10,000 Riders for Levi Leipheimer's Gran Fondo 2011?

Uploaded by Gbcue on 30.10.2010

>> Levi Leiphimer: How many, how many people would you all like to see ride next year?
>> Crowd: Twelve.
>> Levi: Twelve thousand?
>> Crowd: Eight thousand
>> Levi: Eight thousand?
>> Crowd: Ten, ten.
>> Carlos Perez: I want to know who was stuffing swag bags and hear what they have to say.
>> Crowd: Fifteen thousand.
>> Carlos: The idea of ten thousand people is an amazing idea
and I was at a volunteer fire department meeting just the other day they said, "there's going
to be ten thousand next year, right?"
And I said, "where did you hear that?"
"Oh, we heard it from this guy." [points to Levi]
>> Carlos: And all he had to do... I wasn't even there but he heard something about it...
You know, it's an admirable goal.
We put on... Everyone in this room organized the most amazing cycling event in the United
States. You know.
This is probably one of the most incredible events anybody can commit to and all the credit
for that.
When we increased the registration for this year, we didn't put it at ten thousand, we
put it at sixty-five hundred
we said, "that's manageable." What can we do? How can we maintain the level of quality
that we want?
All the people that come and ride for this event are guests of Levi, are guests of all
of us, are guests of Sonoma County
and we want to make sure they want to come back. Right? So that, I mean, as we were speaking
earlier today,
uhh, that the economic analysis that they did for this years Gran Fondo was 2.6 million