THE SNOW-MAIDEN 1952 СНЕГУРОЧКА Eng & Esp Subtitled Russian opera animation

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soyuzmultfilm Moscow 1952
The Snow maiden Playwright: A. Ostrovsky, mus: H.A Rimski-Korsakov, arr. L. Shvartsa
directed by Ivan Ivanov-Vano Alexandra Snezhko-Blotskaya written by Oleg Leonidov and both directors
art direction Nadezhda Stroganova Lev Milchin, Victor Nikitin
cameramen Nikolai Vohinov, Elena Petrova sound Nikolai Prilutsky
N Fedorov V Pekar L Azarch, ya. Pritkov V Svetsjnikova, T Federova, V Shilina
N. Fedorova, O. Ghemmerling, Ye. Tannenberg, Irina Svetlitsa, V. Valerianova, I. Troyanova, G. Nevzorova. Animators: Vladimir Arbekov,
Vyacheslav Kotenochkin, Lidia Reztsova, K. Nikiforov Vladimir Danilevich, K. Malyshev, Grigory Kozlov Faina Yepifanova, Nadezhda Privalova, Boris Butakov,
B. Savkov, Roman Kachanov, Valentin Lalayants Elizabeth Komova, Roman Davydov, Tatiana Fedorova Konstantin Chikin, Michael Botov, V. Dolgikh
executive producer B. Chekalov cutter N. Mayorova, vocal Irina Maslennikova V. Shevtsov, L. Ktitorov, V. Borisenko
P r o l o g u e
Farewell winter ! The cocks have crowed...
And Fairy Spring will come to earth at dawn
So when the midnight hour will strike,
The time's at hand when my long vigil is over,
once more I'll lodge the hollow tree to sleep. The time's at hand when my long vigil is over,
once more I'll lodge the hollow tree to sleep.
You Freeze and shiver, you poor things!
Come, come, dance a round, dance to warm yourselves.
(The song of the birds)
From one end to the other Of this vast world.
The birds come hastening; To their queen's presence.
Obedient subject, loyal subjects The birds come gathering.
The birds assemble to their queen's presence.
Obedient subject, loyal subjects The birds come gathering, to their queen's presence.
Who among our folk are those who sing gracefully? Gracefully.
Who among our folk are those who sing coarsely? Coarsely
Ah, ah! It is snowing! Ah, ah! It's snowing!
The big flakes are falling! The big flakes are falling!
In the bushes, quickly, into the bushes.
He's coming himself, King Winter!
( "Cold, cold a pleasure to me ... ")
When the cold cracks the timber and the walls of the bourgeois houses; I enjoy that to the fullest! I Enjoy,enjoy!
When the frost makes the great courtyard gates Creak in their hinges,
Then the smoke rises up over the dwellings, smoke floating upward until it disappears.
'neath the breath of the wind,
Aye, I'm Frost ,I freeze it all of a sudden. Aye, I freeze it all when I trott.
From the vast plains to the inmumerables trees. I trott.
When at midnight my fast cart passes and the cold paralyzes all...
This will be one of those nights one never forgets. Life-long never forgets! Never!
What pleasure it gives me. How I enjoy it!
Dearest Spring Fairy!
You are in good health?
And you? Are you well too, King Winter?
Thank you, I can't complain.
The land Berendeys will not soon forget this winter season!
It was a joyful season this year!
A blanket of snow covered the lands and the moon silvered them at night.
Such beauty spread out over the open lands!
Doesn't sound bad, your feast...
But it is time for you to go back to the north.
Do not push me, I'm already on my way.
At dawn on a breeze ...
I'll be riding to the Siberian tundra.
How is our daughter, the snow maiden, doing?
Our daughter came of age, 16 she's now.
She can manage without nursemaids
No road leads to her refuge safe:
she can live there undisturbed.
("With my friends at Berries go ")
To go a-strawberrying in the woods, Replying to merry-voiced companions,
To sing in chorus, after Lel repeat The joyous songs that celebrate the spring,
Oi, Lado Lel!
