Care of FootPath

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Ready? Ready? Are all artistes ready?
Nagraj uncle Is crane ready?
Have you given the dialogue to the artiste?
Yes, it is given.
Shall we go for a take?
Yes, sir! Letís go for a take.
Cameraman uncle, are you ready?
Yes, Iím ready, director!
Sir! 5.6 is the reading.
Ready director.
Ready. Start sound.
Start camera.
Itís good news for all the Kannadigas.
Our own Kannada talent is....
on his way to achieve world record.
As a Kannada actor...
Itís an honour for me to speak about that young talent.
King Nrupatunga has described in a poetic way...
That even without a proper education...
Kannadigas can create blunders in literature.
Itís a great pleasure to take birth in this land!
One birth in this land tempts you to take...
many rebirths as a Kannadiga!
This is the magic of this holy land!
As Kannadigas elder brother
Dr.Rajkumar said...
our Birth should be in Karnataka!
Our Kisan, who belongs to this holy land, is now going to...
make us proud Kannadigas across the world with his work!
Brother, bless me!
Kisan, my blessings will always be with you!
I came here just to wish you good luck!
Itís important for you to take those crores of Kannadigaís blessings who are watching you.
Their blessings are more important than mine.
At this age itself, our Kannadaís young talent...
Is going to achieve big in his life.
So letís all come together to support him and...
pray for his well being!
Thank you!
With the blessings of rebel star ìAmbareeshî
Itís a screaming somewhere, itís a small lamentation but...
Bangaloreís dark night sleeps unmindful of these things!
This is silicon city of India!
People build skyscrapers...
but their own kids live on the footpath!
By the way here is a lady who is hungry. She needs a kid!
You will get kids also for rent in Bangalore sir!
Just for Rs. 50, they will give a child on rent!
This rented child should be quiet, so it has to be asleep.
But the child is hungry!
See what they will give this hungry child?
ìIntoxication doseî.
The man, who is injecting this dose is a fake doctor!
She will pay Rs. 20 for this injection!
These fake doctors are present on every street of Bangalore but...
you cannot find a doctor who can inject dreams in a child!
For this lady, all of Bangalore is a trade market and...
all the people are customers!
This intoxicated innocent kid does not have parents!
He is an orphan!
His address is ìc/o. Footpath!î
Itís a pity to see that kid. Someone has intoxicated him and...
left it here on the footpath!
I donít think that kid had food!
Come letís wake him & send him away!
Hey, that lady has gone somewhere.
Before she comes you leave this place.
Or else she will intoxicate you again!
Hey! Run awayÖ run away...
Hey! What if he meets with an accident on the roads?
Itís better to die once rather than dying daily on the footpath!
Mother, I want food!
Take it.
Who are you, child?
Whose child is this?
Whose child is this?
Is it yours?
Not mine!
Whose child is this?
Whose child is this?
Iím asking whose child is this?
What grandma?
This kid was pulling my saree.
Seeing his dress, he seems like an orphan!
Even you are an orphan.
You take him with you!
Look at his stomach.
It seems like he hasnít had food in a long time!
The Lord has blessed this child for you, grandma.
Take him with you.
He is very cute right?
He looks like a doll!
Be quiet.
Oh! Seems like they are carrying some child.
Keep quiet.
Hey! Basva, whose child is this?
Grandma found him on the footpath while returning from Dhobi Ghat!
Is it?
What is his name?
Who knows?
Since he has come to the slum, letís name him Slum.
Finally, grandma found a partner!
What is it, child?
Why are there so many stars in the sky?
There are so many people?
Once they die they become a star, thatís why!
then why donít the become moon and sun?
The first person to die became the Sun...
and the second one, Moon.
The rest of them have become stars!
Will you let me eat now?
Ok! Eat, mother.
Now what?
You eat fast.
I want to ask you one more question.
Ask what you wanted to ask.
why canít the humans fly like a bird?
Human does not have wings like birds do.
why do humans not have wings?
God does not give it to them!
Why did God not give it to them?
Will you stay quiet?
You donít know! You donít know!
But I knowÖ I know!
You know right? Then tell me.
I will tell you, listen.
While flying, if a bird shits on a human, he can easily wipe it off.
What if a human would have done that while flying?
I will hit you.
MotherÖ MotherÖ Iím starving!
Iím preparing food now. Wait for a while, child.
Mother, are you preparing it now?
Everyone will be waiting there.
I will leave.
Wait! Eat something and then go.
Eat something and then go.
Everyone will be waiting there; I will come later, bye!
It got lighted, wait.
He is always like this!
How long you make me wait?
Mother asked me to have food.
I came empty stomach thinking, you people will be waiting for me!
Guys, you donít have any sense of time.
This guy was having food, so we got late!
You had food?
Slum, Iím starving! Get me some tea at least.
Come, lets go to kaka hotel.
At least go today.
Ok, I will go.
Here you go, brother.
Kaka, Slumís gang is coming.
Now Slumís gang will ask me too many questions.
And if I donít answer...
they will ask for tea free of cost!
So, I will keep quiet today!
Kaka, there will be 3 fishes in a tank.
Today, Kaka wonít speak!
Gilli, to hear the question, he need not speak!
there will be 3 fishes in a tank.
Today, Kaka canít listen either!
Is it?
Brother, two teas and two buns
Today kaka canít speak and canít hear either!
Hey! Slum, give me the money.
Canít hear? Canít you speak?
there will be 3 fishes in a tank.
3 fishes... 3 fishes... 3 fishes!
They are thick friends.
Thick friends... Thick friends!
Out of that, one fish dies!
Oh God!
After that, all of a sudden, water overflows in that tank.
How it is possible?
First give us tea.
We will tell you later!
Take it.
I havenít had any business since morning and...
you are asking for free tea!
Itís my fate! What to do?
Hey! Give them soonÖidiot!
What to do? Itís my fate!
I should forget my business, if these kids come to my shop!
Have it...have it...
it will be more tasty, when it is free!
Kaka, after that fish dies, the other 2 fishes start to cry!
Those tears will make the tank overflow!
Take your money.
You people loot my shop daily by asking such questions!
Hey Slum! You people will loot my shop daily asking some questions!
Slum, how do you know all this?
Really, fish cries?
Fish never cries.
Hey! Look at that dog; how it is runningÖ
Hey look at that school van. If we get caught...
they will take us with them. Run!
Look at them, madam.
They always run away upon seeing us!
Even though we encourage these people to join the school...
they never listen to us!
They should come to school by our force!
They should realise that if we get even one such child...
that is enough! Rest of the children will follow!
Hey! Slum.
