Romantic Island 2008 (로맨틱 아일랜드) Part 1 (Eng Subs)

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Can you speak English?.
If you're going to work like this, just quit.
But it's the same as last year's account.
Then why's there a $5,000 margin?.
You didn't pocket it, did you?.
Ms. KIM said she was going to make the changes...
Get over here. Now!
Jeez, you dumb ass.
Is this your job, or KIM's?.
What the hell do you do around here?. Huh?.
I'm sorry.
The changes will be made immediately, sir.
What's this?.
This office fuck-up has the guts to take a vacation...
First of all, thank you for giving me
a chance to introduce myself to you.
My name is...
What if you lost your wallet and passport
in a foreign country... like Poland or Ukraine.
You lost everything. What are you going to do?.
You understand my question?.
Yes, of course. I can understand
everything you're saying...
Speak in English.
I will call a policeman and ask him to help me
Korean emba...em... uh?.
Did you really study, English Literature?.
Yes... yes sir...
I don't want to be rude but have you always stuttered?.
No, no,
I don't usually stutter...
Mr. KIM.
Are you planning on drying out the company?.
We're minus 2.7%. That's a $1.47 million loss.
Why do you keep making me repeat the same words?.
Didn't I tell you to sell Techzine
and buy over DS?.
That will cause three listed enterprises to collapse.
But if we don't sell our shareholders will go down.
Be more longsighted.
We live when everyone else does.
There will be talks of your dismissal
at the Board meeting.
Are you threatening me?.
I'm on your side, sir.
Ok then.
Oh, and happy birthday.
I received a message from the Philippines 5 min. ago.
- It's about your father, sir. - What?.
What did you just say?.
A women with a foreign accent told me your father...
- You can leave now. - Ah, yes sir.
Hey. You owe me since I'm the reason you're going.
I'm having second thoughts.
After that whole fuss about joining me on my business trip?.
You've got your flight ticket.
So shut up.
With my job and my situation at home...
My younger brother needs the money for college...
I'd feel really guilty.
You can't continue being a saint.
No one's gonna judge you.
You really wanted to go.
Daddy, we're having a fried chicken party.
I also brought some draft beer.
Hey baby brother, come and pig out.
Mom, hurry.
Myung-Ho, come! Are you on that stupid game again?.
Go pig out yourself!
I'm flying out on a business trip tomorrow. Jealous?.
Where to?.
You know, the Philippines.
By the way...
Do you think I could use some of your savings?.
We need it for your brother's education.
Get out here, dad,
or I'm never returning from my trip!
It's your birthday and you're still working late.
Shouldn't you be on a date?.
I don't have one.
Then let's go have a drink. I'll buy.
Sorry, but I'll pass.
Just accept the negotiations.
If you're too firm, you break.
Too many cooks can spoil the broth.
This isn't a fight between us two.
But I think it is.
Good night.
- Honey. - Yes?.
- How about going on a trip?. - Trip?.
You've been acting so strange lately.
Like coming home drunk when you don't drink.
Let's go to the Philippines.
Why suddenly the Philippines?.
And what about this place?.
Your brother can take care of things for a few days.
Honey... You're feeling guilty about the stock speculations, right?.
I told you it's okay.
We have this selling agency that puts food on our table.
And we're still healthy, so what's the problem?.
We can save up again.
It's not about the stock speculations. Let's just go, okay?.
Are you serious?.
You don't even go to the beach in the summer.
The sea.
Fond memories, all goodbye.
What's this?.
I told you this won't do.
How many recordings has this been?.
No, tell Ga-Young to come back in the afternoon.
What's the problem?.
Listen, 'Fond memories...'
'Goodbye' It's a 'goodbye.'
Sing like this and it's a 'goodbye' to the world.
And a 'goodbye' to money,
as well as the fans.
It'll be a 'goodbye' to everything.
Don't you have memories?.
Memories are...
But I can't feel that in your song.
It's not enough.
You need to feel, breathe and let it all out.
Yeah, I get it, but...
But what?.
Ga-Young has disappeared!
What're you talking about?.
- Wait for me. - Hurry.
Come on.
Isn't it this place?.
- Are you Korean?. - Yes.
Can I borrow your mobile?.
My friend isn't answering his phone...
- Here. - It's 01 0-6364-4649.
I've left for a short vacation.
Wait, let me talk first.
I'll be back in a week. So don't report me missing.
Ga-Young! Hey, YU Ga-Young!
- Thanks. - Oh, it's no big deal.
I'm free.
- There's an album recording. - If YU Ga-Young wears it, you know...
How could a shoot be scheduled so suddenly?.
