Organic Chemistry Functional Groups: Amides

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HI! So today we're going to be looking at those functional group amides
and right we gonna be looking at the general equation as well as a general structure
so the general equation for amides is R-C-O-N
now remember the r can replace by any carbonyl group
so let's look at the general structure of an amides
so basically what you have
is a nitrogen atom
that's connected to a carbonyl group
which is a carbon double bonded to a oxygen
to that carbon we have our first R
and on the nitrogen we have R'
as well as R"
and it look just like that
Aright! So next what we gonna teach you, is how to name amides
so here we have two examples layout, and try to name this first one
we first want to do is look for any side chain
we have two side chains that connected to the N
and since we have two of them
sort of like a locator number, we have to put N,N
since they are both methyl chain, and have two of them
it going to be
then went to name the parent chain
and the parent chain is always the one that connected to the carbonyl group
and you counted that carbonyl carbon
so here you have 1-2-3
4 carbons
so there we have 4 carbons that would implied butane
so we put in
as soon as it is an amide, we have to add the
amide ending
so this molecules is
so here is our next example
we least took first any such so we find that we see that we have one here
and when here
anne's like the second example above you have to start counting you're paired
first curb auto carpet
so one
this method change is on for a second carbon
bismuth which is on the n
this was third offense
comment too
physicist eugene it's going to be
we see that we have for current again like above
and since we've been minute at that
so this molecule is and
dot nashville
buchanan mine
so much for me to get the proper semis efforts for every decade intermolecular
so here we see that there might have dot pulled i pull interactions
you can see here that there's a partial paused of connection adam
the partially the megadeth uh... auction adam
we see that this used to dotted lines
represent the double double interactions between cameras
all negative
is as attracted to and positive
this limited is subject to this and parts
there also hydrogen bonds president hemlines as you can see here
there might start rosalie smaller and dole have a crowbar change at
this and
as it could ever had a hundred jim
that religion
could potentially
hai pata hai jab aunt with the oxygen
column for another molecule because all she has to
sets of long periods
yes you're going to be to get the soybean if hemlines typically amides are
insoluble power some of the smaller amides can be solids
as you can see here
a smaller m_-one walla dot poor nature where there's a diaper within option the
carbon and the nation and the hydrogen
this allows for a potential each bonds with this
often appear and is that you don't here
mix smaller amides
have space for the building
however at this stage were trip into the compound outputting
and it has been a long to get the leslie will become
things are going to get the milton point sampling points of amides
that there might have
highs bullet points of most of the other functional groups and they are much
higher than their parents hydrocarbons
as you can see here
the hot the high point where emily points are due to the
haitian bonnie that occurs
and this typically happens in primary amides which means that the nitrogen has
two hydrogen instead of a
as you can see here hai jin has a partial pasta
and the option inside his more electra negative and has to set the lone pairs
which allows for pleasure bonding
so that's a good look at the rear to repair the transfer of airlines now
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