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>>Hey! Welcome to CNY Flavor where we help teach you how to cook on a shoestring budget.
We have got a great show in store for you.
What we do is we do some, you know, couple of recipes.
We do some cooking and help you learn how to cook and combine things on a shoestring budget at home in today’s economic times.
At the end of the show what we do is we interview local restaurants, owners, chefs, and different things that are unique to central New York.
So, stay tuned we have got a great show in store for you.
Hey! Got a great segment in store for you.
You have all heard of blueberry pancakes and banana pancakes and chocolate chip pancakes.
Well, here is a little secret one we are going to do called apple cakes.
Now, naturally as the name implies the main ingredient is apple.
I have got one Macintosh apple here.
I have a half a cup of baking mix.
Now, you can use any off brand you want, this happens to be Bisquik which makes great pancakes or waffles, or baking mix, you know is what we are using it for.
Now, I don’t use any water in this or any milk, you know.
A lot of times when you are doing a recipe for pancakes, you can add the milk for buttermilk or you can add water.
This secret ingredient is sour cream.
I am going to add half a cup of sour cream, half a cup of baking mix, one egg, an extra large egg, a teaspoon of sugar, and then cinnamon will be topped off at the end of it.
Once I put on the griddle and I flip it, put a little cinnamon on the backsides of both, and we are just going to marry it all and mix it together.
First thing we have got to do is we have got to chop up the apple, and so let’s get started with that and I will show you how to do it.
>>Ok, first thing we are going to do, remember knife safety.
I always talk about that.
I can’t talk about it enough.
I have got a nice, sharp knife, but you have got to use your knuckles as a guide.
You are going to just cut this down.
You are going to start quartering it.
I will just do it into four pieces on each side.
Cut it right down the middle.
Ok, spin it around.
And then it is important here, I want to show you this, that you have your center, you want to chop that out because you don’t want this in the baking mix.
So, just take a little paring knife and just cut it right down, and get rid of that and this one is fine.
We will cut off the end, straight down, that is fine.
That one is fine.
You will only get it on a couple of them where the core is, ok, but you don’t want that hard part inside your apple cakes.
And then we are just going to dice it down into pretty small chunks, and you are going to be able to fill up this cup to my right and your left.
So, basically you are just thinning it down.
If you get a little thicker piece, cut it in half again, and remember when I talk about uniformity, you don’t want really big, thick pieces in there and really small pieces because then it won’t cook uniformly and you will get some that are really big and others that are really small.
So, basically you just chop it all up, mince it up.
It is going to taste wonderful.
If you want, you skin the apple.
The apple skin has a lot of nutrients in it, and you hear me talk a lot about that on fresh vegetables and fruits that people don’t realize how much nutrients are in the skin, and I give you the example of potatoes that the skin alone has 18% of the nutrients and vitamins that we need as human beings just in the skin.
So, it is ok to leave the skin on.
Chop these all up.
Alright, and then we are just going to take it and put it over here inside the cup.
It should work to about a cup and a half just for the one apple.
Remember I was showing you on past episodes how I like to keep a spatula handy because it helps to pick it up off the cutting board?
So, here we go here.
We will take our bowl, one egg, put it right in.
Ok, we are going to take our baking mix, half a cup and put that right in, and now our sour cream.
I have got a little spatula here too.
That’s great.
I will put this off to the side.
Add our apples.
Actually I am not going to add the apples yet, I am going to add the sugar, a teaspoon of sugar, and then I am going to mix this up, I can’t really see I am going to get some Pyrex bowls and stuff so you guys can see what I am mixing.
But you want to mix this all up, nice in here.
See, it is giving a nice, it is a little thicker than normal if you would add water or milk, you don’t want it thin like that.
Then I am going to take my apples and put them right in.
Mix that around.
Get it all together.
And you see this, it is a little thicker, a lot thicker actually than normal pancake batter, and I am going to show you how to take a big spoon and you dollop it right onto the frying pan, and a nice, big tablespoon length that will make about a four inch, pancake, apple cake.
These here you have just got to pull the tines apart on them and get all your apples out and you are good.
And that’s it!
And now I am ready to get this out of the way and get the griddle set up and we’ll start cooking.
>>So, we have our griddle pre-heating.
I have my apple cake mix here.
I am just going to take a little margarine, spread it around.
I have got my little trusty spatula here.