Such is my dream, were my delight ; For without song I cannot live.
'Tis handsome Lel who'll teach me them. And I'll be quick to learn.
She'll become melancholic just living among owls and wood goblins
Madness ! Nay, Liberty is what a young girl needs
I've chosen that place not just for pleasure
Well do I know the sun Would gladly slay our darling child,
I know the burning sun would clasp and melt
In the sky's fire, in passion's flame
the heart of our child Snegurotchka and we couldn't keep her safe.
Listen ! No girl can ever be too straightly guarded.
- Let me take care of our snow maiden - No, I will not let you!.
I do not think it will be good to keep rotating our daughter from one to another.
Then how, you red-nosed, can she be taken care of properly?
Listen, reconcile this:
Continuity of care is for our girl most needed,
Bobyl, the poor devil, he is childless.
We'll give her to him, she shall be his daughter
I agree.
Now call the snow maiden.
Snow Maiden!
Sneguroshka, my child!
Poor little flower, poor wild flower.
Come to me quickly, come into my arms !
Would you like to live free, amongst people?
Yes, I want to, I want to, please let me.
What attracts you so much to leave the tower dear?
And that can in the land Berendeys not be found?
Human song! Consent, dear father,...
... and when you return. With winter to deep forest fastnesses.
At fall of night then I will sing,
I'll sing to lend our loneliness a needed cheer.
The gayest of the songs I know 'T is handsome Lel who'll teach me
And this Lel you know from?
From out my hiding place I've seen him passing.
Herding cows in the forest, He sings all kind of songs.
Oh, you, guardian!!
This handsome Lel, who made him known to you?
I have seen the girls go to him,
promising the shepherd boy the sweetest kisses
if he'd sing for them. And call him tender names : You handsome Lel!
You charming Lel, Oh Lel beloved !
This Lel. Say, does he sing so well, my pet?
("Night and day I am ready to listen to his shepherd's song ")
Night and day I am ready to listen to his shepherd's song
I know,I know, dear mother mine, all of the loveliest songs.
The lark's, which rises laughing to the skies, and the swan's plaintive call,
sounding over lakes a dream.
Yes. and I know, I know
The nightingale's pure voice,
her song sublime. Enchantress of profoundest night ;
but I love Lel's songs best of all.
Yes, I love best the songs of Lel,
and day and night. Without rest or repose
I hark and listen ;
And feel my whole heart melt.
Listen to that...melt...MELT!!
O dreaded word! Word filled with evil omen !
Snegurotchka, avoid Lel, my daughter.
Don't trust his song and pleasant words !
An ardent sun is pierced through it.
Of the different words invented by people,
the most terrible word to Frost is "Thaw."
Snow Maiden, avoid Lel.
I am a child both prudent and discreet,
But you're already very angry with them, on Lel, on the Sun.
but I Fear neither Lel, nor yet the songs he sings.
Snegurotchka, if it should chance that you
...some day are filled with anguish and with grief...
Come seek me, child
and whatever you demand. That will I do for you !
And I shall send out an order to watch over you.
Ay, friends!
Forest goblins!
Listen for a minute!
Wake up, and obey my call!
Snegurotchka needs guarding!
Hark to me, Faun :
If Lei, or any other of these men ever pursues the daughter of the snow.
Against their culpable attempts, defend her;
Lead them astray amid the tangled thickets. And set them floundering in the water-bogs !
I shall, my master !
O fair carnaval, carnaval!
They are the joyous songs sung by the Berendeys.
King Winter, let us be off! Snegurotchka, farewell !
Farewell, Snow Maiden, daughter!
Farewell, my father.
("Goodbye,Carnival ")
A whole year long there you shall sleep.
And when next year comes awake again.
Farewell ! Carnaval. Farewell ! Carnaval.
The summer coming soon will fly, Farewell, thou sun of gold and flame!
