Os Barbixas - Improvável - Transforma (com Rafinha Bastos e Cristiane Wersom)

Uploaded by videosimprovaveis on 12.11.2008

"Blind Freeze" Game! It will begin with a sentence you gave us.
Everybody plays. Daniel and Elidio begin.
"Blind Freeze" is like this:
They will make a scene according to the sentence, okay?
Starting with the sentence. When I say "transform" the scene freezes,
someone from the outside gets in, replacing one of them.
Starting with "Wow, you're getting fat!"
"Wow, you're getting fat!" "Blind Freeze" Game, go!
Wow, you're getting fat!
- Did you notice? - I did. Did you notice too?
I did.
I think we should start woking out.
- Let's go. - Let's go.
Oh, my God! A terrible alligator!
Go, horsey!
This is so much fun! They really walk in this park!
That's wonderful!
Do you have a coin?
Does anyone have a coin?
Just a little coin?
I'll have to play with the bench...
Wow, you're getting fat!
- A talking one! - Yes, we all talk in this land.
You are in the Enchanted Land!
- No, don't hit me, please! - I'll give you a whoopin', girl!
C'mon, ants! Start talking! Spill it out!
Give it up to our cast!
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.