We have got to wait until this heats up a little bit.
Move this around, and I am only going to do a couple for you for a demonstration just to show you how it should be.
Your griddles heat up here quick.
You can do the same thing at home.
So, here it is heating up.
It is starting to sizzle, beautiful, ok, and it is a little thicker.
I have got just a nice, big tablespoon here, and I am going to take a nice spoonful here and put it right on.
Put that down there.
Look at that.
Move that around a little bit.
That is all set to go.
Let this sit.
It is going to take several minutes, ok, until it starts bubbling and browning on the backside and then we flip it over.
While this is on this side I take my cinnamon, ok, and I am just going to take a little bit of cinnamon and sprinkle it over the top, ok, and then let it sit like that, and then once I flip it over I will put a little more on, so I will be back in just a minute to show you how it looks when we are going to flip it.
>>Ok, now I wanted to explain to you to that apple cakes are not like pancakes.
They are, but they are not, ok, because they don’t cook the same, so even though this is not bubbling through.
You have got your apples in there that are starting to cook up.
These are ready to turn over, ok,
They are a little thicker.
See look at that.
It is coming out like a crepe.
See now they will fluff up a little bit too because it is cooking it down and in and it is going to fluff up because of the baking mix, ok, that is why I used the Bisquik that you can use for biscuits and stuff too.
With your sour cream, your sugar, your cinnamon, it gives it a distinct flavor that is not like anything else you have ever seen.
They are quick.
They are easy.
Let me get that going there.
I have got the cinnamon.
And you can top this with just about anything that you want.
You can top it with maple syrup.
You can top it with blueberry sauce.
Different types of sauces that you can do that you particularly like, you can use for your topping.
You can put whip cream on it, and maybe a little bit of strawberry syrup.
There is a lot of different things that you can do with this.
A couple of minutes on each side.
Yep, see this is cooking.
Just to show you I am going to flip it real quick.
See how it is cooking up there?
You can see it is starting to really brown up good.
These are different if you are with your husband or your wife, and you wanted to cook something a little special on a brunch or bring them breakfast in bed.
Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, the different holidays that we do have, it is a nice little treat and they will wonder where you got the recipe, and you can tell them that you got it right here at CNY Flavor.
Now, you see that smoke coming up?
That means that my butter around the edges are cooking.
So, I am going to actually shut the griddle off right now.
These are so cold because you can just unplug them, and that is it.
They will start cooling down.
See, these are beautiful.
So, let me take out a little plate here.
Take these right off just to show you again how they are looking on the bottom.
If you have got the cinnamon in there, we will put this just like this here.
Now, you know what would really be good with this, just a little aside, is that you take a little apple sauce.
Put a little apple sauce on the top, a little cinnamon sprinkle on that, and you have got a great little breakfast treat, lunch or dinner, ok, because this is definitely different and unique.
I hope you enjoy it.
>>Ok, going on with the breakfast edition we are going to do a crazy Elvis-stuffed French toast.
You know one of Elvis Presley, I had the privilege and the honor to actually be at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee and see some of the things he did, read up on his history and everything.
And everybody knows Elvis Presley even though he has been dead so long, God rest his soul, and one of the things he liked was peanut and butter sandwiches, ok, he loved peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
He would actually get on his plane and fly to places that actually made it, and specialized in these peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
So, at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner we came up with a little concept called a Crazy Elvis’s stuffed French toast.
One of my cooks here Mike Kovac, I will give him credit because he came up with the Crazy Kovac which was strawberries and cream cheese and how you stuff it that way.
You can do it with blueberries.
You can do it with peaches, depending upon what you like, and this is the actual Crazy Elvis stuffed French toast.
We are going to use Skippy peanut butter, a banana, a couple of eggs, a little milk, a little powdered sugar on top, and I am going to show you how to do it right here right now.
>>Well, thank you, thank you very much.
You have got to do some Elvis when you are doing a Crazy Elvis stuffed French toast.
I put a couple of eggs in the bowl.
A quarter cup of milk, and now I am going to spread the peanut butter.
Actually, you know what I will do first is I will move this to the side, and I will just show you how to do the banana.
And the reason why I am going to show you how to do the banana now is because you are a beautiful audience, yeah, thank you, thank you very much.
That is a little crazy there, but hey, what can you do?
Just cut it right in half, and then what you are going to do is you are just going to slice them.