If we go to school, we should be there for the whole day!
Not just that! We should listen to what they say!
They wonít even allow us to use the bathroom!
Leave all that.
They wonít even pay us!
What Iím telling isÖ
Look there.
The teacher is coming.
Sit quietly.
Vary rarely these teachers have come to do circus here, letís enjoy the show.
We are from the educational trust.
ëAll kids should join school.í
This is our Motto!
Why should they join school?
To study.
What they will do after studying?
If they study, they will grow!
Sit down! - Leave Ranga.
Even though Iíve not studied!
I have grown up and am a father of 2 kids.
There is a lot of difference between...
growing up with education and without education!
What is the difference?
Imagine your child becomes a scholar and earns a good salary...
how happy they will be?
Funny! Even now, our children are happy!
Hey! Kempa, why are you going this side?
Hey! Slum...
MLAís mother has expired...
so Ranga asked you all to come there.
Come on!
Itís mine.
Oh God! Please always be kind to us!
Hey, stop it for a while.
It is MLAís mother who passed away.
They have given you all a nice payment.
I want it to be louder.
If Ranga is saying it then you have to execute it.
Who bought these people?
They donít even know how to cry.
Boss, leave it!
This Ningi is already drunk!
What if she dies while carrying the dead body?
Who will carry her body then?
MLA is calling you, come with me.
I want you people to cry loudly.
Hello! Boss, see how many people I have gathered here.
Hello! You have done a good job.
My mother wantedthe...
whole village to follow my dead body.
You have fulfilled her wishes! Iím very happy!
Take this.
Take this.
Donít forget us when your father dies!
We will leave boss.
Mother, take this money.
Mother Ranga is a cheater!
He takes a huge cut and gives us very little!
Whatever he gives is enough for us son!
Last time also, I told you to fight but you did not agree!
Yesterday that fatso was trying to steal my book!
If I find him, - I will teach him a lesson!
Who is that?
The same Slum boys!
Where were you?
Had been to collect the waste!
Why did you take so long?
Who threw waste paper on my uniform?
Let it go.
He did it without knowing!
I donít want any excuses.
Tell me who has thrown it?
He has done it without knowing, leave it!
You slum dwellers!
Do you know the value of a school uniform?
Brother, if I had uniform like you, even I would have studied!
Since my parents were educated, Iím studying.
Come on friends.
Itís a waste of time talking to these people!
Street dog, first learn how to read.
I will show you, how to read.
Learning is not like playing on the streets, first go to school.
Come on friends, itís a waste of time talking to these people!
Take it!
Come on.
What is it, my son?
Keep this money.
Why are you low, dear?
Tell me, what is it?
Tell me, what is it?
Have you seen those school going boys?
I have seen them.
Whatís special in them?
Some of them fought with me today!
Why? What happened?
Unknowingly, my friend had thrown waste paper on them.
Just for that, they called us illiterates!
Is it?
What did you tell them?
Iíve challenged them to learn, read and write!
Mother, will you admit me in school tomorrow?
Weíll see. First you have food. You are looking tired!
Why do we need education? We arenít able to fulfil our basic needs!
Sit down!
Listen, I will tell you.
You donít pay heed to these things!
Eat well and sleep well. Take it.
Mother, I donít want it!
Why take out your anger on the food? Have it.
I donít want to. I wonít eat till I join school!
You have it when you feel hungry!
At least you have it.
Whatís wrong with you? Why did you give your food to the dog?
Iím stick to my words; I wonít eat till I join school!
Come and have some breakfast.
No! Iím not hungry!
Yesterday night also, you didnít eat!
How come you are not hungry?
Are you angry?
Itís both!
Why do you say so?
Come and have something.
Why is he angry, grandma?
He wants to go school!
If you go to school, all the boys in the slum will follow you.
Then who will collect the waste?
Canít you guide him?
I did yesterday! But he is adamant.
He does not want to have food till he join the school it seems.
Is it, Slum?
Yes! Till I join school, I wonít have food!
Grandma, donít you know that he is adamant?
Better take him to Ranga. He will send him to school.
Letís take him to Ranga.
Get up, letís go.
Hey! Raja. - Yes sir.
What are you doing?
Iím mixing kerosene with petrol!
Seems that your fate is not that good today!
What is it?
Look there.
Whatís so special for you all to come together?
Brother Ranga.
When he was toddling, he wanted a vehicle.
We gave him that.
Later he asked for sweets.
We gave him that.
Then he wanted a kite.
We gave him that too.
Then he...
wanted to go to school now.
He has stopped eating.
Hey, Slum, whatís that?
All the school boys told me that slum boys canít go to school!
So, I have challenged them to study!
Come take me to school.
If they go to school, how will we survive?
You want to go to school?
Yes! I want to.
School has started now.
I will admit you next year! Go.
No! Admit me today itself!
School has started now.
Wait till next year!
You have to admit me next year.
These people are the witnesses!
Ranga has committed, hasnít he?
Come, letís go now.
We will leave Ranganna.
He is very stubborn.
He wonít let it go!
He fought with the school boys today...
so he is like that!
Tomorrow he will forget it, leave it! - Ok!
Hey! Street dog, first learn how to read.
I will show you how to read.
Did you sleep my boy?
Yes, mother.
Whatís the matter? You have come very early.
I canít find your gang! Where are they?
Brother. - Yes.
I want to go somewhere.
So, you please weigh it and give me the money!
I will get my payment tomorrow for todayís work.
Only then can I pay you!
Iím busy right now! You sit to the side.
Load it quickly.
India is the land of great mountains. The Himalayas and the Western Ghats are...
one of the greatest mountain chains in the world.
There are a lot of flora and fauna associated with these mountains.
Which make Indian mountains have one of the most...
exculisive features of the world.
Both geographically and biologically.
Hey slum! I have weighed what you had brought.
Take this money.
I have to go and eat something.
Slum, take the money!
Keep it here. Keep that here too.
Where did you go?
I went to the paper boy.
Why did you get up this early and go?
I have to tell you!
I had some work, thatís why.
Why are you pulling out all the clothes?
Give me some new clothes, please.
First you give them to me and then I will tell you.
Here you go.
Grandma, will you comb my hair?
Your hair?
Why? Are you going to meet a girl?
Yeah right, just comb my hair.
I told you I will come back and tell you.
Canít you understand?
Do I have to tell you everything now itself?
Here, take money from the paper boy.
I will come.
My son looks like a prince!
The other day he fought near the school, right?
That is the same fellow!
Is it so? Come, letís go.
Look there. That kid is standing there.
He will snatch something from us. Iím really scared!
