Unstoppable Marriage (못말리는 결혼 ) Part 2 (Eng Subs)

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and put color on them...
So...you're a sculptor?
A sculptor? Well a subdivision of that.
- You engrave seals! - Yes, that's right.
l guessed right.
Smart and equally beautiful...
Well, slightly more beautiful.
Shut up!
So the whole family is working to keep
the Korean traditional arts? How nice.
But how can you keep food on the table like that?
l guess it's a family trait...
Looking so poor and common.
It's not easy to cover that up.
There's an old saying, 'Make money like a dog and use it like a prince!'
If you spend money like a dog,
how can you call yourself a human!
Oh my god! Oh...
We cannot back down, now.
Of course not. l expected this.
Mom said to invite your family over to our house.
Really? Dad said the same thing.
- It somehow worries me. - Me, too.
Wear the slippers, sir.
Rotten folks with no appreciation for saving electricity...
Welcome to my house.
Probably didn't understand. Welcome.
Please, sit here.
My brother's here.
- Eun-ho! - Uncle Ji-roo?
This house is so big! Two football fields, I tell 'ya.
l must have hazelnut flavored coffee.
l can't drink anything else.
- Daddy? - What's wrong?
Are you okay?
Where might the bathroom be?
l knew you ate too much shark fin meat at dinner.
Go down that way to the intersection.
Turn right, go down 2m, then turn left.
The restroom is right there.
Wretched woman.
What is all this crap.
The woman put a tap on the toilet!
- Hey, bro? - Sir?
- Please open up. - Are you okay, sir?
- Bro. - Dad!
Oh, my god.
- Sir... - Dad...
Oh, My god.
Please forgive me for the other night.
You didn't need to invite me here because of that.
It's the least I could do.
Welcome to my humble abode.
It's a little more than humble.
l can't believe there are still houses like this in Seoul.
They're not redeveloping around here?
This is the best spot, geographically in all of Seoul.
Life forms take the land's force
and greatly flourish here.
Excuse me.
You mean like rats?
Rats multiplying in great numbers all around here?
How disgusting. l hate rats.
Mom, there aren't any rats these days.
Yes, dad. She was just joking.
Rats? What house in Seoul has rats these days!
This house doesn't...
Hey, bro! Oh, we have guests...
l bought the rat poison.
This stuff tastes so good, the rats will be all over it.
- How disgusting! - You promised $50 if I get 100.
l only have 3 more to catch!
You liar!
Let's get out of here.
Eun-ho drew this Christmas card.
And she knit this scarf for me.
This is the first carnation she made for me on father's day.
can you believe that an 8 year old made this?
She had hand for crafts ever since she was young.
Well, when Ki-baek was eight he used all
the allowance he saved up.
And sent me a $200 floral garland for mother's day.
Isn't that great? Big scaled, don't you think?
l said I'm not going to sell that land!
How many times do l have to say it!
crazy bastard....
Do you have some land somewhere?
A small piece of land in Kangwon-do.
But some woman is going crazy wanting me to sell it to her.
I'm having problems on a land out there, too.
Some stupid old man is stopping me
from a $50 million project.
It's hard to win people's hearts...
But I'm sure if you keep trying, he'll come around.
This is my land out there.
Oh, My god!
648-2 Pyung-nae-myun, am I right?
There is no way I'm selling that land!
And I won't give up my golf course!
l knew you were a vulgar snob.
l should've known you were that pesky old man!
l won't stand the son of rich a snob!
And I don't want the daughter of a pesky old con man!
You heard me! You want some of this!
- Die by this fist? - Here's another one!
- Stop it. - come here, you.
l said stop. That tickles.
- No one will ever know. - Hold on!
That tickles, hon...
Of course we can.
Let's break them up.
Good idea.
Their blood is boiling hot.
Who has cold blood?
We must find a way to stop 'em.
How? When? By what means?
We must not let them be alone together.
After a close study,
l found the most dangerous place is...
where the forces unite in the optimum place
to bear best results.
There, the probability of them doing it is a lot higher.
Doing what?
The biggest problem comes when day turns to night there.
Where everything gets quiet
and there is nothing to interrupt...
That place is... the workshop.
They're here!
Eun-ho might hear you!
How can they hear us from here?
Oh, I forgot.
They must be on to us, already.
They're somehow communicating without having us hear them.
You didn't put up a mic?