- Tomorrow's no good. - I know, but it's an emergency.
- How about 2-3 days later. - I'll drop by this week...
Please call me directly.
No, that's not what I'm saying.
- How could... - Stop the car.
I said, stop the car!
How old are you?.
I was born in 1 984.
Me too. So, let's address each other more comfortably, okay?.
Sorry, but can you get my luggage for me?.
It's the first time on my own and I don't know these things.
It's the pink Benetton bag.
What happened?. You told me to call when I arrived!
I don't know anyone or any place.
How could you...
Hello?. Hello?.
Hello?. Jung-Hwan!
Shit, the batteries...
Mr. OH! How could you make such a long phone call?.
Oh, a friend just came in from Korea.
Go to famous hotel in Manila, please. Okay?.
Famous hotel?.
I don't know a famous hotel around here.
What's he saying?.
He talking about the hotel.
Famous, very famous hotel. Do you know any?.
Er, big hotel! Big!
Big?. Okay! Okay! Big hotel.
Okay, big hotel!
You're prettier in person.
So, what kind of work do you do?.
The Philippines?.
You sure I don't need to bring anything?.
Then I'm on my way. I trust you'll take care of everything.
Okay, yeah. Then I'll...
- Did you have a good Christmas?. - It was okay.
I want things to be cool between us.
And stop sending me text messages.
Did you come to say that?.
We broke up two weeks ago,
yet you've been sending more
texts than when we were going out.
I feel bad when you're supposed to meet your friend.
It's okay. In fact, it's an honor.
Which hotel did you stay before?.
I don't know. It was always taken care of.
For check-in, sir, please wait in the waiting room.
We'll assist you shortly. Please
- Excuse me. - Yes.
Mr. Henry, could you follow me, please?.
Oh, yes, sure.
Excuse me.
You' re Korean, right?.
Uh, yes.
Is this your first time in the Philippines?.
Uh, yes.
This is my first time abroad.
Are you here on business?.
Uh, yes.
I'm here for pleasure.
I'm sorry to ask, but can you take few pictures of me?.
Just a few in the lobby.
Do you see that dog over there?.
I really want it to be in the picture.
- Got it?. - Okay.
The dog's name is Joseph.
Just like this book.
I've been looking all over.
I have to go work. How about you?.
I can take care of myself, so don't' worry.
- Are you sure?. - Of course.
- Thanks for the photos. - Uh, yes.
Mr. Joseph?. Joseph KANG?.
Yes, okay. Let's go.
Are you okay?.
We just need to go a little bit more.
I feel it.
They said this is where 'Apocalypse Now' was shot.
Wow, this is wonderful.
- How much will I get?. - $300,000.
But you first said $500,000.
Are you okay?.
Awe shit. Wait, if this is $300,000...
You think that's important?.
Well it isn't. You've got a brain tumor!
You need to get an operation, not this?.
Will an operation save me?.
But you need to get treated first.
While I'm lying in the hospital,
who'll pay back the loan?.
Honey, oh, honey!
Hey, hey!
Help me!
Get up! Now!
This is so embarrassing.
You scared me.
The water's so shallow.
- We meet again, Mr. Joseph?. - Uh, yes.
This cathedral is so... magnificent, isn't it?.
- Then... - Yes.
Excuse me!
- Then you Mr. Joseph... - Just call me, Mr. KANG.
So, I'll pretend to be your Employee,
and will be asking how he died,
and what he wrote in his will, right?.
But, I'm not good in English...
She speaks Korean well.
I'll pay you for doing it.
Yes, hello.
Yes, I work for Mr. KANG.
Uh?. She's coming.
It's her, right?.
What should I do now?.
Try to be natural.
- What if she asks about you?. - We went over this already.
And this person is...?.
I'm her colleague.
I'll be walking around.
How did your father die?.
Wasn't that man, Mr. KANG?.
... No, definitely not.
Why didn't he come when father passed away?.
Excuse me?.
My mother is a Filipina.
They remarried years ago and I'm their daughter
Mr. KANG and I are family.
It's so hot.
And I'm so hungry.
We'll rush the money exchange and eat.
I don't think it's far.
But we've been walking for an hour.
Let's just use my credit card.
But credit cards and dollars don't work here.
How much do you have on you?.
- About 30 pesos?. - How much is that in Korean won?.
About 600 won...
How could you travel abroad without changing money?.
Awe, whatever.
Let's grab a cab and use a $1 00 bill.
I'll pay.
Look, a money exchange!
It's even written in Korean!
I told you so.
Are you a couple?.
I'm giving you more cause you're a fellow Korean.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
- What's this?. - What?.
