Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega (2000) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 8

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Why not in real life? Don't ask me And what about Mahesh Hirwani?
He will cancel your recording!
- Then clap your hands at home. - Why don't you keep shut?
Whatwould you say if you were Mrs. Godinho?
- Me..? - Yes.
- I'd be Mrs. Godinho? - What would you say?
If I were her, I'd say...
Imagine it. Your first recording..
- The song is a sure hit. - Yes.
- Your songs are playing all over. - Yes.
- Your posters are put up everywhere. - Yes...
- Not only kids, even - Fathers are dancing!
You are super hit!
- Your pictures in the papers... - Are being printed!
- Girls queue for your autograph. - They do!
- Car, bungalow... - Secretary!
and you'll get your dream girl too!
I will get her, isn't it?
Speak on my master, my bread winner Mr. Oberoi.
- My finance giver. - Romi here.
Same thing, son-in-law.
- What's the news? - Has Anu Malik returned?
Everything is done. Anu Malik is here.
And Sameer is here to write the song.
And the publicity is on in full swing!
Now I'll throw 1000000 cassettes in lndia.
And 2000000 cassettes abroad!
- When is the recording? - Tomorrow.
My master, it's at 2. Please come to the studio.
Caught you!
- I won't let go! - Are you mad?
Come to prison! You turned me mad!
Now you don't recognize me! You cheated me out of 200000!
Thanks to you the world thought I'm mad. Gave me electric shocks!
Have you experienced it? The world turns dark!
The body starts smoking!
I won't let you go! Pay me back!
- Sorry, uncle. - Uncle?
You recognize me? Why did you do this to me?
I want to know why?
I had problems. I'll pay your 200000.
Of course I'll take the 200000! But I also want the interest!
All right. Here is the money for the interest.
This is the interest money. When will you pay the principal?
Can I fool the uncle of my friend?
Trust me, uncle.
Don't cry. Okay. But I won't spare you!
I'll go home on the motorcycle!
Twerp! Get off the motorcycle!
- What is it nitwit? - What does that mean?
This is my motorcycle. I'll charge you for sitting on it!
- Is it yours? - Is it your Pop's?
Catch him! He's running away! The cheat is taking the bike!
Wasn't the bike yours?
He'd given me the bike as interest for the 200000 he owed me!
Did he fool you too?
He fooled, cheated and deceived me. I am ruined!
He cheated me of 200000!
You thrashed me? If all of you beat him..
I'll pay you 500 bucks!
- What? - 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000!
I'll pay you a lakh! Break his arms and legs!
He has cheated me twice before.
Once I lay my hands on him, I'll settle all scores.
I remember. You are Raju!
My name is Romi. What is it?
But remind me of the time we met.
You were in the ladies compartment of the train. With no pajamas!
The ticket checker caught you and the police hit you with sticks.
- I bailed you out! - Good Lord! Did this happen?
- Yes. - Sir...
You may leave. I wish to discuss something importantwith Romi.
Do you know what this is?
Yourfather has nominated me.
This means henceforth your house, your offices..
Your businesses and properties.. I own all of them!
I thought yourfatherwas very smart, a good businessman.
But yourfatherturned out to be a big fool!
If I want, I can get yourfamily to the road!
And I can make yourfather beg!
Pooja...speak up.
Try my dear.
Lift your arm, my child.
Which arm had she lifted?
- Lift your arm. - Make an effort.
There's no reason to be depressed.
This is good news for us.
I came here to become a singer. To earn some money!
That is why I needed your support.
But now you and your Daddy will need me all your lives!
You slapped me, right?
Nowthe echo ofthat slap will be heard by yourfamily forever!
I'll bring yourfamily to the road!
And I'll place a begging bowl in yourfather's hand and make him beg!
Come on, slap me. Slap me!
Hit me. Come on!
Slap me, abuse me.
Butwake up.
I don't want to be the master.
I don't... everyone will be so happy.
They were so happy when you raised your arm.
Now I can't bear to see them sad.
Please wake up.
Please get up.
You won't get up?
You won't? Don't get up!
I'll go and tell everyone right now I'm Raj not Romi!
Afterthatwhetherthey call me a fraud or send me to jail..
I don't care!
Because you'd be responsible for it!
What are you doing here?
- Who is Raj? - Where is Raj?
God! What now? Raj is dead!
Raju is dead without dying!
Look, he's innocent.
I admitwhatever he did was because he wants to be a singer.
Now he's acting as Romi because he loves you.
He loves you a lot.
The truth is he wants to be Pooja's brother-in-law not yours.
Today is his first recording.
Forgive him today. Tomorrow I'll get him there personally.
- What does he think? He.. - Where is Raj?
What a voice! See that?
He hasn't sung a note and you're showering praise.
He even clears his throat in tune.
Just a minute.
- Sing something. - Heart...
Slightly lower pitch..
- Heart, heart... - Fantastic!
Just a minute, Mahesh. Lower octave. Sing in a lower pitch.
Try to understand. He's the son-in-law. I'll go low if you wish.
- Now begin. - You're being funny.
I want him to sing in a lower pitch and you're sitting down for nothing.
- You're being foolish. - You're being silly.
He's the son-in-law, can't climb down. He'll always remain high.
- You sing on. - Heart...
The crazy heart
what's he singing?
I tell you dear, I love you
The heart is crazy
Crazily in love
The heart is turning crazy
Crazily in love..
Lost in love.
Why would I get the feeling you want to say something to me?
Tell me what to do
Do I live or should I die?
The eyes would smile but be filled with tears
I had everything but for you
What else do you need? Life is nothing without you