Was I supposed to?
can't you do anything right?
l raised her with all my heart for years.
l can tell what she's thinking.
And I can tell from just by looking
at the back of my son's head!
Oh, really? Let's see then.
Fine. Watch closely.
l asked you not to come here. What do you want, honey?
Then stop batting your eyes and flirting, baby.
You got it all wrong.
It doesn't match his mouth movements.
You're one to talk! You did it first, stupid!
By the way,
what made you buy a dress all of a sudden?
l had this for awhile.
Let's see what's under here, baby.
No, honey... Please don't.
But I can take it off for you...
You're looking good.
Aren't l?
You're so hot.
I'm burning up, baby.
But the skirt looks a little stiff.
It's my first time wearing it.
What color underwear are you wearing today?
I'm not wearing any.
I'm so embarrassed baby...
Oh my.
It's me.
The engraver?
The world is so gloomy.
l needed to take in some floral scents.
So I thought of coming to your shop.
You can let go of my hand, now.
I'll come by often.
You'll buy a membership?
I'm tired.
We can't go on a trip. My dad won't let me.
Don't worry. Just tell him
you're going to buy paper mulberry.
And we're adults. We don't need their permission.
My dad followed me on my class trip at college.
Don't worry. They won't want to follow us on a trip.
Dr. Hwang, keep your eyes on the road.
Safe Drive. You know!
They don't have any rooms left?
Just this one.
But there are two rooms inside. We should be okay.
l guess that'll do.
The parents can each have a room.
We'll take the living room.
l can't share the same blanket with my grown up daughter.
Here's an idea.
You and I can share a room.
Right. Why didn't I think...
Dr. Hwang! Dr. Hwang!
Let me take a picture of you.
Go back. Further. Further.
Why you...
I'm sorry, sir.
Andrew's coming to Korea next Monday?
Delay it for 2 more weeks!
Okay. Okay, oh~ shit!
This is not good.
Wow, you put all that on your face?
l only put on a few things when I'm traveling.
You brought just that?
This will do for me.
That's why you have turtle shell skin, girl.
Then will you give me a facial?
Excuse me, me, you massage what?
And I'll massage your body for you.
Please, just once?
Turn the lights off, lad.
Sleep here, together?
I'll take the floor...
Eun-ho needs to sleep in peace.
I'm very sensitive to the sound of opening doors
when I'm sleeping.
- Yes, sir. - Go to sleep.
This is my secret facial. It might hurt a little.
This is the refresh toner stage, to stabilize the skin.
Good absorption is important to the skin.
Oh, my god.
You poor thing. Your face is so tensed.
I'll soften this up for you.
Oh baby... good baby...
Oops, I forgot the nose.
Endure the pain and you'll be prettier.
Are you doing okay?
Your muscles are so tensed.
I'll relax everyone one of 'em for you.
And nine!
A little more...
- That's good. - Is it over?
Now try moving.
Don't you feel refreshed?
Very Nice...
Are you okay?
Your kick got a lot better, Eun-ho.
commoners' play...
Sir, can we stop and rest for just 10 minutes?
60 minutes of hiking. 10 minutes rest.
It hasn't even been 30 minutes.
But this is hard work...
It feels way past 30 minutes.
Eun-ho likes strong, healthy men!
But you're not strong and healthy in mind, either.
Hurry up, sir.
What? Tired already?
Such a beautiful mountain.
This is like where we saw the outdoor opera in Rome,
don't you think?
Excuse me?
Are you okay?
Here, have some fruit.
Oh, my god!
Did you work at a bar?
cutting fruit like this in the mountain?
Why bother cutting it up nicely?
There aren't many courteous women like Eun-ho these days.
l can assure you, she'll make the best bride for any man.
Of course she would, sir.
Dr. Hwang, I'm thirsty. Where's my coke?
Here, drink this instead.
It's iced fruit punch.
Give me my coke.
Sodas won't quench your thirst. Here, just try this.
l don't believe you!
Why, you don't like it?
Why aren't you giving any to my dear Dr. Hwang?
Yes, ma'am...
Not anyone can love.
Not anyone can love.
You don't know what love is.
You haven't loved in years.
You're the same!
By the flowing waters, we stand guard.
- We're not in the middle of a war. -We are the marines!
Fight, attack, destroy, and drink!
Sir! Oh no!
l pulled it out of the socket again.
Be careful with the marine.
Leaving me to carry everything!
l didn't come to take care of him!
