Kristin Swaggart Entwine Honoree

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I chose Walla Walla Community College because its and accredited school with the American Culinary
Federation which is very important to me.
And the other reason was
that the student to
teacher ratio was quite small compared to most culinary schools
so you get a really intense education with instructors that get to know your learning styles
your strengths and weaknesses. There were instances where I really wanted to be
challenged more and my instructors recognized that so they pushed me harder
which made me a better chef.
What I enjoyed the most was definitely the cooking.
There's necessary lab time that's all an important aspect of a culinary arts
degree but when we got to get in the kitchen and really get our hands in the
food and learn proper cooking technique was when i was in my element. I
enjoyed that tremendously.
Chef Jay Entrikin who was my instructor here at school and I were in an
Iron Chef competition. At the Iron Chef style competition that we won
we cooked bison and black truffle rosary potatoes. Chef whipped out an amazing bearnaise
sauce that impressed everybody, we grilled vegetables we had so many different
components in the dish which is why we scored high and won the competition. It
was an amazing experience. When you're ready to go out into the industry you'll
be prepared because your education at Walla Walla Community College is very
comprehensive: culinary math,
business classes, job-seeking skills is actually a course that's required,
you get the whole balance.
Having a degree from an accredited school with the American Culinary Federation
really gives me more credibility.