Olympic Games 2012 Goodyear Blimp and a ET space craft aka UFO

Uploaded by zwitterelf on 31.07.2012

Hello, this is Danielle Zana, using an animated avatar, well in real life I can be still considered
an avatar. The reason why I am using an animated avatar to say something, is I do not wish
to distract the other artists in the art studio to give you this instant interesting news
update. As you know the opening of the Olympic Games was last week, and an object had been
observed and misidentified as a UFO in context of a flying saucer or extraterrestrial vessel.
It in fact was the Good Year Blimp, “Spirit of Safety”, used to give a bird’s eye
view of the Olympic Stadium. People were to busy focusing on duller saucer looking object
on the left, where they failed to look at the brighter smaller further object on the
right. The object that appeared to be the regular flying saucer is in fact the Goodyear
blimp. The Goodyear blimp appears to be like a flying saucer by its optical illusion, There
is evidence of a Sanyo blimp that gave the same optical illusion of a lob sided flying
saucer. So the object on the left is the Goodyear blimp. The object on the right, is an extraterrestrial
space craft observational vessel. I myself when I watched the games thought I had seen
the bright object that is the ufo and not the blimp. Was the blimp by chance or accident
used to distract people from the actual ufo ? Or did the UFO know that blimp would be
a distraction, hence they flew in a bit closer to observe the Olympic Stadium.
As you know there is so much conspiracy talk about the Olympic Games. I am uncertain what
would happen on my birthday the fourth of August, I just hope there will not be a false
flag terrorist attack, or a false flag alien invasion. I do hope it would be the First
Contact as some medium mentions which I take as a pinch of salt, on the basis since most
mediums say something and nothing happens. People who are rational and too ordinary would
say , nothing would happen, and that it would be your everyday boring day, on this prison
monetized planet . First Contact I was expecting last year, and
had been prepared for my exhibition, and people never took me seriously or attended my exhibition
to look at the art as well discuss cosmic culture. A spacecraft came, and observed and
seen that no one attended the exhibit which was free, and they left, such as that I have
become unreliable and failed, and wish to return home, which is not on this planet,
or be left alone to enjoy my life and my art without discrimination.
Anyway Much Love and huggles, Namaste.