Epi Info 7 Classic Analysis Read an Excel File

Uploaded by EpiInfoChannel on 15.10.2012

Welcome to Epi Info 7 training in this video you'll learn to import an
Excel spreadsheet into Epi Info 7 using Classic Analysis and the Read
Before getting started in Classic Analysis make sure that the first row
in your Excel spreadsheet contains field names.
If your spreadsheet contains any headers in titles above the field names remove
them and save the spreadsheet with the new name.
Look at my spreadsheet
and you'll see
that the first row contains field names.
We'll get started by accessing Classic Analysis by in Classic from the Epi
Info 7 main page.
Now from the Command tree in the Command Explorer,
we'll click Read.
From the database type drop-down select the format that corresponds with your
Excel spreadsheet.
Now browse to find your data
and in the Datasource Explore box, highlight your data and click OK.
And now Epi Info 7 gives you the record count and file information, and
they appear here in the Classic Analysis window.
and you're ready to start analyzing the data.
We'll do two quick analyses.
First, i'll generate a line list. Under statistics, click List.
We'll skip the variables in just click OK.
And now Epi Info 7 generates your line list.
We'll close this,
and now we'll do a Frequency which we'll sort by gender
and click OK.
And now Epi Info 7
has the output
from the Frequency sort.
The next time you access Classic Analysis and want to read the same datafile,
you can simply click the name of the file
from the recent data sources option after you click
the read command.
And the recent data sources is here at the top of the box.
You'll be able to get more detail from future performance support videos.