Canal do Otário (Sem Palavrões): Net Vírtua - Internet Brasileira [Eng / Esp / Bra Sub]

Uploaded by CanalDoOtario on 08.11.2012

Hi, my name is Sucker (Otário), how are you doing?
Guess what?! Now I am a NET
And I have a ultra fast broadband internet for less than $15 per month!
Yeahh, the world belongs to the Nets!
Claro, you s@#$%!
According to NET, for less then $15 per month I will have internet access at speeds of 10Mbps!
Wooowww that´s coooool!
"Like net?", like.. I do not even know where to begin!
In advertisements is not so clear But there is a 80GB download limit (monthly)
Theoretically, can be reached in less than 18 hours at a speed of 10Mbps!
And when it happens the speed drops to values less than 512kbps.
But, maybe am I being too picky?!
After all, currently, there are few people (in Brazil) who actually exceeds these values
And these informations are a little bit more explicit on their website.
But what about the 10 Mbps advertised speed?
This is the maximum speed that you might have (if you are lucky!) Because, according to NET Virtua's contract...
They follow the standards and limits established by the Anatel
That determines, nowadays, a guarantee of only 20% of the contracted speed.
In other words, 2Mbps (or 250KB/s)
It's like if you have bought 1kg of meat, received just 200g and you are not allowed to complain!
[Stamp: Approved Quality - by Anatel]
The right thing to do is that the advertised speed should be at least the value of average speed that they are able to offer, and not the maximum speed.
But the current average speed is less than 60% of the advertised speed!
Well, well... [Sigh]
What? Does your internet connection often drops?
You may require reimbursement for the value of the period that you get no connection.
But, once again, Anatel is very nice with these Internet Providers...
And if the client has less than 30 minutes with no connection, Internet Providers are not required to pay anything!
Like Net?! Like... It's s@#$%, right?!
And if it was not enough, there is the advertised price!
The price of $15, is just for the first 3 months! After that, the value doubles and goes to $30!
And these prices are only for those who purchase the basic phone and cable tv plans, totalizing $65!!!
And the amazing thing is that if you just want the 10 Mbps internet plan, you are going to pay the same $60!
The price to hire only the Net Virtua 10Mb is the same as if I purchase the Net Virtua + Cable TV + Net Phone?
That's it!
Anatel, is this a forbidden "linked sale"? Oh, what a doubt?!
Want more?! Calm Down because there's still more!
NET (fuck) joined with Embratel (your) and CLARO (ass)! You already know what is going to happen, right?!
Nothing is so bad that it can not get any worse!
Want more?! There are still much more!!!
Have you heard of Traffic Shaping?
It is the intentional reduction of the speed of your connection when detected any program that consumes large amount of banda ...
Like Bit Torrent, Skype, online games and radios or even videos on youtube!
And guess which companies have done more Traffic Shaping in Brazil?
NET e Embratel!
I don't need 10 Mbps to check my email, d@#$%! This Claro's shit connection can solve my problem!!
Want more?!
Well, I could keep talking about the unauthorized and abusive charges, fidelization fines, delays in care, bad services
But this video will keep forever!
It seems that the Anatel was created to defend the internet providers and not the consumer.
But the biggest villain has a name ... And is called: GOVERNMENT!
Instead to create and facilitate market competition, promoting a real improvement in the Brazilian telecommunication market
Just mess up and sucks people's money
Through goal plans that are true jokes and extortionate taxes that serves only to foster the endemic corruption in the country.
More than 44% of what you paid on your broadband goes straight to the government's pocket. And if you live in Rio de Janeiro, you lose my brother!
You pay more than 56% of taxes!
And the goal plans presented by the government is so ridiculous that provides speeds of at least 1 Mbps with a measly 300MB franchise for 2014!!
Or improving from 10% to the fantastic 20% of the minimum guaranteed speed connection advertised
Is this a goal plan or a s@#$% plan?!
In Brazil, it pays too much for a poor internet quality connection !
While in Brazil is normal to pay more than $65 for a 10 Mbps download speed and 700 kbps for the upload speed, and a 80GB franchise limit
In countries like Japan, for just only $27.5 you can have plans up to 200 Mbps download and upload, plus unlimited franchise!
Or even in South Korea, for less than $35 it is possible have plans up to 100 Mbps, also unlimited franchise!
Well, but Brazil has continental dimensions!
So let's compare with the U.S.!
There, which also has awful services, for about $35, you can get plans up to 25 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload, with unlimited franchise!
Well, but the U.S. are developed!
Okay, so let's compare with Russia!
There you can purchase for about $17.5, plans up to 15 Mbps and unlimited franchise!
Well, but Russia is the land of Babuska!
Well, then let's compare with Chile!
Where it is possible for less than $30, to get plans up to 12 Mbps without franchise limits and without having to make TV or Phone plans !
But... "But" go f@#$% your self!
Imbecile's claims like these only help to perpetuate robberies and absurdities that exist in this country!
Want to change this reality?! So, boycott companies like this!
The boycott is more efficient than any regulatory organization, political or judicial decision!
[Stamp: Don't buy it!]
Cannot boycott because all other companies are the same shit?!
So, complain to your ISP and especially to Anatel. Call them, send emails, report it!
See how to do it in the video's description
If nobody make impression on them ... nothing will change!
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