Letís run away before he snatches something.
Yeah, letís go.
Sister, there is a slum kid standing there.
He has come to snatch our books and bags.
He is a scrap dealer.
What if he sells our books at the paper shop?
Come, letís go this way.
See, he is following us.
If we go on like this, he wonít leave us alone.
What should we do, sister?
Shall we run?
Sister, sister.
Sister, sister.
Look there, that slum kid is coming to steal our books.
Not all slum kids come to steal from us.
I am there. Donít be scared.
Ask him what he wants.
Hey, what do you want?
Sister, will you teach me to write?
This is ëaí, this is ëAí.
Sister, please can you write two more alphabets?
This is ëeí.
This is ëEí.
This is ëaí, this is ëAí, this is ëeí, this is ëEí.
Stand there only!
Come here, come here.
I will tell you. Come here.
Why are you kidding around, Slum?
Tengi is your son?
If not my son, then whose son can he be?
Swear on your son you have to listen to what I say.
Ok, tell me.
Come here, here.
Come in front, a little more, come, comeÖ
What is he doing?
A little to this side, not there, come this side.
Here, now remove your feet slowly.
Yes! See there.
You wrote an alphabet!
Come, come.
What is with him?
He says he has some problem.
Shut up and sit!
Shall I teach you an alphabet?
He will teach you an alphabet it seems!
Let them laugh. I will make you say the alphabet.
Please close your eyes.
No dear, Iím scared to close my eyes.
If my Slum says close your eyes, close them!
Close them without saying anything!
Tim, ëaí is the mother alphabet!
Tim, ëaí means mother!
ëAí is for play!
Learn while playing.
Everybody come! Come!
Anjali, today is a special class.
I didnít tell my mom.
Anjali, Anjali!
What is it, Slum?
Do you have last yearís 5th standard books?
School has just started today!
Come tomorrow, I will get it.
What? School has started?
School has already started.
I will admit you next year.
All these days we had summer holidays.
Holidays are over and school has started.
Is it so?
Slum, wait!
I will see you tomorrow.
You have got the work approved from me.
Go without any tension.
Boss, revenue officer is not accepting.
Boss, if you tell, he will accept, boss.
All lies!
Definitely lies.
In that case Slum, whatever he is saying are lies?
Hey go, go! Go!
Hey Slum! Why?
Then what else. You asked me to come next year.
You said you will admit me in school, didnít you?
All kids have already started school.
When did I say this to him?
That day when he had got all the ladies of the town.
Oh, that day! When you said he is Betaal holding on to my back?
Hey Slum!
Go to government school and tell my name.
They will admit you.
I donít know all that.
You come and admit me.
Hey! Who do you think he is? Boss! Our boss.
Just by using his name...
I was allowed to take a truck full of cement.
I rejected and got just 5 bags of cement, and...
you are talking like this for a school you are going to bunk!
He is talking to me like I am a small kid. Rascal!
I donít know all that.
You come and admit me.
Tell them Ranga sent you!
Ranga, I will do as you say.
If they donít admit me thenÖ
Thank goodness!
Ranga, if they donít admit me even after mentioningÖ
your name, I will come back here!
What do you say?
Will this fellow come back?
Didnít I tell you that day?
He is like Betaal holding on to your back.
If he doesnít get admission, thatís it!
This time they have made the syllabus very tough?
Yes it will be difficult for the children.
Yes, children are very dull especially in science.
Who are you, dear?
There is a slum nearby. I am a slum boy from there, teacher.
What do you want?
Teacher, I want to join school teacher.
I had told you the other day itself...
one day the children from...
that slum area will surely come to our school!
See, he has come.
Is it so?
Yes teacher.
Teacher, first take this kid and put him in the 1st standard.
Teacher, Iíve taken books from others and...
studied till 4th standard.
Please admit me in the 5th grade.
What is your age?
It should be 7 or 8, teacher.
See, at 7 years, according to our law...
you can go to 3rd grade at the most, not 5th grade.
Teacher, Ranganna has told...
that you have to admit me to 5th grade only.
Who? Our MLA Ranga?
No teacher, Ranga, from that slum.
Who is Ranga?
Some Ranga sent you so we should take you in our school?
All that is not possible!
This is a government school.
Is that so teacher?
Something is waiting for him today.
What do you mean by that?
Not important, teacher!
What is it?
Went to the revenue officer and mentioned your name.
They asked ëwho Ranga?í
They asked that?
Yes boss!
Hey Raja, call him up.
Boss, itís ringing.
Hello, itís me, Ranga.
I will make the minister speak up because...
of the work you are doing, people are talking that Ranga is all lies.
Hey Slum! Why are you so angry?
Ranga is all bluff. Something is waiting for him today.
Boss, that is my mobile!
Ok, take.
Iíve talked to the revenue officer.
Itíll be done, go!
Will the work be done this time at least?
Hey! Donít call me Ranga!
All lies!
Slum, what are you saying?
You said they will admit me if I mention your name.
I did mention but they didnít!
- Is it so? Hey Muruga! Leave!
This Ranga is full of lies.
Hey, why didnít they take you?
I asked to admit me to the 5th grade. They said they canít.
You havenít even studied 1st grade.
How will they take you in the 5th grade?
Should I tell you the syllabus for 4th grade?
General Science, Lesson no. 1, the parts of plants.
The parts of the plant are leaf, stem, roots, flowers.
This is call science.
Do you know with what difficulty I have learnt this?
Itís not as easy as mixing kerosene with petrol.
I will tell you another lesson.
Lesson no.1, The Animals.
The animals lived in caves and...
they went from one place to another in search of food.
This is called social science. Ranga, I donít know that.
I want to get admission in the 5th grade.
Get me admission.
He is torturing me a lot! Where should I get him admission?
Boss, you have studied only 1st grade. Why are you concernedÖ
with his lessons? Manage somehow and send him away.
I want to go to the same school as Venkatesh is going.
Get me admitted to the same school.
If you want to go there only, you need a school dress, shoes...
books and bag to carry books!
Not only that boss. You need to pay the fees too.
Yes! Not just that, to pay fees you need money.
Get it, I will get you admission.
Boss, he is Betaal, donít give him your word!
Couldnít he tell this earlier? That all this is required!
He is telling it now!
To collect papers without Slum is very boring.
Yes, early morning, he collects papers even before we start.
Then he talks about some school, donít know where he goes!
That day when he had a fight with the school kids, you helped Slum?
But now you are saying he is going to school and studying?
Donít know what he is doing.
Hey Slum, why did you come home?
Venkatesh, Venkatesh, Asha gave me a bag.