Remember, I always talk about knife safety.
Your fingers as a guide.
You can use a butter knife if you feel comfortable with that, but you are just going to go down, and you are just going to slice it.
And what you do is because this is going to cook, you want to try to get them, you know, uniform pieces so that they, you know, come out fairly even, and your pieces here no matter which ones you are picking up, they are pretty even.
And what you are going to do is you are going to take half of the banana is going to go in the sandwich in the stuff French toast for the stuffing, and then the other half is going to go on top when you are done.
So, just put them in a couple of piles and you are looking at it like this.
One is going to go inside.
One is going to go on top.
And then what we are going to do here is we are going take and spread the peanut butter
Everybody at home knows how to spread peanut butter, and you want to do both sides.
And you want to not go too thin on it, ok, because remember peanut butter will as it cooks melt down into this.
So, you put a nice little coating on each section.
So, here you go.
You have got it all stuffed right here.
You are going to take your bananas, and you are just going to lay them out all on the inside.
You don’t put the other bananas on until the end.
So, you see how that is all part of the sandwich and then you are just going to flip it over and you are going to compress this down, and push this down, put it off to the side.
Now you are going to mix your eggs here.
And that is all you do you use a fork.
You feel like using two forks sometimes you can put two forks in between your fingers and it actually will mix it up pretty good.
Now, I used milk.
If you like cream, you can use cream or sometimes to fluff things up if you use about a teaspoon of water instead of the milk, that will give it a nice fluffy, rich egg mixture.
This particular one is milk, and eggs.
Now at the restaurant I actually use half and half.
I use a nice cream with my eggs, real eggs, and I use the half and half.
So, this is all done to the side, and now what I am going to do is I have got my powdered sugar in reserve here.
I am going to get my griddle out.
I am going to set that up, and I am going to show you how you submerge this in your egg batter because you have got to get it all submerged on both sides and put that right on the griddle at about 400 degrees.
So, you see that all sizzling up nice, and then what you are going to do here, is you are going take your stuffed French toast here, and you are going to submerge the whole thing in the egg batter.
Get it nice and wet, and put it right on.
See, and it is just like you would do a piece of French toast bread.
You know, small, this isn’t the egg bread.
That is the actual thick Texas toast style.
Just two pieces of bread.
You can use wheat bread.
You can use Italian bread.
You can use Sour dough.
It just depends on what type of bread you like.
You just submerge it.
You let it sit like this and cook for probably a good three to four minutes on each side, and it will brown up and it is actually cooking and melting the peanut butter that is inside of it, and it is incorporating it with the bananas that are getting nice and hot and becoming part of it in between the stuffed peanut butter.
And wait until you see how this comes out.
I will flip it in just a couple of minutes, and then we will plate it and I will show you how to finish the product off, ok.
So, you can see it bubbling around the steam coming up.
So, all you do is just, boom, flip it right over like you would regular French toast and you see the golden brown around the edges.
This is cooking very, very nice.
It is melting the peanut butter.
If you can see this, I am going to lift it up for you.
You see how it is melting.
The peanut butter inside right incorporating it into the banana.
I am going to turn this down just a little bit because you don’t want it too too hot.
So, it is all cooked on the top.
Let’s check the bottom.
Everything looks good.
Oh, yeah, see that is melted all nice inside of it.
Everything is done.
I am going to slide this off to the side here.
I am going to show you here.
Take it right off your pan.
You see it is all melting in there nice.
And then you are going to take your bananas and just put them all over the top.
This is the other half of the banana that we had.
Take it just like that.
Take your powdered sugar and you can have a shaker if you want, ok, and you are just going to take it and sprinkle it right over it.
Nice powdered sugar.
And there is your Crazy Elvis Stuffed French Toast.
Thank you mama, thank you very much.
I love a peanut butter and banana sandwich.
Anyway, thanks for tuning in on this one.
It’s great, it’s easy, it’s economical.
You are going t love it, thanks!
>>Hey Scott Trainer here host of CNY Flavor.
We have a great segment in store for you.
I have the privilege and the honor to be sitting with Justin and Robin who is part of the Tremontane Espresso Bar and Café right here in Utica.
It is 1105, what is the name of the street?
>>Lincoln Avenue
>>Lincoln Avenue.
I was just seeing if you remembered Robin.
>>We have two different doors.
So there is a Hart Street address as well.