This is only half the amount.
What're you talking about?.
You saw everything.
Twenty 1,000 pesos and ten 500 pesos.
This is only half.
Give me my money.
This is only half. Where's my money?.
I'm calling a policeman.
Do you have any problem?.
No, no, no problem.
No problem.
Open the shutter, please.
Anyway, the cabbie gave us a discount.
Mr. Joseph! Mr. Joseph!
I told you I don't need it.
Keep it. I told you I'd reward you.
I didn't do it for money.
Then what did you do it for?.
Well, you took my picture in the lobby,
and when you're abroad,
you're suppose to help fellow Koreans.
Don't you know things like that?.
Take it.
It was sunny just a second ago.
It's a squall, a squall.
I'll... just take this money.
And, here!
This time, I'll be hiring you.
Be my tour companion.
Why should l?.
A pretty girl shouldn't be on her own.
Who's the pretty girl?.
Are you always so abrasive?.
Are you always so jolly?.
Okay. One hour's enough, right?.
You're so stingy.
Take the money and treat me to dinner, okay?.
Take it, okay?.
I'm having something really good for dinner.
We'll be able to get to the hotel with this amount.
Yeah, but when's the rain going to stop?.
Since it's a squall, it'll pass soon.
What's going to pass soon?.
What're you so happy about?.
It's my first trip ever.
And my first time away from home.
my first time alone with a man...
Never had a boyfriend?.
Of course I had one. When I was in high school.
It wasn't anything serious.
What about in college?.
- I never went to college. - Ah...
Ah... I'm sorry.
- For what?. - Huh?.
Uh, just because...
Back there, at the cathedral.
- The lady said your father... - What's your name?.
Who, me?.
Then, what's your real name?.
I'm Alice.
- Caballo Loco please. - Sure.
No, no.
- Eat this. - Thank you.
You' re so considerate.
It was boring by myself, but two is fun, isn't it?.
When's your trip over?.
I don't know.
I'd love to travel around the world, though.
I don't have a plan for now. Jealous, huh?.
You must be really rich.
Yes, my family's really rich.
How about you?.
Ah, we're poor.
You look rich, though.
I try hard to look rich.
It's hard to make a living.
I think I'll get sacked soon.
You'll be okay.
I'm going to Boracay tomorrow.
Are you staying in Manila?.
I'm also leaving tomorrow.
This is the most beautiful sunset I've seen.
Back there At the cathedral, your sister...
Over there!
She's not my sister.
She said your father's ashes will be scattered in Boracay.
She said he loved that island.
Shut up, asshole.
I said I was sorry.
Don't people say you look like someone?.
She is YU Ga-Young.
The size is different, the size.
What's your name?.
It's YU Ga-Young.
I'm not kidding. Trust me.
Just fucking eat your grub, you lying duo.
I'll go check if there are any rooms.
He's been away too long to know new trends in Korea.
I hope you understand.
Still, it's been fun today, right?.
I don't even want to think about it.
Yuck, I stink of sweat.
Anyway, I'm sure he's made all arrangements for Boracay.
Thanks. I'll see you in Korea.
Can I get your autograph?.
I'm not going to wash it off, so write a big one here.
I've never wrote one like this before.
- Sleep tight. - Yeah.
It'll be over soon.
Awe, jeez...
You frightened me.
Don't you know how to knock?.
You've got no hair, so what's with the blow dryer?.
It must be the water. My stomach aches.
Get out.
Hurry and get out.
What are you doing
in the toilet?.
I think they really knows what they're doing.
They sell them, like crazy.
As I told you before...
Okay, stop right there.
I don't need to know 'why'.
Cause I'm a pro.
You heard that our network is spread out to Las Vegas, right?.
Excuse me?.
It's better that you don't know.
Now listen carefully.
Just tell me when, where, how and who. These four points.
The night of the 31 st, Boracay,
with a gun, and me...e...
Me... as in... some Chinese girl?.
No, my as in l.
- Me... - You?.
Okay, Boracay...
It'll be quite hectic from the New Year's fireworks.
Try picking another day.
It's the last day of my trip.
- Everything has to be over... - Okay, okay, I get it.
When you arrive in Boracay tomorrow,
go to an alley near the resort place,'Barnes'
and find a guy with yellow hair.
Give him a copy of your passport.
You can pay the remaining amount then.
Who is it?.
- Er, is there an Ali... - Ali, what?.
Who is it?.
- Ah, Alice. - Oh, hello.
- I was just passing by. - I see.
I' m going to Boracay tomorrow.
Would you mind being my guide?.
Or you could just lend me a guide book.
- Okay. - You mean, the book?.