Farewell ! Carnaval. Farewell ! Carnaval.
Fall will take flight when summer's gone. Farewell, ye crops, harvests farewell!
Farewell ! Carnaval. Farewell ! Carnaval.
Then come the months whose nights are long. The winter white with fallen snows.
Farewell ! Carnaval.
Already, though, the day grows long, the Sun grows hotter.
Farewell! carnaval. farewell! Carnaval
When sets in the thaw, and when the birds once more drink running water from the brooks.
You will see Carnaval again !
("Bobyl's song")
Most beggarly of all beggars Is Bobyl ! - named wretchedness.
He has nothing here on earth. To spend or wear, no goods nor chattels.
Time to go home, shameless drunkard.
Look, look!
What a peculiar girl!
Oh, what do you want from her!
Ye drunkard, could just have gotten killed, I think.
Oh, a princess!
A live one, a real one
Princess, tell us where you're going!
What shall we call you ? Speak, Princess !
Snegurotchka. Where I go? how can I tell?
Yet if you be kind, then be my hosts.
He who had the wit to discover me Let him take me for his daughter.
Farewell, my father.
Farewell to my mother.
Forest, to you too, goodbye.
Farewell! Farewell! Farewell! Farewell!
A c t 1
shall I sing?
Ah, Lel, I hardly dared to beg you to.
Listing to your songs - is a true joy for me.
But I want you to pluck me a flower for my song, as a thank you gift.
Are you kidding? Are you making fun of me?
Why would you want a flower?
If you need one, you can always pluck it yourself.
The flower - is not important.
What is dear to me is it'd be a gift from you, Maiden.
Here you are.
I'll keep it in a prominent place.
Let all girls see it.
If they will ask who gave it to me...
I will say that I got it from you.
(Lel's song)
The forest gaily awakens
And yonder the herdsman sings ;
Ah, how sweet it is to live !
The sun shines radiantly
You're right, handsome Lel.
Run to where you're adored.
Look for Love, where you are standing.
The snow maiden's heart by nature is cold.
Although for your love not clogged.
(The village girls song)
Lel, Lel, Lel, handsome Lel.
Loeli, Loeli, Lel, so kind, so graceful !
Our Lelionka, Lel, our Lel, handsome Lel,
Come join us quickly, Lelionka !
I brought nuts and spiced cakes that arrived by ship.
I'm afraid I came to take one of you away in marriage
But I don't wish to pay ransom money for her.
Come on, throw them to my friends
These maiden will not let me go, friends
He who gains the beauty must pay ransom
Don't play with Kupava.
Do not ruin my girlish heart.
Snow Maiden, come have fun with us, girlfriend.
lets swirl around in circeldances until late
Not long I sill can frolic and have fun.
The last days of my girlhood have come.
Snow Maiden, the last one!
I shall come with you.
Let me bring my berries home, and I'll come running
bring Lel too!.
You want to bring your girlfriend - the Snow Maiden,
But Lel too?
Without Lel, Snegurotchka will be very sad.
You think so, eh?
With me, Mizguir, I am sure that she would be far happier.
But Mizguir, what of me?
O well, then Lel shall have you !
My well-beloved, I am your own ;
Because I'm your bride.
By what word?
The heart cannot be pinned.
I might have loved you always, now I love another:
The snow maiden
How sick you are. I'm sick of you, betrayer!
Oh, Rechenka, icy waters.
You deep, fast flowing stream.
Receive me, cover my sadness.
take my fierce grief
My zealous heart longing for Utopia.
Why heat the zealous heart?
It will lead only to misery, and my heart couldn't bear.
For girls deceived there is a patron - the tsar of Berendeys.
Go to him and ask for justice, Kupava.
A c t 2 (Song of psaltery players)
The vibrant and prophetic voice of the gush
Sings, O tzar of ours, thy grandeur and thy glory !
Our sightless eyes are turned toward the earth,
They are closed forever in a night that knows no dawn.