>>Which means you can come in the front or the back.
So, this is a very casual, unique espresso bar an café, and you come in here and you feel like you are home, and you just get to kick back and relax like I am right now and just have good conversation, good espresso or coffee and good food.
And we are going to talk about that in just a minute so stay tuned.
>>Ok, so I am sitting here with Robin and Justin.
Robin is actually the manager.
>>Primary manager
>>And Justin is the right hand man here which is the assistant manager.
>>She didn’t know he is left-handed.
>>Right hand, left hand, whatever.
>>Southpaw huh?
Alright, well you know they call this the Tram.
I have got the menu and stuff right here.
I had an opportunity to look at it.
It has some interesting stuff on it.
Some very healthy stuff on it.
>>Vegan stuff, and a lot of salads, and quiche, and you get a pretty wide range.
You know, when I walked in and I sat down, it reminded me, I am a little older than you guys, and so it reminded me of, I grew up in the 60s
>>>In the 70s, early 70s, and it reminded me of like the old beatnik where people would play bongos, and do poetry.
>>I lived in California for 23 years.
I was out there when Jerry Garcia died, and I thought “man the Deadheads would feel perfectly at home in this place.”
But it is open.
It makes everybody feel welcome.
>>That is a goal of ours is that it is open and welcoming to everyone.
Yes, we actually have a set of bongos, and we do have a poetry night every Thursday, but we have rock bands regularly.
We have elder folk that come in.
We have had a Red Hat Society day.
>>Absolutely, and we do soup, salad, sandwich, and we are open for lunch as well, so we see “soup folks” that will come in and have lunch.
So, we run the gamut.
We have a back room that we can have meetings in as well.
>>And you also have an art room back there.
>>Absolutely, it is both.
It is gallery space and meeting room.
So, we have tables back there that individuals can have a quieter room if they need to.
>>Now, what are your days and hours here?
>>Monday through Friday we open at 9 a.m. and it is a sliding scale.
We like to think of it as the week goes on, we stay open later and later.
Monday and Tuesday we close at 5 o’clock.
Wednesday and Thursday we close at 11 o’clock.
Friday we close at midnight.
Saturday we are open from noon until midnight, and Sunday 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Sunday being one of our most popular nights here at the Tram.
Open mic night.
That kicks off around 7 p.m. and goes until we close.
>>Now when you say open mic night.
If I am in a local band, and I wanted to come in and perform, do I call you and try to set this up?
Do you audition me?
What do you do?
>>Well, we, it is a literal open mic night, so we do have sign-ups.
We have a sign-up sheet.
You get about 15-20 minutes.
It could be three or four songs or performances.
Because we have folks that play guitar, we have a house piano, but we have actually had a yo-yo artist.
We have comedians.
We have poetry folks.
So, it could be anything, and we have Rainbow Young.
So, he will come and be our last closing out performance of the evening.
But everyone, folks can call in, or they can sign up that night if there is room.
We do see a lot of pre sign-ups.
>>Now what phone number do I call?
>>This is a very healthy, healthy conscious restaurant.
I noticed and Justin you being the assistant manager handle a lot of the hands-on stuff and the food.
Tell me a little bit about your food.
What are some of the favorites that your customers have here because I noticed the vegan stuff and everything.
Tell me a little bit about that.
>>Our vegan options are definitely one of our huge drawing points for people because from what I understand, I personally eat all sorts of meat and things like that, but we have some of the biggest variety.
Most people, a lot of people come for that, but on the opposite end of the spectrum is one of our best sellers.
Quiche is another thing.
I had never tried quiche before I came here.
I didn’t drink coffee before I came here, but I had never tried that, and that is one thing that a lot of people just, it sells out quick for sure.
I mean the homemade soups.
Everything is made.
It is a small space, but everything is made in house as far as soups, salads, sandwiches, and not to mention our drinks.
>>You not only, and I don’t want the audience to get the wrong impression by thinking it is just vegan stuff, you have regular food too?
>>Oh, sure. We have roast beef.
We have turkey.
We have tuna.
Most of the soups that we do are vegetarian or vegan, but I do a vegetarian chili and folks would swear that there is real chunks of beef in there, and they are thrilled with it.
Take the chance.
We are here for you.
We want to know what you would like to see from us, absolutely.
So, we are always open for suggestions, and give us a call and ask us questions.
We love questions.