
[ both ] and a chance to be an extra in a movie with positive moral values."
Oh, god.
[ man ] miss gallagher !
Miss gallagher, so how does it feel to be an extra...
In a movie with positive moral values ?
It feels okay. [ man ] miss gallagher.
How does it feel to have everyone wanna kiss you that particular way...
You wanna be kissed ?
Miss gallagher, how does it feel to be a superstar ?
[ mary ] this was my chance.
If I could win the talent contest, sky's lips would definitely be mine.
Hey, everybody. I dreamt of this new dance move last night.
I call this the fax machine.
[ buzzing ] oh !
I wish I could dance with sky corrigan.
Sky's definitely the swayziest, but you know he's gonna dance with evian.
Yeah ! Exactly ! You did it perfectly. [ laughing ]
You're so good.
[ engine revving ]
What do you think slater would do in the talent show ?
Maybe he'll murder some people...
And make a flesh coat by sewing their skin hides together.
[ groans ]
I'm sorry. I was rewinding silence of the lambs at the video store yesterday.