Are you okay, daddy?
l think it went back in.
What's with all the fuss?
Amazing! This feels good.
Thank you, lad.
It's habitual dislocation. It can come back out any time.
Thank you.
Aren't you apologizing for ruining the night?
She never stops yapping, huh?
I'm sorry l ruined your night.
Go out and get some fresh air.
Thank you, sir.
Over my dead body!
It's just a few lousy minutes.
Let them go.
Go on...
What's the matter?!
You crazy?!
come back in 7 minutes.
You know what's the first thing
dad learned to do after mom died?
Brushing my hair like mom.
He still brushes my hair. Isn't that funny?
My mom shines my shoes for me every morning.
She says comfortable feet keeps the headaches away.
Eun-ho always said she'll marry a man just like me.
How did she ever meet Ki-baek with such low standards?
She doesn't know how to wear make-up or dress up.
Growing with me and her uncle...
If only my wife was alive...
But she still has great skin.
When I failed 3 times to become a specialist,
you know what mom did?
She brought home all the books on law at the bookstores.
If I can't become a doctor, then be a lawyer.
She said I can do anything.
l don't know why she had such a rash faith in me...
l couldn't let her down...
You wouldn't be where you are today if it wasn't for her faith in you.
That bastard...
He ran away with the bitch...
l was thrown into the streets with my two kids.
l did everything except murder in order to survive.
My poor Ki-baek...
l wanted him to keep his head up...
Though I had nothing to eat,
I'd make sure he got his beef soup.
Though I had holes in my shoes, l only let him wear Nike shoes.
l was beautiful in my 30s and had a row of men after me.
But I never laid eyes on them,
for my kids' sakes!
That's how I lived!
All your hard work and sacrifice amounted to a great son.
Isn't that enough?
Why does your mom hate me so much?
Why does your dad think I'm such an idiot?
Why can't we be together?
Let's go
and tell them that we were meant to be.
We'll do whatever it takes to get their blessings.
You can't betray me!
I'll kill you if you do!
They'll know to break up on their own by now.
Let's go.
- Don't betray me. - I won't.
- You can't... - They'll be back soon...
- You think they're still in the room? - Probably.
l should go...
I'm so drunk...
What are you two doing?
can't you tell?
Is this the real reason why you're against our marriage?
That's right! l stabbed you in the back!
So what!
Look here, you!
Sell the land over to me!
l start construction next month!
- I'm back. - Look, Ji-mahn...
Oh... Yes, I'm listening...
You're a dashing tiger...
I'm cats.
Oh, honey...
l wanna be a white cat.
White cat.
You want me to say it again?
l love you~
What the heck? Is she insane?
Look here, Mrs. Shim...
Yes, dear...
No matter what you do...
My love for you will never change.
From the bottom of my heart,
l love you.
Yes, I love you, too.
This is absolutely insane!
What are you talking about?
Like in dramas when in-laws fall in love and get married.
They become double in-laws, you know? That's insane!
You mean like the drama with KIM Ji-soo in it?
You know KIM Ji-soo?
- No, do you? - No.
But that's not what's important.
Not only us, but more importantly,
l can't look at poor Eun-ho these days.
Me, too... Poor Ki-baek.
We must do something!
Do what?
Are you laughing at my plan?
No, my ears are ticklish...
Ever since I was young,
I'd rest my head on dad's shoulders.
His shoulder would always feel so warm...
No matter what, everything felt better
after resting on his shoulder.
But I never realized until now...
That dad might need a shoulder to lean on, too.
l don't think it's right to stop them from being happy.
We'll still be family...
l hope you'll see me as your boyfriend's daughter
and not Ki-baek's girl.
And I know that you didn't really like me.
It's just I thought you didn't really suit my son.
But I really liked you.
So, I'm glad.
This is not anything grand or expensive.
But I always wanted to give this to my mom if I had one.
Will you accept it?
Well, actually....
You two splitting up is not entirely my fault.
Your father hated Ki-baek so much...
Ouch, my foot's asleep.
What's wrong with my son!
Who likes their daughter's beau from the beginning?
Then why were you so bent on crushing my daughter?
l hate people who smile so purely.
l never grew up happy.
l could never laugh like that.
Eun-ho smiles so bright, so innocent...
l was jealous of that.
So you were the problem, not my Eun-ho!
If you raise your kid with just money,
he'll turn his back on you 'cuz of it!
