Cat Health Care Tips : How to Treat Cat Acne

Uploaded by expertvillage on 28.09.2008

Let's talk a little about feline acne. Feline acne is very common in cats. It involved the
chin. They can get lots of pustules, lots of inflammation and infection on the lower
part of the chin and it's kind of poorly understood. It's mostly thought to be an immunologic type
of response to something or nothing. We commonly recommend non-plastic bowls to eat out of,
just so there is not any type of external stimulation to keep feline acne going. It
can kind of sometimes come and go, despite therapy and it can be long and chronic and
quite frustrating. Talk with your veterinarian if you think your cat has feline acne. It
looks like black discharge on the chin, and also red pustules that can be very irritated
and these cats don't like you messing with them a hole lot. Sometimes we use benzyl peroxide
pads to clean these chins out from time to time on a weekly or daily basis. Also topical
medications can help reduce that inflammation over time. Basically a lot of these cats are
going to resolve feline acne potentially on their own and again it may come back and become
chronic. Feline acne would appear as being black discharge and crusting discharge on
the lower part of the chin and also very commonly red swollen pustules and it generally obvious
on cats that have feline acne to talk to your veterinarian clinic about treating and managing
that disease.