- No. - Then together?.
Call me.
The sea of Boracay shows five different colors.
- How many colors?. - Five.
Now, everyone look at the sea.
- It's so pretty. - It really is.
Emerald, fluorescent,
And ink color.
- Are you YU Ga-Young?. - It's magnificent.
Oh my god.
It is YU Ga-Young. It's her.
Are you her manager?.
Can I take a picture with her?.
Uh, well..
- Why not. - Really?.
Take the picture, hurry.
- I'm taking it. - Try to look more friendly.
One, two...
Wow it's so pretty!
It's the sea!
This is beautiful. Turn on the music, Jung-hwan!
Uh, yeah.
Turn it up.
It's too loud!
Go change yourself.
Ah, yes hello.
Can I get a copy of my passport?.
You don't need a passport here.
You can just buy things without one.
No, that's not it. Just in case.
Oh, I see.
I'll bring it to you later.
I have to make a photocopy anyway.
- Yes, thank you. - You're welcome.
Take my picture. Hurry.
One, two...
Are you okay?.
- Okay, let's go. - Hurry up.
- Done?. - Yeah.
Did it come out well?.
Hey, what's this?.
- What?. - Look.
- Make it good this time. - Yeah...
I've been looking for you. What're you doing here?.
Hurry, we've got a lot to cover.
Hey, where are you going?.
You'll see. Hurry up.
You're pretty good.
I think you're done here.
No keep on rubbing. That way it'll tan pretty.
If it's hard, sing the national anthem.
You'll have to sing with a pious mind to make that go down.
No, it's cause my bathing suit's tight.
I'm so embarrassed.
Sing. It'll really work.
You're wrong. It's nothing like that.
You're so cute.
Okay. Why don't you lie next to me and get a tan.
This is nice.
This is so pretty.
Look at this.
It's nice, isn't it?.
Come over here.
You look much better.
Are you satisfied?.
You look great.
Do you have a girlfriend?.
Why do you ask?.
You've got good manners, good looks and look well off.
Quite a few girls would go after you.
Meaning that I look like a gigolo, right?.
I wasn't aware of it at first...
But you look like you've got many girlfriends.
To be honest, I thought your generosity might have stemmed from
the wrong idea about me.
I'm not rich you know.
I'm really disappointed.
So you're not a rich girl?.
I withdrew all my savings to come here.
So I guess we have no business together anymore.
How sad, I was hoping to hit the jackpot this time.
Are you always so gullible?.
Let me give you some advice.
It's not good to believe everything you hear.
It's not good to disbelieve everything you hear.
Let's really talk from this point on.
My name is KANG Jae-hyuk.
I'm CHOI Soo-Jin.
Nyong, Nyong!
Where are you going?.
I have to go to Manila.
I'm leaving now.
So find the Korean man in this picture.
Shoot your gun on the night of the 31st
Do as grandfather has taught you. Okay?.
Okay! I can do it!
I'll give you more money when I return in a week.
Everyone looks the same.
That's why I said I wanted to take a break.
I don't want to think about anything.
I'm staying a few more days.
Stop! Stop it! I'm not a robot!
Just stop.
I'm in Boracay.
So you can come get me and drag me away!!
Ga-Young, these noodles are cooked.
- Get out. - Huh?.
I said, get out!
But you said you wanted noodle...
Just get out!
What about the noodles...
Then rest.
What did I do to deserve this?.
If you up and leave,
it's all good for me...
Ga-Young called from this number.
- Who're you?. - Huh?.
Who the hell are you!
I'm LEE Jung-hwan.
Who're you to talk to me like that.
I'm her manager. Put her on now!
- I said, now! - Awe shit. You can't yell
- Put her on! - when I don't fucking know...
You're a big fat bully...
Yes, this is KANG Jae-hyuk.
The Techzine sell you mentioned
has been submitted to the Board.
But the results might not end up
as you expected.
I've changed my mind ever
since you've been gone.
If you object to the decision, I'm on board with you.
- Mr. KIM. - Yes, sir.
I'll follow the Board's decision.
Call me when the decision's out.
Ah, yes...
What should I wear?.
No, this doesn't stand out.
You're now in a resort The clothes should be more colorful.
Are you sick?.
Aren't you tired?.
A little.
All this walking around... I think I'm sunburned.
It stings a bit.
I'm curious about something.
Why did you choose me over a guide?.
You're not money-greedy.
But, your meals are costing more than a guide's fee.
I'm still going to eat all I can.
- See you tomorrow. - Sleep tight.
I think I've caught one. Come.
You did?.
Give it to me.
How could a tiny thing weigh so much?.
It's a great catch.