Glory, glory through the ages, to the wise tzar,
To the protector of the peace!
Ceaselessly upon our guslis we will sing
O sire and tzar, thy grandeur and thy glory!
Oh great tsar of happy Berendeys!
Live forever!
In your vast kingdom
where all is well.
- Is that so, do you think? - Indeed.
I do not believe, Bermyata... your easily stated judgement.
I Do not think that if there is no murder... robbery too...
and just a little thieving.
Get the thieves caught?
Well, every 6th get caught. Are the proceedings not good?
I don't think so. Let there be theft.
Thieves always get caught in the end.
Nevertheless, Welfare is a great word.
I have not seen it for a long time in my kingdom.
15 years I haven't seen it.
Our summer is short.
But year by year it becomes even shorter.
A colder spring.
Foggy and raw, like autumn.
Yarilo, the sun-god, seems angry with us.
Wise king, for what is he angry at us?
This is what he's angry for:
In the hearts of the people I've seen coldness coming up.
They left their service of beauty and joy.
And devoted themselves to many other passions.
Vanity, envy of other people's outfits.
In short, my friend, how cold our senses have gotten...
...that's what's angering Yarilo the Sun God.
And coldness is his revenge. You understand?
Wise king!
Why don't you issue a decree that wives should act more virtues,
Husbands should look more dearly upon their gentle beauty.
And young men should act in both ways...
towards the brides they are so dearly in love with
A very simple solution.
Can we wait for it to happen?
And what it it is ordered?
Before the sun has gotten mad with us...
They say I had been ordered then too.
But no one listened to it, because of all their worries and wines.
I thought about these matters the whole night until in the morning the sun came up.
And I arrived to this conclusion:
Tomorrow, a the feast of Yarilo the sun god
in the sacred forest where all my people gather I will talk on this
to all girls and bride, and boys and groom.
Do not be angry.
The brides left because the got in a quarrel with the grooms
So, who will there be to marry?
They stands so far apart from each other now
What did they quarrel about?
Something that disturbed the village peace.
The snow maiden recently was accused.
that she turned the heads of many young men.
The brides attacked the grooms out of jealously
And the battle still is going on!
It only could be stopped to keep them apart.
A young girl prays In tears, that she...
...Be given an audience.
To the young Of my people
my door Is never closed !
My father, the king of light!
Speak, I am listening. What where you wronged by?
Who disgraced you?
Let me ask you, bright king
Are oaths something we should believe?
Should we trust people's conscience?
And when that's found not to be in a person, then should we loose faith altogether?
How could we not believe in something, my dear girl?
What is our guidance light...
If we can't believe in truth and conscience?
Then can I speak freely, oh bright king?
Speak, I am listening.
("sovereign people, nobles, nobles, knights of the children ... ")
Hark to my words !
Most valiant boyards. Most powerful and noble.
Majestic boyards, with your long, flowing beards,
Lord of fair castles And of bare-foot serfs !
Hear, all of ye, the summons of your tzar.
Know the expression of his sovereign will!
Draw near his throne magnificent.
Draw near that throne sublime
Of the palace where to ...
your tzar you summons !
Come to the courtyard ...
of the tzar, Come all ,,,
unto his tribunal of justice,
where he gives judgement !
I thank you, children, for coming! The culprit, where is he?
Great tzar, Mizguir awaits your judgement.
And is his crime known unto all?
Aye, it is known!
And you, do you admit your fault?
I admit.
Mizguir, would you ask her to forgive you ?
Do you wish her for wife?
Mizguir has but one love within his soul: Snegurotchka.
Honest people!
This word would justify a death penalty.
But in our blood is no room for cruel laws.
So we the people's court condemn Mizguir
to exile from his native land;
Let him be sent away from every door,
from each housing
which hold sacred the customs of fair antiquity.
I have no word to say in my defence ;
And yet, O tzar, if you had ever seen Snegurotchka appear...
