Mandu - Korean Dumplings

Uploaded by simonandmartina on 11.06.2011

A little while ago we did a video about Korean street food
But we failed to mention my most favourite of all street foods
Sorry! I got a little bit excited about that!
A mandu is basically just like a dumpling,
it's a noodle filled with something delicious
and warm and fuzzy that reminds me of a teddy bear
but it hasn't been filled with a teddy bear literally.
Anyways, I think we should ask our resident mandu expert
Professor Watta Hexer Frig Inname
I am Professor Watta Hexer Frig Inname
Yes, it's my actual name.
Anyways, I am the mandu expert,
and today I will teach you about mandu!
There are several different types of mandus
and the most common one is the kogi mandu
The Kogi mandu is the most common of mandus
It is filled with the pig, the pig from angry birds.
Those stupid little piggies! I hate them!
I digress.
It is filled with piggy. It is filled with onion,
and sometimes it is filled with little noodles.
The second most common mandu is the kimchi mandu
and it is filled HWA PSSH!
with kimchi, and sometimes small bits of those piggies.
Stupid piggies!
YOU! Pay attention!
Besides these two most common mandus
there are some special mandus.
There is the gochu mandu HWA PSSH!
and it is made from peppers
and sometimes a little bit of piggy.
and there is also the incredible Galbi mandu
and it is filled with unicorn
That's not true. It's filled with cow!
But it is so delicious and succulent,
I could just take it HWA PSSH!
and eat it everyday.
Hey! Stop focusing on my moustache!
Look at the mandus!
And the last mandu HWA PSSH!
The most commonly…uncommon mandu
is the goon mandu. It is the panfried mandu
and it's filled with - you guessed it - kogi!
You can find it at a Chinese Korean restaurant.
And it is most delicious!
But today we will be enjoying the most epic of mandus.
It is the father of mandus
It is the colossal, the T-Rex of mandus if you will.
We are enjoying HWA PSSH!
The wong mandu, known as KING MANDU!
Today we will be enjoying two varieties of this king mandu.
The yogi HWA PSSH! and HWA PSSH! the kimchi
let's go enjoy HWA PSSH!
[sexy food porn music]
MMM! Mmm God! So good!
Mmm you should have some.
You guys should have…oohhhhh. Internet.
You can't do it. You can't have any.
No, not on the internet. Sorry guise!
I guess I'm gonna have to eat my mandu…like a mandu!
[awkward silence]