My parents got rid of me 'cuz they had no money!
So I wanted my kids to have everything!
What's wrong with that!
Who are you to stand in my way!
Why don't you sell that land!
Truth is... Eun-ho's mother is buried there.
We promised that after Eun-ho got married
we'd build a house there...
And live happily ever after...
But she...
l can't sell that land!
If I do,
it'll be like letting go of my wife forever!
It's time you let her go and live your life!
You should let go of your son and let him live his life!
How long will you keep him under your wings!
How dare you tell me what to do!
Forget it! l don't want that land!
If I ever talk to you again, I'm not human!
That's fine by me!
Mom! Ki-baek is acting strange these days.
He gets up early, exercises,
and stopped drinking.
And he's not seeing any girls, at all!
It's about time you start smarten up like him!
What did I do?
Stop going around doing nothing but shopping!
You bought 3 bags yesterday, didn't you!
Why are you yelling at me for!
I've been too stubborn...
My dear...
l think it's about time I let you go...
What is that stench!
It smells like shit.
What are you eating?
Where's the maid?
You wench!
Shut up and go to sleep if you're drunk!
You mean it bro?
You're not joking, right?
You'll really give me $10,000?
In about a week or so.
So think seriously about starting a business with that.
Thanks bro!
Take your hands off me!
I'm getting ready to go to Kangwon-do.
So close up early watch the house.
Why are you going there?
To meet Eun-ho's mom...
l should go and say goodbye...
What do you mean...
I'd better go.
consult with Ki-baek on the business plan or whatever...
But bro...
What the...
Ae-sook! Ae-sook!
- Ae-sook! Where are you! - I'm here.
- Why don't you answer your phone? - Where's my cell phone?
Sit down. I have something important to tell you.
Morning ma'am.
l think my brother is going to sell
his land to someone else!
What! Shit!
Why that rotten old man!
Why change your mind all of a sudden?
Did someone offer a pile of gold?
Why? Are you angry that I'm selling it to someone else?
This has nothing to do with you!
Mr. Kim! Go back!
- What? - Go in reverse!
Go! Go! Go!
You stubborn old man!
Listen to me for a change!
l won't ask for that land! So don't sell it!
You said your wife's buried there!
Stop, stop, stop!
Do you need money?
I'll give you all you need!
There are things in this world that can't be bought with money.
Fine! Do whatever you want!
You old stubborn hog!
If this was a western, I'd shoot you!
You'll live to regret this!
- Get in, ma'am. - Go away!
- Ma'am? - Get lost!
He's withdrawing his investment?
What the hell are you talking about?
He's killing me!
Tell him I'll get that land within a week!
l donated $100,000 to nursing homes because of Andrew!
One hundred thousand dollars!
Grace Shim~
You disappoint me, to the end.
He says you disappoint him, ma'am.
If you think of it that way, you would not keep your promise
He's afraid you won't keep your promise
You should know
that way of thinking is one of the decisive factors
for canceling this contract.
He thinks that is a decisive factor
in canceling the contract.
Oh, my god! Oh, my god!
This is insane!
You wanna die!!
Fuck you~
You crazy!
Andrew~ Stop! Don't go!
I'm so sorry... Are you ok?!
- Andrew! - I'm sorry, sir.
Why are you here? I'm busy. Go back.
l just came to give you this.
l don't have time to play dolls with you!
Out! Go! Go! Go!
Oh~ beautiful~
What?! beautiful?!
May I take a closer look?
- May he take a look? - Of course.
This is really with only papers?
Is it all handcrafted work?
He asks if you made it all by hand.
Sure~ Of course~
She made it herself by hand with traditional Korean paper.
She made it with her own hands and papers.
Truly amazing!
Andrew collects dolls around the world as a hobby.
By the way~
it seems like it has a special story. Does it?
Is there a special story behind this?
No, no, no!
She made if for fun...
- Yes, there is. - There is?
Yes, there is.
If you don't mind could l hear the story?
Will you tell us the story?
Oh sure~
Tell him.
It's a story about a mother.
She lost her husband when she was young.
And lived with her two kids.
She struggled hard to make a living.
She was hungry and poor with no one
in the world to help her.
But she never gave up.
She did needle work
and housecleaning just like this doll for money.
She sacrificed herself to do whatever
she could for her young children.
Right. The fingertips of this figure are red and swollen.
He sees the fingertips are red and swollen.