Viresh gave me old books.
Howís that?
Very good.
Venkatesh, what are you doing with your old uniform?
I know why you came here.
Venkatesh, whom are these clothes for?
Mom, they wonít fit me.
Iím giving them to that slum kid, mom.
Who is that slum kid?
He is standing out there mom.
I will meet him first.
Are the clothes for this fellow? - Yes mom.
Hey, why are you giving clothes to these slum kids?
Only when they do some work, you should give them clothes.
What work will you do?
Whatever work you give, I will do.
But you will give me the school uniform?
First come in and do the work.
All the work is done. Will you give me the clothes? 698 00:53:56,320 --> 00:53:57,520 There is more work.
Itís still not done. Come, Iíll show you.
Mom, donít make him do that at least!
Clean this bathroom well.
Why did you break it, grandma?
You said Venkatesh gave you clothes.
Someone else gave you old bag and books.
Keep this, itíll be of some use.
Grandma, I will buy school shoes with this money.
Shall I leave?
Here, take.
You were the one who ordered by 2? Here, take it.
What is this slum?
How come you are wearing school uniform?
Ranga told me he will get me admitted in school.
So Iím going to Rangaís place.
Is that so? Have tea and go.
No, I canít drink, Iím getting late. Iíll come later on.
Hey Slum, what is this look you are wearing?
Ranga, why?
See, as you said, Iíve got school dress, thenÖ
got a bag also.
Not just a bag...
look I got the books too.
Moreover I got the shoes.
They are nice right?
You asked about fees.
To pay fees, I got money too.
I told you the other day, he is Betaal.
You didnít listen to me.
Ranga come, get me admitted to the 5th grade.
Hey Slum.
I told you that day itself.
I can get you admitted in 1st grade but not in 5th.
That day you told me if I got a bag, shoes and...
books, you will get me admission.
I told you that day!
Thatís why, come and get me admission.
I canít get you admission.
That day you promised me in front of your mother.
Today if you say you canít get me admission...
If I say I canít?
I will get everyone from the slum.
He will get everyone from the slum! Why? Why?
Why are you saying you wonít get me admitted in school?
It is not enough if you get clothes, fees and shoes.
What else do I need to get for admission in a school?
For the school you want to get admitted to, only clothes areÖ
not enough, shoes are not enough, fees is not enough.
You need a father and a mother!
Did I hurt him?
Itís ok, leave it.
I can give Rs.6/-
Give me what you can.
Take it.
Iíll come.
Son, you are looking very good in this school uniform!
Did you get admission in school?
Why are you sad son?
Did Ranga get you admitted in school?
who else do I have apart from you grandma?
Why son?
After so many days...
today when I asked him to come and get me admission in school.
That Ranga....
told me to get my father and mother along.
Doesnít he know I donít have a father and mother, grandma?
Even after knowing that, see how he is talking grandma!
I got shoe, bag, books to study grandma.
This illiterate old lady will tell you one intelligent fact, listen.
My father, my grandma, my grandfather, all have died and...
become stars in the sky.
They are watching us from the sky.
People after looking at the stars...
put their minds...
to whatever they want to do and...
nobody can stop them.
What is this? Slum used to come near school every day!
Today I donít know why he didnít come. Donít know where he is!
See, Iím here!
Seeing me, nobody recognised me?
Hey, look at Slum!
He is wearing a uniform.
In this dress, Slum is looking like one of the school kids only.
What is this Slum?
You havenít worn socks?
Slum, you look like you are...
coming to school with those books and bag?
Asha, nobody is getting me admission in school.
Do anything. Just for today, can you take me to your class?
How is your class? What lesson are they teaching?
I want to see, please.
Poor kid, take him with you.
Watchman will be there, wonít he?
Yes. I have an idea for what to tell the watchman. Come.
Go, quick, quick.
Go soon, go soon.
You both stay here with Slum.
Priyanka and I will go ahead.
Come, Priya.
What I said is right, you are wrong.
No, what I said is right, you are wrong.
Get lost!
No, what I said is right, you are wrong.
No, no, no, what I said is right, you are wrong.
No, what I said is right, you are wrong.
Hey, what is this fight?
Watchman uncle...
on a Rs.10 note why is Gandhiji smiling?
Do you know what reason she is giving for that?
Gandhiji who is there on a Rs.10 note...
If he is crying wonít the note become wet?
Watchman, you only decide, Gandhiji is smiling so that...
the note doesnít get wet or because he wants to smile?
Go fast, go.
See, I canít decide that.
What I said is right.
What I said is right, you only tell watchman.
You both are right. Donít fight. Get in.
Go in, go. Hey, get in quickly. Get in, get in.
Wait. I havenít studied as much as you all, still I will tell wait.
Wait. I havenít studied as much as you all, still I will tell wait.
Gandhiji helped in getting independence to our country.
Whatever pain he had in his heart, when we laughed...
he too laughed, not because the note will get wet.
Do you understand?
Yes watchman uncle.
Go in, go in.
Good morning teacher!
Very good morning!
Please sit down.
Thank you teacher.
Hey, please sit down, sit down!
Shall we start a history lesson today?
One question before that.
Which president of India loved children a lot?
Jawaharlal Nehru, teacher.
Good, sit down.
Thank you teacher.
Similarly, among the people who fought for...
the freedom of our country,.
Name one freedom fighter in...
Mysoreís Tippu Sultan, Kithoorís Rani Chenamma...
Hubliís N.S Hardiker, Bellaryís Siddhamma...
Shimogaís Gundappa, Belgaumís Sangoli Rayanna...
Mangalore Abbaka Kamala...
Very good, very good.
In so many years of my teachingÖ
nobody has answered so sharply!
What is your name, dear?
My name is Slum, teacher.
Silence! Silence!
I am not asking your address.
I am asking your name.
His name is Slum, teacher.
Is your admission done?
No, teacher.
See dear.
Until your admission is done, you should not come here.
Get your father or mother form home.
I donít have anyone, teacher.
Poor kid! Poor kid!
Silence! Silence!
See dear.
Because of you other kids will have a problem.
Please leave.
If you talk like this, he wonít listen teacher.
Hey, come out. Come!
No, I wonít come!
Hey, come out.
I didnít come to leave.
I came to study!
Hey, come out.
You have to come out.
I donít want to go, I want to study.
Donít be stubborn, go out.
Boss, leave me, leave me.
Boss, leave me.
Boss, leave me.
Boss, I want to study.
Please leave me.
Leave, leave your hand.
Please be careful.
You let it go madam. If we tell him nicely, he wonít listen.
Leave your hand. Let it go.
