EF Paris, France (English version)

Uploaded by EF on 09.06.2010

I really understand why they call Paris The City of Lights.
The city is so beautiful, so shimmering at night, so magic…
Just being here fills me with energy.
As one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris impresses every visitor.
Right through the city flows the river Seine, separating the elegant “right bank”
from the romantic spirit of the “left bank”.
In the middle are the islands of Ile St Louis and Ile de la Cité,
with the Pont Neuf bridge and the gothic cathedral Notre Dame de Paris.
And as the home of “haute couture”, Paris is still the world capital
of fashion and new trends.
At the heart of this great city, very close to the Garnier Opera
and the Grand Boulevards, is the EF Ecole Internationale de Français.
This building from the 17th century was the home of Madame de Maintenon,
mistress of Louis XIV, known as the “Sun King”.
Today this historic building is home to a very modern school.
Next to the reception are the comfortable student areas.
Next to the reception are the comfortable student areas.
Here, students can use the free wireless internet connection,
and a brand new computer lab.
My name is Alix Lallement, School Director of EF Paris
and I've worked for EF for 12 years.
Our school is located in the heart of Paris, 10 minutes walking distance to the Opera,
and 10 minutes from République.
Our teaching, administrative and activities staff are always there for the students
to make sure they have a successful language course.
EF's teachers teach in small group classes
where students are all on the same level in order to facilitate their learning.
I'm the Academic Director and I also teach
as I've been a French teacher for 10 years now.
I work with a whole team of young and dynamic teachers.
We use the communicative approach in class.
The advantage of this approach is that it makes it possible to work with
the grammar in context and it keeps the students
constantly interacting and always communicating.
Some students choose special interest courses such as
Business French, French cuisine,
or preparation for the official French language exams, the DELF and the DALF.
There are also classes focusing on preparation for the French "grandes écoles"
and prestigious universities - such as the Sorbonne.
Having a comfortable place to stay is an important part of a successful language course.
I'm the Accommodation Manager,
I am responsable for finding host families here in Paris.
I visit all the families, I speak with them,
I speak with all the members of the family;
I try to see how motivated they are to host students
and they truly are very curious about this experience
and are very eager to welcome international students into their homes.
The advantages for a students to stay with a host family are indeed to
be immersed in the French culture, to share a French meal,
to live completely in the culture while speaking French
and it is truely a very rich experience both for the student
and for the host family.
For more independent-minded students, EF also proposes options
in student residences, especially in the summer.
Paris is the capital of fashion, and I love visiting the designer boutiques.
The nightlife is incredible!
I've never had so much fun in my whole life as in France.
After school, visit the many art museums
such as the Rodin Museum, the Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay.
Explore the contemporary galleries of the Marais neighborhood,
or just enjoy the artictic atmosphere of Montmartre.
From Sacré-Cœur you can see the rooftops of the City of Lights,
all the way to the Eiffel Tower.
At night, enjoy a good time at the "brasseries" in the Latin Quarter.
and the trendy nightclubs around Place de la République
or the Champs-Elysées Avenue.
On the weekends, EF organizes excursions to the beautiful beaches of Normandy
and the vineyards in the Champagne region.
Discover the "joie de vivre" on the French Riviera,
just 3 hours away by high speed train!
And since our school is in the home of the mistress of the "Sun King",
of course we visit his elegant palace, the Château de Versailles.
I don't want to leave,
I love Paris and I'd like to stay another year!