Photoshop Blending Multiple Images Tutorial : Blending Images in Photoshop: Part 3

Uploaded by expertvillage on 20.06.2008

Alright now, let's finish up on the layer that we're working on and let's move to our
next layer. I think there's a little bit of an idea here to actually make this look just
a little bit better. I'm going to come in here and I'm just going to take my Erase tool
by clicking E. I'm going to come down and just indent just a little bit here. Oops,
maybe not that much. That might be too much. There we go, like so. Let's bring this up
again like so. There we go. Now that doesn't look so bad. It kind of gives it a little
bit of plausibility there. So I come up here. Let's actually go into our Brush tool. Hit
D, X, shrink this down a little bit. And what I did with the D and the X was I actually
bring this out into a white and I've got the Mode on Lighten. And my Opacity is at, set
it to 10. This is going to kind of blend this way a little bit. I think this is the problem
here that's really messing me up is the little bit of stubble she has here. Had that not
been so much, this might have come out just a little bit better. I don't like that one
either. I want to curve, that's alright. You know what? We're just going to leave it there.
A little piece of wisdom I was taught at an early age was "leave well enough alone" so
we're just going to leave that alone and let's move onto our next layer. Let's see. Let's
go ahead and go to, let's work with our lion and let's see. We haven't done apple and our
tree yet. Let's go ahead and move our lion into our hand, into our apple out of our hand
here. So let's take this picture and let's turn off this layer here. I'm going to go
ahead and take the Lion layer and I'm going to go ahead and make a copy of it just so
I can put the other one on the tree just to see how I feel about it. So let's grab the
hand, the apple in hand. Oops, and there we go. Let's grab the lion layer and Hone In.
Alt or Command, there we go. Grab those 2. Drop them into a new folder. Let's call that
Apple In Hand group and we'll stop there and we'll pick this up in the next.