Teacher please, I want to study, teacher.
I beg of you, teacher.
I brought everything, teacher.
Leave me, donít be stubborn.
Teacher please, I want to study teacher.
Teacher, all of them are studying teacher. I too want to study.
Boss, leave me, leave me.
I want to study.
Youíre hurting me.
Leave me. Youíre hurting me.
Hey watchman, come here.
This fellow! I know him sir.
Throw him out. See that he doesnít come in again.
All the books have become dirty.
Did the teacher scold you?
Did you fight in the school?
I have fees, books, bag, uniform too.
Why are they not giving me admission in school when...
I want to get admission?
I got this money after...
a lot of difficulties and they threw me out.
Do you want to drink water?
I will tell you something. Will you listen to me?
A person, rich or poor...
has a teacher behind and an aim ahead.
And some people have 8-10 teachers and yet no aim.
Whatís the use?
You tell me. You have an aim.
Concentrate on achieving that.
You will find gurus automatically.
Once you were thrown out of school...
I know you must be hurt.
Itís ok.
Go back and stand there itself.
If they send you out again...
go back again and stand.
No matter how many times they...
send you away, keep going back there.
Donít give up.
If you have the will in you...
the soil you fell in...
you will rise from the same soil.
You will stand!
If you want to gain knowledge, you will.
No one can take away that right from you.
That will in you, donít let go of that.
Pick up your bag.
Now go back and stand there itself.
Get in soon, get in.
Hello madam. - Hello.
Did you feel bad?
No teacher, no teacher, I didnít feel bad, letís leave it teacher.
Look, there are rules to get admission in the school.
Without admission you cannot come and sit in the class.
Sorry, teacher.
Itís okay.
All that is fine.
Do you really not have a father and mother?
No, teacher.
Then who is there at your home?
My grandma, teacher.
Thatís fine. Get her here.
We will get your admission done.
You are very interested in studying, arenít you?
I am very interested in studying, teacher.
Thatís why, I have got all these to school.
One minute, see...
I have got the money to pay the fees also.
I will talk to the father.
You have your birth certificate?
I donít have any of those documents, teacher.
My grandma found me on the footpath.
Whatís your age?
Grandma tells me I am 7 or 8.
Ok, leave it. Tomorrow, I will talk to the Father and...
according to the law of Right to Education for all...
I will get you admitted to the 3rd grade.
3rd grade? I donít want that, teacher.
When I went to Ranga...
he asked me to go to the government school.
They will admit you there. When I went there, they asked me to...
join the 3rd grade.
Teacher, when I know 4th and...
5th grade lessons, why shouldnít I join the 5th grade?
Teacher, please admit me to the 5th grade.
We cannot admit you in the 5th grade, dear.
Why canít you admit me in the 5th grade?
Do you know after what difficulties I learnt them teacher?
I used to ask the kids going on the road to teach me alphabets.
A for apple, B for ball to rhymes.
From rhymes to science, I learnt all you know teacher.
Taking old books from them, with what difficulties I studied...
everything you know, teacher? Matter exists in three states.
They are solid, liquid and gas. Teacher, isnít it correct?
You tell, teacher.
Should I tell maths teacher?
Ramu had 14 apples, Seeta had 21 apples.
They had 35 apples in all.
Isnít it correct, teacher?
I know dear, you have studied everything.
School is based on discipline...
and it has to run according to the government rules.
So, if you get admitted in 3rd grade, only then will...
you go to the 4th grade.
4th, 5th and so on. Please understand.
I will anyway talk to the Father.
Teacher, please tell the Father to admit me in the 5th grade, teacher.
Ok, Come.
Slum, my house is here, I will meet you tomorrow?
Yes, teacher. What time do I come tomorrow, teacher?
School starts at 8:30, so come by 8:00.
Ok, teacher.
Good morning, teacher.
Good morning.
When did you come?
I came on time, teacher.
Will you ask father now, teacher?
I will ask, dear.
Teacher ask him to admit me in the 5th grade.
I will first ask father if this is possible.
Ok, teacher.
Teacher, teacher. What is the pigment present in green leaves?
This is a 6th grade lesson.
Why do you require it for the 5th grade?
I read it in some oneís book, so I asked.
Till where have you read?
I have read some 6th grade lessons too.
I will leave.
Okay teacher.
Bye. - Bye.
Hello madam. - Hello.
The pigment present in the green leaves is chlorophyll.
Isnít it teacher?
Bye, teacher.
Hey! Look, Slum is coming.
He is looking like a school student.
I think he has joined.
Slum, you are looking very good in school uniform holding a bag.
You are also wearing shoes.
The other day when we met...
I had told you I would be joining school remember?
Does that mean you have joined school?
Yes I have joined in.
Her name is Saraswati teacher.
That teacher is so good.
Saraswati teacher has given me her word that she willÖ
talk to father and admit me to the 5th grade.
Is that so?
Teacher I have told all my friends that Saraswati teacher will talkÖ
to Father and admit me to school.
I told you I will talk to the Father.
Yes, teacher. I know you will talk.
Teacher, you talked to the father?
I talked to him dear.
He asked me to get you along after 2 days.
Is that so teacher?
Okay teacher.
Okay, shall I go?
Bye teacher.
Hello, madam. - Hello,
Get in, get in quickly.
Slum, you know you are not...
supposed to enter the school.
Go home.
Watchman, Saraswati teacher has promised me that...
she will talk to the Father and get me admission in this school.
Yes, Saraswati teacher is a very good person.
Watchman, I want to...
Are you trying to get in?
Look dear, you should not behave like this.
Saraswati madam has told you that she will teach you right?
Then why are you acting like this?
If I let you in I will lose my job.
Madam, madam, please someone call the Father.
Sister, is the doctor in?
He is checking the patients inside, please wait.
I told you to stop.
Leave me, sister.
Doctor, our teacher has fallen down on the road.
Please come and check what happened to her.
I will finish my work and come.
Come soon doctor, please...
Madam, itís an emergency!
I will go with this boy.
Okay, doctor.
Come doctor. - Yes! Come on, letís go.
Watchman, what happened to the teacher?
Shall I go and see her?
No! You stay here. The doctor is checking up.
I have given the injection, nothing to worry about!
If she takes 2 hours rest, everything will be alright!
Excuse me Father.
Come in doctor.
By the way, he is my friend Suryaprakash.
Hello! - Hello!
How much was the BP reading?
180/100, doctor.
Father, you need not worry!
Doctor Mahesh... - Yes.
can you share the details of the patient? - Yes, sure.
Doctor, she is suffering from stress.
Actually, that is a kind of stress disorder.