But to say they are poor,
But to say they are poor...
There are many various dishes on the table.
He says the table is too full.
This is for her young son and daughter.
She always had beef soup for her kids...
But she would just eat leftover radish soup.
She did her best to help her son realize
his dream of becoming a doctor.
He eventually became a great doctor.
And because he knows his mom all too well...
His mother became
the most important person in the world to him...
To the point he'd even give up his love for....
What a lovely story~!
Is this story of your mother?
He asks if this is your mother's story.
No, my mother passed away.
This is her story.
This is story about the person who is here.
Oh really?
l am so sorry.
l am so sorry.
He's sorry for misjudging you.
This is nothing much but it's Mrs. Shim gift from her heart.
Oh sure. Okay, okay...
I've never received such a beautiful gift.
He's never received such a great gift.
I'm so overwhelmed.
He's very happy.
Oh, thank you.
But how are you related to the artist?
What is your relation to the artist?
She is my future daughter-in-law.
Oh! Is that so?
l was very discourteous to Mrs. Shim.
He apologizes for being discourteous.
l will carefully reconsider withdrawing from the project.
He will reconsider withdrawing from the project.
No. I will wait for Mrs. Shim's project to proceed
no matter how it takes even if it takes 10 or 20 years.
Oh my god!
Thank you!
Thank you~, Thank you so much!
You're welcome.
I'm sorry about saying fuck you earlier.
I'm sorry~
I'm so sorry~ Ha, ha, ha...
Traditional Korean wedding! No way!
You didn't hear a word l said...
Why waste all that money in renting a five star hotel!
No way! l won't back down on this one!
Not even if you sell me that land...
What is it?
Property Sale Transaction
Oh my...
Oh, my god!
l was going to give it you from the beginning.
l just wanted to see what you'd do...
Why would I sell that precious land to anyone but you.
Oh, I never realized how handsome you are 'till today!
Why didn't I notice it before?
You look like referee Moreno from World cup.
You cute old man.
You were playing me all this time!
You little prankster, you!
You two! Get away from each other!
You can't do this!
Why are you two holding hands?
Sorry mom. It just happened.
What happened?
Oh! Shit! Shit! Oh! Shit! I'm going crazy!
Are you insane!
But mom...
It's no use... We already...
There's a baby in here.
Oh, my...!
You'll have a cousin soon.
Ki-baek! It'll be your niece, too.
Don't worry, son.
Korean law allows for doubly related marriages.
You're too late this time, bro.
You fool!
We were just picking a date for their wedding!
We already pulled that one long before you.
Mom! You mean...
So what if I lied...
Oh, what the hell...
Happy Shit!
Shit. Shit. Shit.
All together~ Shit! Shit! Funky Shit!
Funky Shit!
Funky Shit! Ye~! Ye~!
Shit, Shit, Shit. Ye~
Groom: HWANG Ki-baek Bride: PARK Eun-ho
You're from the shop....
Thank you for coming.
Thank you, this way.
- Where are they? - Don't know...
Look! Over there!
- That's them, right? - That's cool...
How romantic...
Hurry up!
They look like angels...
They look so good...
- cool! - Awesome!
- Ki-baek! - What's the matter?
- Ki-baek! - Eun-ho!
- Ki-baek! - Ki-baek!
- Why'd they have to fly... - Ki-baek!
- Move aside, please! - Maybe they're hurt?
What's going on?
Oh, my god!
Look at them!
They can't keep their hands off each other!
Oh~ Happy Shit~!
What a beautiful daughter you have.
Thank you. Since the senator is busy
l guess we should set the wedding date.
- That depends on you Mrs. Shim... - I see...
Where is my dear Soo, anyway?
Mom! Mom!
Oh, my god.
What's with the restaurant on a river?
Why are you so late?
- I'm here, mom! - Smile!
You know what family he's from! Smile!
So you're the love of my life?
Hi! Nice to... Meet you!
Wow, you're dressed so luxuriously
and the necklace is stunning.
But your cheeks are smaller than in your picture,
is anything wrong?
Absolutely nothing!
Those eyes... the face...
So luxurious and charismatic...
My dear Soo takes after me.
Ae-sook! Ae-sook!
How can you do this to me?
What brings you here, uncle Ji-roo?
What's going on!
Where did this crap come from?
crap? Go look in the mirror! Is that a pig or a man?
What are you doing! Run!