V#1: My FIRST Scrapbooking Vlog with Craft Fair Questions

Uploaded by Pages4theAges on 15.11.2010

Hi, everyone!
It's Jennifer from Pages for the Ages.
So...this week, instead of doing my normal Tuesday Tutorial,
I'm trying something a little different.
I'm creating my first video blog or...
And, I've never done this before,
but I've seen a lot of people do them on YouTube
and I was thinking it might be a good idea...
because as much as I LOVE Tutorial Tuesdays, they take a lot of time to make --
a minimum of four hours to put together
and that's becoming a problem for me.
So I think that if I supplement every other week with a video vlog,
then that will be helpful for myself.
So, this week I just want to talk about craft shows...
...because it's been something really big in my life recently.
I've been interested in getting into craft fairs
because I thought, at these locations I would meet a lot of other crafters
and I would have the opportunity to show off
my handmade scrapbooking layouts to other people who might be
interested in buying them.
Now, I've gone to two shows so far
and unfortunately, both of them have not been very good experiences.
At one of them, there were a lot of people there,
but nobody really came over to my booth
and at the other one, there were really no people at all.
So, I'm not sure if that has to do with the economy
or if I'm not picking the right locations.
Is my booth presentation not interesting,
that people want to come over and learn more about it?
I don't know. I'm kinda looking for some feedback.
So, if there's anybody out there
who has been to a craft show
or has been a vendor at a craft show,
like, let me know what your experience was.
I'm going to show you a really quick clip here
that my husband took of me while I was there,
explaining what my booth looked like.
So, here it is.
Today I want to show you my craft booth and how I
set everything up.
I'm kind of looking for a little bit of feedback
on how you guys think my display looks.
Are things eye-catching?
Is my product really "popping"?
I also want to show you my $25 Scrapbooking Kit
which is now available in my online store.
Here you can see a demo of what
the kit looks like all together.
It comes with several different pieces
and I'm going to walk around the booth
and show you those different items that come with the kit.
So, let's head on over here.
If you were here at the craft fair today,
you would actually get to pick up a little checklist and
go around and find the different items,
but of course in my online store they'll all be packaged together.
For this kit, you get a strip of adhesives.
The kit will allow you at least
enough materials to start one or two pages.
You also get the choice of your pen
and we have a lot of different colors here.
These are the ZIG Memory markers
which, of course, are acid free
and I highly recommend them.
They're just really great starter pens.
This is going to be a really great kit
for anyone you know who has been interested in scrapbooking,
but just hasn't really gotten into it yet.
You might want to suggest this starter kit for them.
I have several different albums here
and they come in a wide variety of colors.
You can see a couple here by the brand ReCollections.
I also have a couple from the brand Colorbök.
With your kit you also get 2 of these border strips.
These are really easy to just add to a page.
You can quickly turn them into a great embellishment.
And then, of course, you get
one of my premade pages.
You can see allll the different premade pages.
I have even more, but these are the
ones on display today. I have some down here as well.
Annnnd, last of all you get to choose
two pieces of 12x12 inch scrapbook paper
which is by a wide variety of different brands.
We have several different types to choose from.
So, that was my booth.
I would love to hear back from you guys.
Just leave me a comment in the section below
letting me know what you think about my first craft fair experience
and give me any tips and advice that you might have.
Thanks a lot!