Father, at a time, this swooning and hyper tension...
strikes very rarely. Very rare.
If they both strike together, a paralytic stroke may happen.
The patient may lose the vision, she may become dumb!
Anything can happen!
You are very lucky!
He has treated her on time.
You should be thankful to Mahesh.
Thank you very much, doctor.
I have done my duty!
You should really thank your student!
If he would not have come at the right time it would have been a problem!
Who is that boy, doctor?
Look there.
Ganesh, come here.
Yes father.
Please take care of the doctor.
Ok, father.
Ok, father, I will leave.
She needs complete rest.
I will take your leave. Bye!
God bless you, my son.
Father, I will take your leave.
If there is anything, please call me I will come. Bye.
Ok! God bless you.
My child, please come here.
Yes father.
Whatís your name?
Slum? But I havenít seen you at school!
He is a slum boy father! He is an orphan!
He is very eager to study.
He always requests our school students to teach him to study.
He is a very nice boy, father.
Good, come with me.
Iím very thankful to you.
You have done a wonderful job.
The whole school will not forget what you have done.
Now tell me, what can I do for you?
Father, please take me in the 5th grade ëDí section.
How it is possible?
First you have to learn the basics!
Without that, how can you understand the 5th grade syllabus?
Please ask Saraswati teacher.
Iím already an expert in the...
5th grade syllabus!
I learnt it by myself, father.
Whatís your age?
Iím 7 or 8 yrs old father.
Even if you answer all, I canít admit you to the 5th grade!
As per the government regulations, for the 5th grade...
your age should be 9 yrs and 10 months!
Iím helpless.
Why father? If someone knows the 5th grade syllabus...
How can you justify admitting them to the 3rd grade!
Rules are more important than justice here!
Donít be upset.
Jesus has told that if all the doors are closed...
one window will be open.
Similarly, your problem has a solution!
Till that time, be patient!
You can come to school...
take suggestions from the teachers, you can use the library...
and you can come and meet me.
But donít get into the classroom!
Father, can I stand at the classroom door and...
listen to the classes?
Father, nothing will happen to Saraswati teacher?
When we have students like you, nothing will happen!
Donít worry, nothing will happen!
Thank you, father.
God bless you, my child.
Why are you sitting like this, Slum?
Slum, we had gone to collect waste papers.
There were no waste papers!
Corporation people have taken...
all the waste papers!
They collect the waste and they have appointed...
some people to so that job! Do you know that?
I had also gone in the morning and I did not find any waste!
Thatís why I came back empty handed!
Now what do we do?
If I donít give money to my father, he will beat my mother!
What do I do?
Even Iím worried of that!
Our family runs, only if my mother and I earn!
Is that why you are sitting here?
There are many ways to live...
not just by collecting waste papers!
We need to try!
You have asked for the 6th grade book right?
I have brough it.
I will read one lesson from that, listen.
Michael Faradey was the son of the black smith.
He did not go to school!
Michael Faradey was the son of the black smith.
He did not go to school!
To earn his living, he used to sell vegetables and newspapers.
That fellow has done a research on electricity!
He invented electric motor...
Thomas Alva Edison did not have the money to start a laboratory!
He used to sell newspapers at railway stations!
If he had not invented electricity, we would be living in dark!
Paper, paper. Hot news! Lankeshpathrike, Hai Bangalore.
Give me one paper.
How can I give change for Rs. 2.50/- paper, if you give Rs. 3/-?
Hai Bangalore, Hai Bangalore!
Brother, brother... Kannada paper. - I donít want it.
They seem to read English paper. Letís give them the English paper!
Excuse me, English paper madam.
World bank reports that child labour has increased in India.
American secretary visit's India.
You know english? - Yes madam.
Can you read english? - Yes madam.
Read further.
World bank has conducted a survey according to which...
India has one of the highest incrediants of saleable land.
That's okay.
Which school do you study in?
I don't go to school madam.
How do you read without going to school?
At least, tell me your name.
My name is Slum, madam.
Okay, let's keep your name as Slum.
What's your address?
My address is also slum, madam.
Sorry! Madam, there will be a traffic jam.
We can get the paper at the next stop also.
Saraswati madam, someone has come to meet you.
Ok, thanks.
Excuse me!
Deepthi, you remembered me after all these years?
Nothing like that! I used to remember you there.
Thatís why came to meet you as soon as I came to India!
Thatís okay! How are you?
Did you get married?
Even today Iíve the stress disorder.
So I donít want to share that problem with someone!
I found not getting married is better for me!
To lead a life, I got this job.
After that, now these kids have become my life!
Saraswathi, look at that.
How nice will this age be?
It will be nice to be a kid for a lifetime!
What dear?
Did you remember your old days?
I got married within a year. I was settled in America.
But my parents died within a year of me getting married!
Then I gave birth to a baby boy.
So all the three have come to India?
Do you know last year, there was an air crash in Los Angles?
Yes! I heard many people died in that crash!
I lost my husband & my son in that crash.
Deepthi! Oh God!
It was then that I realised, we have to take life as it comes.
It never be what we think!
I have plenty of money but...
I donít have anyone in my life!
There are so many kids in the world who have the desire to study!
I want to take care of their education!
I want to see my sonís face in those children!
Thatís my desire! Thatís why I came here!
One thing Deepthi...
there is one slum boy, he never been to school.
He learnt studies by requesting school going boys!
But even if he writes a 6th grade exam, he will pass!
One minute, today I met one boy at the traffic junction.
He was selling a English newspaper by reading the headlines.
Do you know that boy?
Itís okay! Watchman, watchman.
Come here.
Yes, madam.
You bring that Slum boy.
Other children used to miss school but he never missed a single class.
I donít know. He has not come today, madam!
Not come?
No, madam.
But Asha from 5th grade knows where he is.
Look Ranga...
old lady is not feeling well. She is very serious!
Anyways, I...
Doctor, what happened to my mother?
Nothing child! Your mother is a little tired, thatís it.
Mother... - Ranga.
I will prescribe some medicines.
It should be given to her on time!
Mother, what happened?
Nothing! Iím getting old.
Mother, nothing will happen to you. I will take care of you.
Ok, my dear.
Deepthi, I was telling you about Slum, right? He is the one.
I canít believe this!
This is the boy I met at the traffic signal!
Madam, how are you madam?
Iím fine! Iím good.
Why havenít you come to school, Slum?
Mother is not keeping well teacher! - Oh! Is it?
Mother, Iíve told you about Saraswathi teacher right?
She is here.
Take care mother.
Itís okay, you rest.
Hello teacher!
