[Real 2PM] Dream High 촬영장

Uploaded by 2pm on 13.01.2011

Do not take photos of these things
You are now watching how Jingook lives through the winter
Hot Pack!
Taecyeon attaches the hot pack again today.
This scene is believed to be the winter figure of all the actors in the world.
All are attached. Weren’t there 6 of them?
Does the attachment have some effect?
Without this, Taecyeon may not have been able to act in winter.
Do you have any remaining hot packs? All are attached
How many did you attach now?
Then it is correct, since 10 were purchased yesterday
Were 5 of them attached yesterday?
Not enough?
It’s all right. I can go through today
It does not feel much like going into now
How was the shooting today?
You are swollen up a little today
Hello, I am Jayson.
This is the Dream-High shooting site
It is the special show scene now
It is a welcome party for new comers
We are the new comers, and we are having a welcome party
I am the new comer, and I am throwing the party
We are celebrating ourselves.
I practiced from 10PM last night
I practiced with JYP trainees until 5AM
I received a compliment.
Brother JY complimented me for appearing very stylishly
So I am relieved.
Is it the top-like figure?
Things such as top all disappeared and it is only difficult
It is less cold, maybe due to many people here today
It is originally very cold
There are many people, and the heat is significant
We are better off shooting warmly.
Aren’t the clothes heavy?
My body is heavy, so body and heart are heavy
Many people came to cheer to dignify Dream-High
Mr. Nichkhun came
Yes, Hello, Mr. Nichkhun ~ Please wave your hand once
It is cold
Sister Yoobin came
Aren’t you sister Fei? Sister Fei looks very tired
Ah, this man also came
He became very handsome
He admits himself, and he feels like having something shooting out every time he talks
He is Mr. Changmin~