Governing Dynamics: Ignore the Blond - A Beautiful Mind (3/11) Movie CLIP (2001) HD

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[Neilson] Incoming, gentlemen. [Sol] Ay-yi-yi.
[Sighs] Deep breaths.
[Sol] Nash, you might want to stop...
shuffling your papers for five seconds.
I will not buy you gentlemen beer.
[Bender] Oh, we're not here for beer, my friend.
[John] Oh. [Sol Chuckles]
Does anyone else feel she should be moving in slow motion?
Will she want a large wedding, ya think?
Shall we say swords, gentlemen?
Pistols at dawn? Have you remembered nothing?
Recall the lessons of Adam Smith,
the father of modern economics.
"In competition...
[Sol and Neilson] individual ambition serves the common good."
- Exactly. - Every man for himself, gentlemen.
[Bender] And those who strike out are stuck with her friends.
[Hansen] I'm not gonna strike out.
[Sol] You can lead a blonde to water, but you can't make her drink.
- I don't think he said that. - [Sol] Nobody move...
She's looking over here. She's looking at Nash.
[Hansen] Oh, God. He may have the upper hand now,
but wait until he opens his mouth.
[Laughing] Remember the last time?
[Bender] Oh, yes, that was one for the history books.
- Adam Smith needs revision. - What are you talking about?
If we all go for the blonde,
we block each other.
Not a single one of us is gonna get her.
So then we go for her friends,
but they will all give us the cold shoulder...
because nobody likes to be second choice.
Well, what if no one goes for the blonde?
We don't get in each other's way,
and we don't insult the other girls.
That's the only way we win.
That's the only way we all get laid.
Adam Smith said...
the best result comes...
from everyone in the group doing...
what's best for himself, right?
That's what he said, right?
Right. Incomplete.
Incomplete, okay?
Because the best result will come...
from everyone in the group...
doing what's best for himself...
and the group.
Nash, if this is some way for you to get the blonde on your own,
you can go to hell. Governing dynamics.
Governing dynamics. Adam Smith...
was wrong.
[Sol] Oh, here we go. [Neilson] Careful, careful.
Thank you.