My son always talks about you. He worships you more than God!
Iím getting older.
you take care of his education.
God takes care of those who struggle to make it big!
She is my friend, Deepthi. - Hello.
She has come from abroad! - Hello.
She has decided to take care of Slumís education!
So kind of you.
Mother, your Slum is very brilliant.
I will take care of his education.
Itís not possible
Father, he is a genius!
A child Prodigy.
He is capable of 7th grade!
How fair is it if you ask him to study from the 3rd grade?
I know he is a genius! He will pass the exams.
But Govt. rules & regulations are against that.
As per the rules, after the 3rd grade, it should be the 4th grade.
How can he directly take 7th grade exams?
It's impossible.
In America, they have given permission to a 12 year boy to...
take the medical examination.
Why canít we do that in India?
The system has to change here! Some revolution should happen!
Yes, father.
As a Father, I canít get involved directly in this situation but...
this Slum boy should get justice!
So I will make phone calls to...
all my contacts and request them!
Thank you Father! If you inform the education department...
We will follow it up!
You are expecting a big change in the system.
It is not possible from the department!
You have to approach the government.
I mean the education minister.
I'll follow up.
You go and meet him.
But remember this work is only possible by the government.
Thank you father.
Good, very good.
An orphan Slum boy...
that too have studied till...
the 7th grade.
Itís really marvellous.
Will you give us permission for him to take up the 7th grade exams?
Please you have to take care of it.
I agree ìGovt. work is Godís workî
But Govt. has some rules and regulations.
He should be 13 years old to take up the 7th grade exams!
For his age, we can give you permission up to the 4th grade!
But in foreign countries, they will support this kind of genius.
They provide scholarship also!
We also provide scholarships but we cannot break the rules!
Isnít it, secretary?
If you wish, it can be done sir.
What are you saying?
How is it possible?
Sir, you can take this proposal to the cabinet and...
take their permission.
What are you telling?
If opposition party comes to...
know about this proposal, will they leave me?
They will shout at me saying I have broken the rules which...
were followed all these years!!
Nothing like that, sir!
Whatever happens does not affect your position.
But Iím going to be here only for 5 years!
Why should I unnecessarily take that risk?
If you take a risk for an intelligent student, nothing wrong with that sir!
Do one thing! You put up the file, let governor and...
President go through it. If they agree, we will give the permission.
Hello, sir!
Oh! Gurusiddappa, how are you?
Iím fine sir!
Whatís the problem in our jurisdiction?
We have repaired the roads, you have to convince the people.
Ok, sir.
We have to attend the meeting now, right?
Very brilliant student.
Never been to school...
studies very well.
I will leave madam.
Secretary talk to them.
Ok, sir.
Madam, sit down.
Sir, what do we do now?
As the minister said, if we put up this file...
if every department approves, it is possible.
Chief minister is in Delhi, he will be back after 3 days.
He is very brilliant.
You should promote him in the meanwhile and...
take this issue to each house.
His brilliance should reach every house.
How can we, sir?
Today print media and electronic media are very strong.
You should make use of it.
Go ahead!
Why don't you take this boy to the United States...
and make him take the exam there?
I have seen only one slum boy.
But there may be millions of slum boys in India.
I want to help this boy. Change this system.
And make a revolution.
How do you know he is that brilliant?
Being a teacher, I know him very well.
Even today, if he takes...
7th grade exams...
I am sure he will pass!
In foreign countries, they will support this kind of genius.
For example, in New york, Balmurli Aparti has...
become a doctor at the age of 17!
In Britain, at the age of 8, Sonali Pandya has...
passed her 10th class.
Why canít we provide such facilities in our country?
Will the Govt. support your cause?
If we get all your support, we can win easily.
We will support you.
Our Slum needs justice!
We want justice.
Our Slum needs justice!
We want justice.
Yes! Our Slum deserves a good future!
Should the govt. permit him or not?
Of course they should, it was not possible for us to study!
So we are driving autos.
Let him study well.
If a Slum boy writes an exam without going to school, it is a miracle.
That too a kid from our Karanataka, Govt has to give him permission.
Madam, you are doing our job.
Of course we will support you.
He has the capability of passing 7th grade exams. Govt. has to...
support this kid from Karnataka.
What do you people have to say?
Yes! They have to support him.
Iíve already completed the 7th grade syllabus. I want to revise it!
Your son is coming on TV.
Iíve seen him at Rangaís place. He speaks English, you know.
How brilliantly he speaks!
I had been to town.
Your sonís photo has been published in all newspapers!
Everyone was talking about it. Sleep dear.
Todayís headlines.
In the recent development, this Slum boy has...
created a sensation across the state.
Everyone is supporting him.
Even Kannada organization...
President Sa Ra Govindu is supporting him!
"The grass lands, the evergreen forest... the coniferous forest and the decidious forest...
On which part of the mountain does the snow fall?
Snow is found on the coniferous forest.
And these are the important forests.
What, mother?
Heard you are coming on TV...
newspapers and speak English?
What is that? Please tell me also.
Why is mother coughing? Did she take medicine or not?
Mother, Iíve kept the tonic bottle near the bed.
Please have it and sleep.
I want to see you study.
You wonít listen to me. You are adamant! I will read, listen...
You wonít listen to me. You are adamant!
I will read, listen..
Mother, did I read well?
Mother, did I read well?
Mother, I will read it even better. Shall I read another chapter?
Listen. Mother, did I read well? Did u hear me?
Mother please talk.
Mother, why you are not talking?
Please talk mother.
There are still many more chapters.
Mother, please talkÖ MotherÖ
Mother get up, mother please tlak...
Mother is not getting up!
Mother get up please... open your eyes, please talkÖ
Ningi, Mother is not getting up! Mother...
Hey! Slum, funds have come from foreign countries.
All slum kids can study like you now!
Why you are like this? What happened?
My mother has become a star, teacher!
My mother...
has left me alone!
Donít cry! Console yourselfÖ
My mother has taken me from the footpath and raised me.
She has left me alone!
There is no one for me.
She was the only one in my life. She has also left me alone!
I have not seen my parents, she was the only guardian I had!
She has also left me now!
She has left me alone here!
You had told me to take care my mother, but I was not able to...
Take care her! TeacherÖ teacherÖ my mother wanted
to see me as an officer, but she has become a star now!
Donít cry about what has happened son. Fulfil your motherís dream
Everyone has to die one day!
You don't become a star after you die.
After death, becoming a star also Is not a great thing!
But you should be a star in this society
When you are alive! That is great
Hey! Slum.
If someone passes his exams, that credit goes...
Only to him.
