Mahabharat - Episode 86

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The war on the fourteenth day was a little different
The rules of war were broken before
A good example is Bhishma on a bed of arrows ...
... and the killing of Abhimanyu who was ...
... surrounded and killed by seven warriors
What happened today is an indication of the future
No rule will be unbroken by the time the war ends
Till now, a lone warrior was breaking rules
Now, every warrior of both armies has not ...
... shown respect to the Sunset and ...
... continued lighting after the Sunset
The Sun set after Jaidrath's death but ...
... the end of war was not announced
Torches were lit
Then a storm created panic in the Kaurava army
In the torchlight, everyone saw ...
... a huge mountainous man before them
They stopped breathing with fear
It was Ghatotkach, son of Bhim and Hidimba
He had just arrived at the battlefield
After lighting for a lull day from where ...
... have the Pandavas got this strength?
This is the demon style of warfare
Demons? From where have they come?
Who's this warrior?
He's tearing through my army like the wind...
... like the storm cutting down men and trees
He is none other than Bhim's son Ghatotkach
Greetings O Karna!
I've heard a lot about your bravery
Here's a gift from Ghatotkach!
Blow the conch to mark the end of the day's war
Or Ghatotkach will kill us all
Come son!
This is my son Ghatotkach
May you be successful!
May you be famous!
Be long-lived!
I am not worthy enough to replace Abhimanyu
So, accept me as your humble servant
What are you saying, my son?
You are older than Abhimanyu was!
You will create your own position
If that is so, O Elder Father
Why wasn't I called when the family was in danger?
I know my mother is not of the warrior caste but ...
With a brave son like you ...
... she cannot be anything but of the warrior caste
A brave son can be born only to a brave mother
No one is a Brahmin or warrior by birth
You are a warrior because you are brave!
O Lord among men! O Krishna!
If that is so, why was I not called like the others?
There is an appropriate time for coming and going
You have come at the right time
You will always be respected In India
Warriors will salute you
You are Bharat!
This dynasty will never pay back your debt
My respects!
Blessed is the mother who gave you birth
I, Krishna, pay my respects to her
O Mother! Protect my son with your blessing
I do not ask for a long like for him because ...
...even cowards live long
I want just a moment in my son's like...
...which will shame even the greatest warrior
What's the news?
Your son created panic in the Kaurava army
He reached when the two sides were evenly balanced
He enhanced the Pandava strength
He even injured Sage Drona and Karna
Duryodhan was so scared that he asked ...
... Sage Drona to end the day's battle
His lather must be happy
I didn't see that but ...
... what I saw will make us Asuras proud forever
Krishna said : A brave son's mother ...
... can only be of the warrior caste
A brave son can only be born to a brave mother
Then he said : You are a warrior
But I did not understand one thing
What was that?
There is an apt time for coming and going
Bharat's dynasty will always be indebted to you
Did he say that?
Yes! That is what I did not understand
Mother! You have granted my desire ...
... honoured my motherhood
I wanted one such moment for my son
I am now a worthy bride of Bharat's dynasty
The actions make one a warrior
He is the pride of the dynasty
A brave son is always ...
... a honour to his mother
What's wrong Kunti?
A soldier is carrying another soldier's corpse
Whichever side you fought for, you are our own
The daughter-in-law of Bharat's clan ...
... are indebted to you
What's wrong!
My respects!
What blessing can I give you?
I cannot lace both of you
I hold myself responsible ...
... for all that is happening today
Why do you say that?
It was probably the dynasty's late
Fate is the fruit of one's own actions
I had sworn an oath. This is the result of that oath
I am that Present ...
... which is ashamed of its Past and Future
It is my punishment to lie on this bed of arrows ...
... and watch the destruction of the clan ...
... I tried to save India by siding with Injustice
Look at my helplessness
My oath prevents me from laying down my like
Hastinapur was never so insecure ...
... as it is today
I understand your helplessness
I will never forgive Krishna
If he wanted, he could have stopped this war
Whether Duryodhan dies or Yuddhistir ...
... it is I who will suffer
How many more corpses can my motherhood withstand?
Whether I weep or Kunti does...
... the tears will be the same
Don't forget Krishna is not limited to the clan
None of us is limited to the clan
Not you! Not Brother-in-law!
Not Sister! Nor I!
A moment is a moment but also a part of Time
So, every individual is not a mere individual
If I was only Kunti, I would be with my sons
If Sister was only Gandhari she would bless Duryodhan
We are all parts of a long chain
We are heir to what has happened and ...
... responsible for what is to happen
We are the Present, Grandsire
You are the primary moment
We are all on a bed of arrows
Your bed of arrows can be seen
Our bed of arrows cannot be seen
We have come to you for a cure for this pain
Don't talk of Krishna
He is beyond happiness and grief
Sister and I are not like Krishna
This pain has crossed the limits of our tolerance
What shall we do, Grandsire?
Do what I am doing!
Wait for what?
The end of war! For Hastinapur's safety!
None of us is important! Neither you nor I!
Neither Arjun nor Duryodhan!
Only Hastinapur and its safety is important
Don't think of who will win and ...
