Motörhead - Ace Of Spades DVD Part 4 (Sub)

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One for you. And one for you.
You've just seen - you sit him down in front of this monster kit
and there he is. ''Why ain't you working?''
Thank you, asshole. Sorry, l didn't say that!
Just a slip of the tongue.
l believe that if you don't go on the road you're not a band.
So l think everybody has to prove it, you know.
Even him. Even when he's... He's not really asleep.
He's just interrupting without seeming to interrupt.
See, l caught him. He'll give that up now.
l just dreamt that l was in a studio doing an interview.
- No. - Fucking hell, it's all coming true!
The whole feeling of a Motorhead show from the stage is power.
lt communicates.
You say it's a kind of Reichian thing, you know...
lf you believe in the orgone theory there's a really good loop going on.
They have always blown my head off
that three people could make that amount of sound
and have a sound that big.
We were on tour in America with Ozzy Osbourne
and we came back and did a show at Port Vale football ground.
They could hear it 12 miles as the crow files.
At that time Audio Lease put in
the biggest audio system that had ever been assembled in the UK.
lt was, like, 135,000 watts.
When they fired it they took out the local substation - it blew up.
We were drawing so much electricity.
Eddie was soundchecking and a guy rang up from four miles away
saying he couldn't hear his TV.
Yeah, it was a massive PA.
l remember Angus Young saying,
''There's only one band louder than us and that's Motorhead.''
Yes, Jailbait, a song about the younger female members of our entourage
who sometimes would come across like nothing on earth
and other times would not.
The main lyrical content was to discourage the males...
To have anything to do with...
To keep them away from the audience we took them all backstage.
To steer the young boys clear of committing any offences.
- To... - Stay out of jail.
Cramp their style, so to speak.
And revivitate ours.
l wrote a song about wanking, but Lemmy wouldn't sing it.
We thought of ourselves as a good time rock'n'roll band.
We weren't trying to get a message across
apart from have a good time, get pissed, get stoned and fuck a chick. That'll do.
When l started with the band,
- you had to be in the same... - Frame of mind. them, where you went...
and drink that, and go to your position, we'll be there in a minute.
- lt used to depend on... - We were smashed all the time.
There's nothing more scary than a naked guy with a sword and a hard-on.
(We Are) The Road Crew, l wrote in ten minutes.
They went for a break and Vic was still buttering his crispbread,
and l said, ''All right, l've done it.''
''What?'' And then l sang it.
(We Are) The Road Crew is written about how it was.
First time l met Lemmy l was 15 and didn't know what to say.
''Did you really used to be a roadie for Hendrix?''
And he went, ''God!
''The next person who asks me that, l'm gonna smack 'em!''
l roadied for a couple of years.
Yeah, Hendrix, and earlier l did a few shows with The Nice.
We went to Europe. We'd been told by the locals in the venue
that there was this gang of so-called Teddy Boys going around Hamburg
just gatecrashing venues, kicking the shit out of punters and leaving.
Sure enough, about 70 or 80 of these so-called Teddy Boys
burst in through the front doors and started picking on the punters.
All the crew and all the band jumped off the stage and took these guys on.
l'm beating the shit out of some guy with a mic stand
when Fast Eddie comes flying by me, literally, like Superman.
He's on a downward slope, and l thought, ''Shit, he's in trouble.''
l can see the one l want
but he's getting away and he's got this bottle.
So l've launched myself - you know, we're fucking mad -
so l've flown past, and as l'm going through the air l'm thinking,
''Fuck, l hope l can get his head and land on him.''
Fortunately it all went to plan,
l got his head and pushed him on the floor and fell on him.
We walked back in, got a standing ovation from the audience,
band went back on and everybody loved it.
We didn't go looking for trouble. We never ever did.
We were actually quite a bunch of nice blokes.
My parents used to come to the shows, Lemmy's parents, Phil's parents.
My mum used to love Lemmy and Phil.
She loved them!
You know, which you wouldn't think, but they're nice people.
l don't remember the backwards lines.
They were laid down the same time as the carpets.
With backwards guitar, would you believe?
lt was his lndian phase.
- lt was a very mystical time for us. - Yes.
- Especially Edward. - At one point l fall over.
l think l've fallen over here.
He fell flat on his back.
Yeah, l'm on my back at this time.
That's why it's making all the noise, cos if you don't switch off...
And l think l do a recovery. Yeah, l've got back up again.
Remember that hamster he used to have with him all the time?
- Not all the time. - Well, it only got to two years old.
Poor little fucker. That was part of his sound.
A wah-wah pedal and a hamster in the other box.
Two wah-wah pedals - one was real,
one had this hamster inside it with a little microphone
and every time you trod on that the hamster would go...
like that. That's how he got his sound.
lsolate the overhead underhang and the parabolic flange dapperies.
The one next to the flap-doodles?
Technical talk. You wouldn't understand. You can edit that bit out.
- You know, don't you? - No.
Hang on a minute. That was just a...
A three-count. Two, three, four...
Three on the high-hat.
All right.
They went to America and toured quite a few times
but it's always been hard for Motorhead in America, selling records.
The one thing they did do is they inspired a generation of musicians.
They were the fastest, the loudest, the meanest,
hardest rock'n'roll band on the planet.
So all these kids in their bedrooms in California in particular were going,
''We want to outdo Motorhead.''
lt's one of those rare, rare records where every song is great.
And so it is the blueprint, in some way, for a lot of the speed metal,
a lot of the thrash metal,
a lot of those bands that came out in the mid-'80s and stuff like that
that fused punk and metal roots with down to earth attitude.
l named one of my first bands Road Crew after (We Are) The Road Crew
and l remember playing it in one of the first incarnations
of what would later become Guns'N'Roses.
l was with Steve Adler and Duff McKagan and we played that song.
Eagle had a tear in his eye,
he said, ''Nobody's done anything like that before.''
- lt was our song. - He's written a song about us.
- You big softie. - Yeah, well...
- Underneath the facade aren't we all? - Yeah.
They were a good crew and proud of how good they were
and l would've put them up against any crew in the world.