HHI 2012: World Hip Hop Dance Championship (WHHDC) Preliminaries - Varsity Division

Uploaded by DanceOn on 02.08.2012


Yesterday, from Las Vegas, Nevada, Hip Hop International
wrapped up the US finals in the Junior, Varsity, Megacrew,
and Adult divisions.
Three teams from each of these divisions will go on to
represent the United States.
Now, the stage is set for the world hip hop dance
41 crews entered, but only 20 could
advance to the semi finals.
Here they are, Spirit Dance, Mexico, 6.18.
Neutral Zone, Mexico, 6.19.
Diamond Allstars from the UK, 6.25.
F8 from Canada, 6.52.
Banda Forse, Russia, 6.63.
Get Down, Russia, 6.65.
IDK from the USA, 6.67.
Los 8 Superninas from Spain, 6.70.
Shockarellas, United Kingdom, 6.76.
Underground, USA, 6.92.
Legit Status, Philippines, 6.97.
And the US varsity champs, in ninth place,
Bandits, with a 7.03.
Freshest Nutz from Singapore, 7.15.
Lil's Dance, Russia, 7.18.
JB Star Varsity, 7.27.
A-Team, Philippines, 7.28.
i-Rock Canada, 7.29.
And in third place, Sorority from New Zealand, 7.77.
Second place, Zero from Japan, 7.83.
And going into the semi finals of first place from Japan,
Sol-T-Shine, 7.91.
There you have it.
Those are the 20 varsity crews that could be moving onto the
semi finals, and that was just day one.
I got to say a big thanks to [INAUDIBLE] clothing
for helping me discover my inner b-boy swag.
It's one o'clock in the morning here.
Junior preliminaries start at 9:00 AM, so I'm going to bed.
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