Justin Bieber Interview in Brazil by a Humor TV Show [Digital Caption in English]

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After be kidnapped by the Pânico na TV team
Sabrina Sato was reported about a internacional famous singer who was waiting for her
for a interview in the Uncle Sam's land.
Unfamiliar with the english idiom, 'Japa' had to leave in the streets of São Paulo
and find a interpreter who will help her in another internacional mission
After an endless story, finally Japa and her interpreter arrives in the maximum point of this journey
What will be the couple's reaction when they stay face-to-face with the star with calf's teeth, Justin Bieber?
Will the interpreter be able to help the Japanese Girl?
Watch this amazing story
The guys from the limo passing here on the backstages... Have a lot of people organizing here for the interview
but, i still don't know who i'm gonna interview. Guys, surprise interview isn't easy.
Guys! Is the Justin Bieber!
- Hello! - How are you? I'm Justin.
- I'm Sabrina Sato, and this is my translator.
- Hello, how are you? - I'm good!
- I don't speak english. - I don't speak portuguese.
- Yeah, that's better. - Your music is the #1 in Brazil, in the "Radio Jovem Pan", where i work...
- It's the #1 song? That's awesome. - You already pass Lady GaGa a long time ago...
- Nice, that's awesome. - His hair is so beautiful, ask him if i can touch his hair
- Why I can't do it?
- Your hairstyle is copied by the guys, and the girls are crazy for you.
- Did you imagine that it will happen with you... someday? - I don't know what you just said.
- No? You don't imagine? - No! He don't understand what you said.
- Why... ahn... You don't understand me? - I don't understand.
- So... - I don't understand, i really don't know what to say.
- You don't understand me. - You're doing pretty well, i'm not gonna lie.
'cause i couldn't speak as good you can speak english in your language.
She wants to know if you imagine that one day all of the boys, wants to be like you, like your hairstyle and the girls...
No, I never tought that will be like this big, is pretty crazy.
In your song "Baby", you sing:
"You shout whenever, and I'll be there"
- Do you think that is the reason that you fans yell? - No, i don't think that...
Because before "Baby" came out they already scream that loud
"Pânico na TV" is a humor tv program. What is the most funniest video that you...
- Wow, i'm not understanding this handwriting - She should just read, instead of you read.
- Because I never understand what you say. - Any video from you in the YouTube...
- I think she should read it - What video on YouTube you think is really funny?
- My favorite Youtube video is probably "Scarlet takes a tumble"
And also "Grape Stomping Lady"
- It's true that you make a movie about your life? - We are making a movie, you know, just like...
...kinda of leading up to Madison Square Garden during in the show. Like, how we developer together, from where I came from, those stuffs.
- Sometimes, something that you never told... What is write here? - Tell us something that you never tell for anyone
- Oh yeah, please, tell me one your biggest secret for me, there for Brazil.
- Something I never had told for anybody... ahn... I can do a 'pogo stick' really well.
- You never jumped at a pogo stick?
You have a lot of fans in Brazil, and we want to know when you will go make a concert in Brazil?
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The audio is from the live broadcast, they put it on for make some fun.
I'm not sure when I will do a concert in Brazil, maybe like next year.
But this year, i'm in tour until december, so...
- Do you want to go for Brazil someday? - Yes.
- We know that you like Beyoncé. We want to know if you also like from brazilian girls...
- Yes, I really like brazilian girls. There's a lot of beautiful brazilian girls.
It's true that you play more than three instruments? He play three instruments, right?
- It's true that you play more than three instruments? - Yes! I play guitar, piano, drums, trumpet... And, yeah.
Say for him I bought a instrument from Brazil for him. It's called "Berimbau"
- Ah, let me say for you something... I follow you in twitter, and you follow me.
Yeah? Congratulations.
I gonna try english one more time... I follow you in twitter and you follow me
Did you... ahn... Where's the t-shirt for give to him?
You already tweeted like this way?
That's my time for relax and reflect.
We have a dance in Brazil... is pretty famous! I gonna ask for you dance with me... repeat it with me.
- It's called "Ah muleke!" - She talks with me like I understand her
There's a brazilian kinda of dance, and she wants that you dance with her
That's gonna be a sexy dance
I'm really regretting this decision
Repeat it: "Ah muleque!"
'Ah muleque', there.
- I'm really regretting this decision - And now we have the samba... Want dance it?
Ohh, just a minute or will fall here... Look here, do this way.
That's more your style, it seems like a girl dance.
You already imagine just me and you in a room without can talk each other?
- What he say? - That really be a little confuse.
- He said it would be confusing you both together in a room trying to talk - Ahn, i never tought this yet...
We also have another thing that we do in our show... Is called 'Antônio Nunes'
- Repeat for me? - You really want I do that? What is that?
- It's a 'name'... - Antonio Nunes.
- Yeah, but is more stronger...
Why I gonna do that? Antonio Nunes.
- Guys, I'm not believing! Do you like to interview JustEN Bieber? [#SabrinaSupporter]
- A lot! - Congratulations Japa!
Your mission was accomplished successfully, enjoy your time in USA and have some fun with Justin Bieber's show with your interpreter.
Don't forget to pass at Free Shop and bring me a whisky bottle
- Yes, I bring for you, I bring three! - Congratulations for you job! Alan, theeeeeeeeeee director!
Hahaha, big piece of sh#$@
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