How to Use Photoshop Express : Adding Captions in Photoshop Express

Uploaded by expertvillage on 15.08.2008

Photoshop Express is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated and I am in
no way affiliated with Adobe Systems Incorporated. In this lesson I am going to teach you how
to add captions and ratings to your photos with Photoshop Express. If you'll notice below
your photo it gives the file name and this is just whatever file name you had on your
computer when you uploaded it. And it's also going to show the extension and you can?t
actually change the file name through Photoshop Express but what you can do is add what's
called a caption. I'm going to scroll down and I've got 2 pictures of my cat here. I'm
going to add a caption by clicking where it says "click to add caption". I'm just going
to say "my cat." And you can give your photos the same caption if you want so I am going
to name both of these "my cat" and that adds that caption to it. And what you can do there
is down here in the bottom left you've got your search bar. If you click in there, I'm
just going to type in "cat" and hit enter and it's going to show me just the photos
that have "cat" in the caption. So that's helpful with the caption if you want to make
your photos more easily searchable or you can also arrange them alphabetically by caption
as well. But if you want to get rid of your search criteria all you have to so is click
the "x" besides the search bar and it's going to bring you back to all your photos here.
Also you've got stars below your photos. What you can do here is just add what is called
a rating which is you can assign a rating of 1 to 5 stars. All you have to do is click
on the rating you want. I'm going to give this one 4 stars. I'm going to give this one,
say, 2 stars. This is just helpful in organizing your photos. Once again you can just arrange
your photos by your rating as well. But that's how you add captions and ratings to your photos
in Photoshop Express.