"Samantha and her Fun FM and Hearing Aid Book!"

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Taraahhh.... Welcome to Samantha's Fun FM Unit
This is me looking at all the fun things in the FM Book
Video Game, Scooter , DS game and Candy All wrapped up in a special box
Hi my name is Samantha I am 6 years old, I love cats and I am turning 7. This is me right there
I go to PS 3 and I am in the 1st grade
This is the front doors and I enter here and go up the stairs
I have a Hearing Aid and I wear it in my left ear
It helps me hear better because it makes the sounds louder
This is me listening to the bird tweeting
I use an FM unit with my Hearing Aid in school. This is my receiver I call it a Boot
This is the FM transmitter. The teacher wears the transmitter
The teacher wears the transmitter around her neck.
The mic should be no more than 6 inches from her mouth
This is me wearing my boot and Hearing Aid
The teacher needs to use the FM transmitter when we have 1. Storytime 2. Classroom Lessons
3. Explaining homework 4. Giving Directions
The transmitter has different buttons, the top button turns it on.
I look to the screen to see if it is the right channel.
My channel is N72. If it is not working I press the sync button
If it doesn't work I take off my hearing aid. I open the battery door and then close it. That turns on the FM
Every afternoon when I am leaving school I need to recharge my FM unit.
This is me plugging it into the charger
When I am changing the battery of the hearing aid I open the bottom of the hearing aid
When I go to a different class I tell the teacher I have an FM unit.
If they do not know what to do I tell them what to do
Now you know how to use a hearing aid and fm unit.
Good luck with it. I like using it and so will you.
My name is Samantha for the record and I am the one who wrote the book. OK
This is my hearing aid