Dendi reveals Na`Vi.DOTA secrets @ Star Series DOTA 2

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Apr 29, 2012

- Dendi teaches how to play Invoker, doesn’t he?
- No, this guy plays better than me.
Although he doesn’t show it to anyone.
- Show us the skill.
- Here you are.
Look. Chen.
- It’s actually true.
He played 12 games in top matchmaking
with the cruelest competitors.
He gave them no chance playing Chen.
Just have a look.
Let’s open it.
- OK.
- So we open.
Here are the heroes he picked.
Let’s find Chen.
Chen, where are you?
Chen must be here.
- Where is the amount of your defeats?
- Maybe you should open the hero.
- Nooo.
Frankly speaking, that’s it.
You saw 4 victories
in…I don’t know… 20 games.
Now you know…
- Show us yet another trick.
- You know what…
I won’t show you a thing.
We keep our secrets for official games.
Dendi will play N’aix and I will play Invoker.
- Nevertheless we’ll broadcast this video after the final.
- I don’t care.
You can officially say
that I’ll pick Batrider and cast spells.
Can you imagine me playing Batrider?
- No actually.
- I’ll kill them all.
- Last time I played Batrider
during pcw with CLG and ended with 9-1-29 score
- Wow! You’re a knockout!