How to Make Rye Bread : Knead Rye Bread Dough Again

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I?m going to show you how to
make rye bread. So what we are going to need for this next shot is a wooden cutting board
and this is not what you think it is it's flour. And I?m going to take my ring off because
i want to have nice clean hands. What I want to do is spread this flour out up to where
you have a little layer here in the middle and push the extra out to the sides for your
hands. If you have floury hands then the dough does not stick to them. So I?m going to take
the wet side of the dough the side that was face down and place that on the cutting board
side face down. Now I?m just going to smash it out all the way down, you will see I have one nice
big blobby piece of dough. So what were doing now is flouring the top side and folding it
in on top of itself. And what your are going to do here is work this dough until you get
all of the air out of it cause we are going to let it rise again for a little bit probably
bout half and hour depending on humidity and your yeast. If you get a seam sticking out
like this you can take your fingers and smash it down. Alright that?s pretty good roll this
piece over and smash it down. Right now we have a pretty nice looking dough you can tell
by the color here the texture and consistence you can see were going to have a really great
product when its done. What were going to do now is the next step once i get done working
on this is going to take the knife and cut it and I?m going to show you how to do this
two different ways in the oven.