Adding Clip Art Images to Microsoft Word for Windows

Uploaded by chrisharris609 on 04.10.2010

Hello my name is Chris Harris; today I will be showing you how to insert a clip art image
into a Microsoft Word document for Windows and how to vary it to accommodate the organization
of the text. So I have some text typed in here and if I want to insert a clip art picture
I simply go to the insert tab at the top of the window and click on “clipart”. Next I go over to the search bar where I can
type in what category fits my needs. I am going to type in “surfing”, hit enter,
and as you can see it brings up several clip art images which I can choose from. I’ll
select this one here by double clicking on it and automatically it shows up on my document.
Now, click on the image, you will see a tab with the title “Format” under a new tab
called picture tools which is only available when the picture is selected. This tab brings
up four groups; adjust, picture styles, arrange, and size.
To change the size of the image, click and hold on the selection handles and drag accordingly.
Or you can use the arrows in the “size” group to adjust the shape height and shape
width allowing you to specify exact dimensions of the image. You can also crop the image
by selecting “crop”. This allows you to cut out what you don’t care to show and
what is most important in the image you have selected.
Text wrapping is the most important aspect to adding a clip art image to your document
because it allows you to choose how the text will appear around the image inserted. It
can look like a background or an image in the middle of the text, the corner, or the
beginning of your text. Text wrapping helps make it look more organized. The way we do
text wrapping is by either right clicking the image, and the various ways of text wrapping
or you can go up to “Arrange” and click on text wrapping and it gives you the same
The “Adjust” group allows you to modify the brightness and contrast. Go up to the
“adjust” group, click on brightness and hold the curser over which one you like. You
can change the color also.
And last but not least, there are picture styles. Here you can add borders, also you
can go over to shape, these you have to click on. Picture effects, you can add shadow, glow,
Thank you everyone for watching this screen cast project, I hope you all learned something
about inserting and editing a clip art image in Microsoft Word for Windows.