Do I not look like a lady?
They all admire your handsome bonnet.
Greetings, O tzar!
Snegurotchka, lo the time has come,
So choose the bridegroom whom you may desire !
Whom shall I choose, O tzar! I know not !
Your heart will tell you !
My heart is silent.
The great king!
She does not know love.
Know naught of love when one is fair as she?
I do not believe.
But if the truth ...
'Tis an offence to Yarilo the great! Because of that the god is angry with us.
He who before another dawn...
... will wake love in the frozen heart of this fair child ...
- I vow and swear - with a most royal gift Shall take her for his wife!
Great King, my ardent passion shall embrace her soul.
Trust me.
the poor shepherd, Dalmatian Lel,
And thank to the god the sun, our lord omnipotent.
who will help her.
and look into her eyes.
She too shall love! Before the dawn of the day.
Illustrious tzar ! Recall my banishment.
And this I swear to you, 'tis I Who'll gain...
the love of that young virgin heart !
Mizguir and Lel!
your promise I accept ; Hopeful am I,
and without fear will wait What fate decree.
into the sacred wood This evening...
we shall all together go ; your songs ...
And dances they shall while the hours.
A c t 3
("Ay, in the field ...")
Ah, a linden-tree grows on the plain !
Beneath the linden-tree a white tent rises,
Beneath the tent stands a girl.
In the prairie, ah, the fair one
Has gathered flowers and made a crown of them.
For whom is the crown?
Happy the youth who wears it !
The crown is for her well-beloved !
("The Beaver song") A beaver Bathes in the water, And ducks about,
Then leaves the stream And climbs a rock. And dried himself.
Ai, Loeli, Loeli, Loeli ! Ai, Loeli, Loeli, Loeli ! Ai!
And dried himself And dried himself
And dried himself.
From the top of the rock He looks all around. To see if anyone is coming.
Ai, Loeli, Loeli, Loeli !
The merry huntsmen, And their swift hounds Are trailing the beaver.
Ai, Loeli, Loeli, Loeli !
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, Loeli, Loeli, Ai!
What merry festivities.
Generous people all around.
That worked so hard.
Dancing and singing - until they fall down
Only good and honest people can sing so loud
and dance so bravely.
("A cloud of thunder conspired ... ")
One day the cloud said to the thunder :
Growl, growl. 'Tis I who pour down rain
That the earth may be refreshed;
And the flowers may be happy, thanks to us. The maidens they shall gather strawberries,
and the young men shall follow them.
Lel, my Lel, mv Loeli, Loeli, Loeli, Lel!
Through the woods an old man slowly passes
who, seeing the young maidens says to them :
My children, tell me why so hard you're weeping?
The naughty girl now hiding from you yonder, Will she not answer to the calls you utter ?
Behold her laughing at you 'mid the bushes !
my Lel, my Lel, Loeli, Loeli. Loeli, Lel !
Through the woods an old man slowly passes
who, seeing the young maidens says to them :
My children, tell me why so hard you're weeping?
The naughty girl now hiding from you yonder, Will she not answer to the calls you utter ?
Behold her laughing at you 'mid the bushes !
my Lel, my Lel, Loeli, Loeli. Loeli, Lel !
Thank you, Lel.
Among the fair young maidens Pick out the one you think most charming,
Let her, before the people here assembled...
Give a kiss to pay you for your song !
Take me, take me.
Sneguroshka, wait a moment.
I've fallen in love, fallen in love with you. can't you tell?
Wait, wait.
Now wait a bit, Mizguir.
I am love-drunk, a madman!
Embracing every stump of wood, taking it for her sweet image.
Bleak shining green fireflies,...
holding for Snegurochka's light eyes.
In woodland depths pursue her shadow still !
Chasing a dream, beckoning for it's incarnation.
The clear sunlight alone can drive away his dream.
