2 Minute Review: Apple TV 2012 (1080p 3rd Gen Apple TV)

Uploaded by TastyTV1 on 23.04.2012

>> DYLAN: Hey everyone, I'm Dylan, >> PAUL: And I'm Paul,
>> DYLAN: And this is Tasty TV and we've got a new segment for you called "Two Minute Reviews."
Basically we're going to try and take an entire gadget review and cram it down into two minutes
just to give you the essential facts and what you need to know.
>> PAUL: Around two minutes, not including the intro.
>> DYLAN: Yes, around two minutes… our mileage may vary so let’s see how we go. First off
we're going to start with the 1080p Apple TV, and the counter is starting now.
First things first, I'm going to say I love the size, got in there before you! If you've
got a home entertainment system that's jam packed full of things…
>> PAUL: You're going to find a place for that.
>> DYLAN: Exactly, it's not going to be too much of a burden to find somewhere to stick
that. >> PAUL: Yeah hooking this little baby up
you've got HDMI, you've got optical audio, you've got your ethernet and it's got built-in
wireless and power of course. Hook those things up to your big screen TV and away you go.
It's very easy to set up - it's got a wizard. The interface is very iPad like with your
icons, all that sort of thing so that's pretty cool. It uses the Apple Remote, it comes with
the Apple Remote actually, which is the sweet little aluminium thing. It's got only a couple
of buttons on it. Real easy to use. >> DYLAN: Number one use will be renting movies,
you can now get 1080p, they look almost as good as blu-ray. Sometimes a little bit of
smudging, some of the dark scenes nay not look that good.
>> PAUL: But it's pretty good considering it's streaming and it does start straight
away. >> DYLAN: Unfortunately the range in the iTunes
store is not obviously as good as your local video store, but you've got the convenience
factor of not having to go out into the pouring rain to get a movie.
>> PAUL: And it is also compatible with Netflix so that is pretty handy.
The Apple TV also has the Airplay feature, which is really cool, because you can take
your devices like your iPad and stream videos straight from that through to your big screen
TV. >> DYLAN: Yeah you may think that's a pretty
useless feature, but trust me, sitting on the couch throwing up videos from YouTube
straight from your iPad on to the TV is really cool. Also games, Real Racing and a bunch
of others your can actually put the game up onto the screen and then your iPad can be
the controller and it's a really cool feature. >> PAUL: So that's pretty much it. It is a
pretty cool device, we like it, yeah we rate it.
>> DYLAN: Yeah the good things are the movies, good selection of movies, great quality.
>> PAUL: 1080p >> DYLAN: Yep, bad things I would say: Price
of TV shows is still pretty exorbitant. >> PAUL Yeah very high, so good convenience,
bad on the wallet. Anyway that was our review of the 1080p Apple
TV, thanks for watching. And please do put any comments, favourable or unfavourable.
>> DYLAN: Yep we always want to hear for you and especially also any ideas you have for
different gadgets to review - there's so much cool stuff out there, we'd like to take your
suggestions as to what we should tackle next. >> PAUL: Anyway, thanks for your time and
we'll catch you next time. >> DYLAN: You you later.