But if you study well and pass the exam then...
itís like your entire slum has passed the exam!
Only then will the rest of the slum kids also desire to study.
Once that desire arises, even God canít stop them.
See Slum...
only few days have left for the exam!
If you are like this, itís not going to happen!
Donít worry, we are all there for you, come.
Bye! Ranganna
God bless you my son.
Are you kidding? You are the chief secretary of the state!
Canít you inform me about the commotion of that Slum boy?
I got to know through TV news and newspapers.
No! No! Donít tell all this.
Immediately take those reports and come to Home office.
CM here, connect to PS.
Did that education minister have put up the slum boy file to our office?
Immediately get that file to Home office.
As I said, donít disturb the common people.
All security on alert! CM has reached the Home office!
Sir, has your Govt. given permission to that Slum boy?
Just because of your education ministers statement...
there's so much commotion caused by it.
Sir! What solution have you found for that?
See, itís easy to question standing there.
But standing in my position, itís not easy to resolve the issue!
Sir, if you brief us, it will be understood by all.
You have written your opinion in the paper! It has reached me,
As a responsible Chief Minister, I cannot take the decision...
without consulting the Education minister.
Iíve asked both my Secretary and Education Secretary to come.
I will discuss it with them and come to a decision immediately!
I will inform you also. I shall take your leave now, bye!
Why donít you ask for the education ministerís resignation...
for his irresponsible act?
See Mr.
Usually opposition party leaders ask for resignations!
When did you join the opposition party?
There is a very thin dividing line between all our professions.
You should not cross that.
Even we should not cross that!
We have fought for Slum in a peaceful manner.
If we donít get justice...
result will be horrible!
Take it easyÖtake it easyÖ Govindu, come, we will talkÖ
Excuse me sir! Have you changed your decision?
Iíve not taken my decision. The CM has just come.
I will speak to him and take a decision!
Ok! Ok! You people will have to wait.
You are a kannada fighter, I know that.
But this issue wonít be resolved by a fight!
Even you know that!
You leave it to me, I will solve it.
Excuse me Sir! Education minister has come.
I donít know what you will do?
Very soon!
This problem should get solved.
Donít worry GovinduÖ Donít worry! Iím there, you trust me.
Thank you sir!
Hello! - Hello!
What is this?
last time when I was in Delhi, there was an issue...
regarding leaked of question paper!
This time, you have planned to collapse our Govt.!
Iíve not given those press statements sir!
They have misused my name.
Donít give me excuses!
Is it possible to allow a 9 year old slum boy to write the 7th grade exam?
Whatís your opinion about that?
It is not possible sir!
Education secretary, whatís your take on this?
Sir, on that day itself, Iíve told that there is no such rule, but...
we can change that rule!
Sir! In Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal, this rule has already been changed!
Mr. Minister, why canít we change it then?
What if they raise an issue over it?
Itís been 58 years over, since we got independence!
And hundred of times we have changed the constitution!
Canít we change this small rule for that brilliant slum boy?
Mr. Secretary. - Yes sir.
Did you get that file? - Yes! Sir, I have bought it.
We will change this rule and create history!
Sir! Itís already been put up, you please check once!
Hello, to all Kannadigas!
We have changed our rule for that 9 year old...
slum boy to write the 7th grade exam.
Iíve also formed a committee.
They will take an eligibility test.
If the slum boy passes it, he can write the 7th grade exams!
Which is the highest mountain peak in India?
Is it Mount Everest?
No, madam, K2 which is also called as Godwin-Austen.
It is 6811 metres high.
Which is Asiaís largest Ghat section?
Madhugiri, which is located in Karnatakaís Tumkur district!
Who is the first author of the Kannada ñ English dictionary?
Father Reverand George Ferdinand Kittel.
Which is the first legislative of Karnataka?
450 AD, Almidi legislative.
What is a+b, the whole square?
A + B the whole square is equal to...
A square + B square + 2 AB
What is A+B the whole cube?
Hey that is an 8th grade question!
A + B the whole cube is equal to...
A cube + 3 AB...
multiplied by A+B...+ B cube.
Can human fly?
Mother, mother, why canít we fly like a bird?
Yes, sir.
Who invented the flying machine?
Who invented the aeroplane?
United States, Wright brothers invented on December 17th, 1930.
They are the first humans to fly in their own invented flight.
What will you get by studying?
Education, knowledge and modesty!
You already have the knowledge!
By using that, you will get education. What do you think?
Does modesty come from education or...
education from modesty?
We will get education, only if we have modesty.
But after education, only modesty will remain!
Then give me an example of that.
As our poet Panje Mangesh Rayaru told...
Sun will rise & fight against the darkness...
even if he sets in the west, he will dance...
he will rise higher and higher! And become small in the sky...
you have to become smaller, the higher you go...
thatís the message he gives!
While taking birth, sun will be larger in size but...
as he goes higher, he looks smaller sir!
There are so many languages in the world, but...
there is a common word which has the same meaning in all languages!
Which is that word?
Amma in Kannada, Ammi in Urdu, Maa in Hindi, Mathru in Sanskrit...
Mother or mom in English, whatever the language you...
pronounce it in, the meaning is the same, itís Mother!
Very good.
You were a slum boy.
From where did you get the confidence of writing 7th grade exams?
Sir! I came here to learn 4 letters. From them I learnt 4 words...
From them I learnt 4 poems, which paved my way till here!
I was inspired by our President APJ Abdul Kalam.
Even he used to sell newspapers in Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu.
When he could become the President, canít I pass 7th grade?
Taking into consideration...
the difficult questions answered by this little boy.
The committie formed by the Hon'able chief minister of Karnataka.
Here by declare...
that the 9 yr old slum boy...
is eligible to take the 7th grade examination.
Why are you praying to me?
Pray to God!
Teacher, in this world, I know only two Godís.
One is my mother and the other is you!
You slum people, do you know the value of school uniform?
Do you know the value of education?
Additional sheet, teacher.
Thank you teacher.
Time up! - One minute teacher.
last question. - Times up.
Give the paper now. - I almost done.
Yes, Iím done teacher. Thank you.
Sir, please take it. Just Rs. 20/-
I donít want it, get lost.
Our Slumís photo!
Whatís that?
Itís Slumís photo.
Do you know him?
He is our friend Slum, lives in our slum!
Please tell us whatís written in that?
He has passed with first class!
I want talented students like him in every district...
every state of our country!
I request our Chief Minister to honour him with the gold medal.
Hey go on the stage. Go...
God bless you.
Never feel guilty about being in c/o footpath!
Like you, even I came from c/o footpath.
Study well and have a great future!