... who will lose
Think of Hastinapur and the pain will lessen
Mindless of his own worries ...
... he thinks of only the nation
Blessed is that land ...
... which has a son like Bhishma
May India become one!
May India be secure!
May this message ...
... be immortalised for all Ages
My respects!
May you live long!
I don't want a long like, mother!
I want victory!
I don't have victory!
Do you know how many of your sons survive?
A mother does not count her sons'' corpses!
Now you are a mother of only two sons!
Accept the blessing I am giving you
Don't ask for what I cannot give you
If Hastinapur survives we will all survive
If it doesn't, none of us will survive
So, my son, think of Hastinapur!
And if possible ...
... find ways and means for a truce
No! Never!
If they ask for something as brothers ...
... I may give it to them
But if they talk of their rights ...
... I will not accept it
And if you want a truce then ...
... return to Hastinapur
No, my son
I'll stay here till the end of the war
The Pandavas wish to see you, my Queen!
Why did you stop them?
A mother's doors should always be open
- Go bring them in - As you wish
Remember, my son, they are your brothers
Water cannot be separated
It can be separated. It has happened
Yuddhistir is your elder brother. Respect him
My respects!
May you live long!
My respects, Elder Mother
Be the embodiment of Truth!
My respects!
May you live long!
My respects!
May you live long!
My respects!
Be successful!
My respects!
Be successful!
We are here to mourn the deaths ...
... of our $$ brothers and Abhimanyu
Also mourn for Dushasan's and my sons
Who knows when you'll get to mourn again
Remember the war is not yet over
The war won't end unless I fulfil my vow
Draupadi's unbraided hair won't let it end
Dear Bhim ...
Forgive me but what can I do?
Whenever Duryodhan or Dushasan comes before me ...
... I am reminded of the Game of Dice
Try to control your anger
No, Brother! No!
Anger is also a powerful weapon in a war
None of us is willing to forget anything
Can I forget that Grandsire lies on a bed of arrows?
Can I forget that we had to kill $$ brothers?
Should I forget that ...
... seven warriors killed my injured son?
You should not also forget that ...
... you are the first warriors in History ...
... to stake your wile at a Dice Game
If Elder Mother were not here I would ...
... pull out your tongue for saying this
Ask Mother and Duryodhan for forgiveness!
I'll ask for Mother's forgiveness but ...
... not Duryodhan's. I don't even want his blessing
Wait for me outside
Yes, Mother!
Who are you to throw out Nakul from my tent?
Forgive me, Mother
Allow me to leave, mother
I must discuss tomorrows strategy with Sage Drona
My respects, mother! My respects, Brother!
Allow us to leave. We have yet to meet mother
We tried our best to prevent this war
Won't you ask for a blessing for victory
- No! - Why?
I don't wish to create a problem for you
My respects!
That's the problem
I know your camp is at the other end of the battlefield
But my circumstances don't allow me to come there
If I leave, Sister will be left all alone
No mother can cy over the death of a hundred sons
So, I have given my eyes and tears ...
... to her
We mothers stand caught in our own tears
Follow the Truth and do your duty ...
... and let me do my duty
Don't forget that before I was your mother ...
... I was a daughter-in-law of the Bharat clan
Thus I am tied to Hastinapur
Hastinapur is my salvation
So, don't worry about me
Think of Hastinapur
O Yuddhistir! Look after Sahadev
Draupadi wishes to pay her respects
No! She should not come here
Give her my blessing
Tell her we will meet only after the war
Can you say when the war will be over?
I cannot say that!
But as long as Dushasan, Duryodhan ...
... Shakuni and Karna live ...
... the war cannot end
It is necessary to kill these pillars of evil
What has Karna done? He is indebted to Duryodhan
He is merely repaying Duryodhan's debt
To do that he did not have to ...
... call Draupadi a whore
I cannot think any more about Ghatotkach
I don't know how we can solve that problem
Do you mean to say that ...
... our war against Arjun and Bhim ...
... is lost because of that demon?
I am not talking of victory or defeat
Ghatotkach is an accurate weapon
We will need divine weapons to defeat him
Divine weapons!
Don't look at me thus!
I have saved my divine weapons to beat Arjun
Sage Drona and you can think of ways to kill Ghatotkach
How does your friend bathed in blood look?
After sometime neither I nor my army will be there
After that you can search for Arjun
If Arjun is more important than friendship then ...
... I free you from the bonds of friendship
Don't say that, my friend!
increase your size, my son
increase your size and fall on the enemy
My last respects!
Why are you smiling at my son's death?
I am not smiling at his death, Bhim
I was smiling because ...
... now Arjun is sale
I was worried from the first day of the war ...
... because Karna had Lord Indra's weapon
Hence, I did not let Arjun lace Karna openly
Tell me, should I not smile?
Your son has surpassed Abhimanyu
So, Ghatotkach will always be respected
Karna cannot once again ...
... use the divine weapon
Hence, Lord Krishna smiled ...
... while the others mourned
Immortal Ghatotkach died ...
... to establish the eternal Truth
Karna is unprotected now ...
... while Arjun is protected