How to Operate a Digital Video Camera : How to Focus a Digital Video Camera

Uploaded by expertvillage on 21.04.2008

After the end switches, there are another set of switch, which is called the focus switches.
Now on every digital camera, there are three kinds of focuses. First is the auto-focus,
where your camera focuses automatically. Secondly is the manual focus, where you can focus it
manually using the focus ring. And thirdly is the infinity focus, where if you want to
shoot a distance object which is not coming into focus, you can always shift it to infinity
focus. So, in Panasonic PD173 also there are three focus switches. Now if you see here,
it is switched on to manual. In manual focus, you have to focus it manually. If you push
this switch up, it becomes auto focus. And if you pull this switch down, it becomes infinity
focus. If you see more carefully after the focus switches, there's a small button underneath
it. It is called the push auto. Push auto focus means that when you are shooting in
a manual mode, and suddenly you have to focus up on a subject, you can only zoom in and
push this button. It'll automatically focus a subject. And then when you release it, it
will always remain in focus. After focus, in every digital camera, or any camera you
use, there's another important thing, which is called the exposure, or the aperture. Every
digital camera will have its own apertures settings. Here we can see it here. Now this
is also called the iris button. There's a small toggle button. If you push it once,
it becomes auto iris, where the camera automatically sets up its own exposure ratio. And if you
toggle it again, it comes to the manual mode. Now once it comes to the manual mode, you'll
see F-stop numbers on your LCD screen. After you toggle it on to the manual iris, you can
see this dialing thing, which is just beside the button of the iris. Here is a positive
sign and a negative sign. By switching this dial up and down, you can always set your
aperture according to your needs.