Peacemaker Nobuyuki Hayashi

Uploaded by internetforpeace on 27.01.2010

Hello. My name is Nobi Noboyuki Hayashi. I am a journalist based in Tokyo, Japan.
One of my heroes is John Lennon. Forty years ago he said “Imagine there is no country”. Well, today it has become true on the internet."
Well, today it has become true on the internet. On the internet there are no national boundaries, there are only linguistic boundaries.
Maybe such language barriers are disappearing with the help of machine translation and social translation.
Yes, I think the Internet deserves the Nobel Peace Prize…..on these 3 grounds:
First: the Internet helps us see different cultures;

Second: the Internet helps us see collectively;

Third: the Internet helps us act together.
So, let’s go back to number 1. The Internet helps us see and understand different cultures.
One of my favourite websites is, a photo sharing site.
If on Flickr I do a search for Isfahan, a city in Iran, I can see many pictures, beautiful sceneries,
and I can see, even if I haven’t been to Iran, how people live there, what people eat, how people dress, how they look, what houses look like.
And having this vision makes a big difference.
I think it’s a very important step into a peaceful world.
After all a peaceful world is a thing the whole human race has been yearning, for a long, long time.
Even before John Lennon, even before Jesus Christ.
Number 2 - now, with the help of the Internet we can start thinking collectively how we can make and realize a peaceful world.
The world we live in today might not be as peaceful as we want it to be; and if we look at it today, it might seem possible to bring peace to the world.
But the human race is evolving and always going forward, and we all know the war must end at one point.
If we start thinking towards that goal, perhaps we can come up with a great idea and a great vision of a peaceful world.
Number 3, with the help of the Internet, if we have that vision, we can start acting upon it.
Yes, with the help of the Internet a single twit on Twitter will go from Brazil to Japan, from Japan to France, or from France to US, or it can go around the globe in a second or two.
Yes, Internet has the power, the power to unite people around the globe.
And in order to prove the power of the Internet, we shall act now and let the Internet win the Nobel Peace Prize for this year.
That has been my idea.
Thank you for listening.