Pavel Nedved - The champion with a normal life [Eng Sub]

Uploaded by Savel29J on 25.12.2010

The best professional ever known
One day I read an interview
in which he tells that in the morning, at home,
he goes running before coming to training.
I don't believe it and the next day I ask him:
"Pavel, is that true what you said?"
I run out of words: it's all true.
He woke up, ran alone,
and in the afternoon he trained with the team.
and he was always faster than all of us!
Paolo Montero
I think I am normal as everybody else
a father, happy...
I like my job very much
I'm proud of my family, and that's it
You are a player only for one hour and a half
but beyond this, you have to be appreciated as a man
...the culture of work
the daily work
during which you should try to improve yourself
Commentator: You see, Nedved is very desperate
because this admonition is going to force him to miss Champions League final
Interviewer: When do you surrender? To Whom do you surrender?
Nedved: It's hard I surrender on the field, even if things don't go well
we can also lose the match
but I never surrender on the field
and, also in my private life,
I think you should never surrender to the difficulties
You need to fight everytime
because God will see this and He will certainly help us
Interviewer: Where does your strong character, your determination, come from?
Nedved: Well, I think from an united family, as my parents always taught me
Alessandro Del Piero: together we played many matches ,we had many victories...
Starting today, I stopped running because I have to rest a little...
...stay together with my family
I thank Del Piero for his kind gesture, he gave me the leadership
we won, I can't ask nothing more today
I thank all my fans, they helped me very much
and I think we did great things together
for this reason, I can retire serenely
Andrea Agnelli: He represented a lot for us
and it's an honor for me to attend his beautiful feast
Today I can say I'm very happy
because I could play for my Juventus fans
Interviewer: You said when you'll retire you would like to train children;
when a child will ask you: how can I win the Golden Ball, what will you tell him?
Nedved: I can safely say only with work, much work, you can achieve a goal like that
but I would say to look for other goals, for example thinking about the group and improving himself