A c t 4
my mother, my eyes are full of tears. My heart weighed down...
with anguish and with sorrow ! I call upon you:
From the quiet waters come forth to hear the moans
and complaints of your daughter.
The Snow Maiden, my child!
What do you ask of me?
Oh grant me the gift of love, for I would love or die.
But words of love I do not know.
And don't know the feeling.
You forgot your fathers fears.
That love your death will be.
Let me make that choice myself.
For one moment of love
will be dearer to me than years of anguish and tears.
O my child, your wish is already granted!
Oh,Magic flowers, Lull her, enchant her thoughts ! That your exaltation spread through her heart !
Oh, Mom, what happened to me?
How lovely all on earth and in the skies,
What soft reflections on the waves,
what kindly shadows ! How calm the forests !
And the sky, Mom! Heaven!
It's spiced with the flavour of love given by your own soul
The first who has the fortune of meeting you.
You'll give your love too
But joyful daughter promiss me this
Hide your love from Yarilo the sun god ;
Run home over the forest trails
Under the shade of bushes and avoiding meetings.
Farewell, my child.
What treasure do have in store in my chest?
What footpath will it lead me on? To which man yet I do not know of
Alone, I start to walk the path.
In vain I sought you
Last night in the forest;
Say, do you fear me ?
Oh, no, Mizguir!
my heart knows fear no longer.
Let me look into your eyes !
I see your open glance, I hear your ardent voice !
Maiden! Which encouraging words!
More! My heart beats happiness.
Look, brighter and scarier in the east.
Hide me where deepest woodland shadows lie. From Yarilo, the sun-god's mortal fires!
(Song of boys and girls)
We have sown the millet in the plan Oï, did Lado, you have sown it.
We will thresh the millet on the floor, Oï, did Lado, we will thresh it.
And how will you thresh the millet? Oi, did Lado.
We will put the horses to it, Of. did Lado The horses, we will take them, Oi. did Lado.
We will pay the ransom for them easily, Oi, did Lado.
What is the ransom offered us? Oi, did Lado.
We will give you a young maiden, Oi, did Lado.
And there will be one more of us, Oi, did Lado. And there will be one less of us, Oi, did Lado.
May your marriage be blessed !
Live lovingly, live happily. And in abundance.
tzar august, you have commanded me
To win this heart, and I have done your bidding ;
And I have done your bidding;
And now I ask that you will bless us here !
Is it by your own wish that you confide
In Mizguir's love?
My daughter, with your hand
Do you give him your heart?
O lord Tsar!
Ask me 100 times.
A hundred times I'll tell you, if you wish He is my well-beloved !
("And what happened to me, bliss or death? .. ")
How I am moved !
Is't ecstasy or death ?
What fire profound
penetrates all my being !
O Mother Spring,
Oh mother spring
thanks for this exaltation,
Thanks for this exaltation,
This joy divine given me,
to know love !
My heart, my blood, "the fibre of my being
Takes fire and burns !
I die and melt away
My heart, my blood, "the fibre of my being
takes fire and burns
In love and happiness !
I die and melt away
Farewell, all ye Companions mine !
Farewell, farewell,. my well-beloved !
Farewell, farewell,. my well-beloved !
Oh love of mine,
I am all yours.
In this last glance receive my soul!
receive my soul!
Snow Maiden, live.
O wonder!
Unheard-of miracle!
She melted away, just as the snow melted.
And so the girl Snegurotchka is no more.
If I cannot be with her,
I do not want to live in this world.
The daughter of king winter, the Cold Snegurotchka died.
And with the death of her wonderful appearance
The long periods of frost ceased to appear too.
So cast out as the last trace of the coldness of our soul
and turn it towards the sun.
Merry Lel!
Sing us the Yarilo song!
Yarilo's song
O, radiance and power, God Yarilo
splendour of the world, Glory to thee
O sun, radiance and power, Sun, splendour of the world, Glory to thee, god Yarilo !
Glory to thee!
The end Translation from Russian & libretto Eus, march 2011