Best way to lose Weight - What is the Best Way to Lose Weight

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Best way to lose weight – what is the best way to lose weight.
If you are here watching this video asking the question of what is the best way to lose
weight you really very seriously do not understand what it will take to lose weight and get you
back into a fit condition! That’s not a bad thing, mind you.
Often we are bombarded with tons of misleading information ranging from tummy belts, fad
diets and unrealistic potions and pills promising the moon.
So let’s cut to the chase and drill down to the basics of how to lose weight, or better
put: the best way to lose weight, and keep it off.
Keep in mind you may not like what you will see in this video; most likely because it
will entail work and dedication if you truly want to lose weight, and more importantly
get fit! The first step is to look at your current
diet. What are you eating, how often are you eating
and is eating a learned behavior or is it to sustain life?
I ask because most of us who live in the United States have made eating a hobby vs. eating
to live! So, take a look at what you are eating and
then make the decision to cut out most of your carbohydrates and animal based Food Products.
What this basically means is that you will become somewhat a vegetarian.
If you are not sure if you should be a vegetarian we will have a video in the near future explaining
why we all should be more focused on eating much more vegetable based food products vs.
animal based food products – as I know I certainly want to live a healthy
and long life … and consuming vegetable based products will enable me to do just that,
and will for you to! So, to conclude this first step we are looking
at what we’re eating as well as the amount of calories, carbohydrates, fiber and protein.
The second step is to look at the amount of physical activity you currently have in your
life. Most Americans have a very a sedate lifestyle!
We eat, sleep and then watch TV, resulting in almost no physical activity in our lives.
This is a true shame! We Americans have become a very fat and obese
society. Conversely, if you are to look at the population
of Japan less than 5% of the Japanese population is considered fat!
Between our diet, which is heavy on animal based food products and high in carbohydrates,
and our lethargic lifestyle, it is no wonder why most Americans are very overweight!
What this means is that you need to get out and move in order to burn calories as well
as improve your cardiovascular capabilities. Get off the coach and take a walk for at least
30 minutes at a brisk pace and I guarantee you that you will feel just fantastic after
your walk! Then the next day walk for 45 minutes, to
be followed up the day after to walk for 60 minutes. All this walking will translate to
better blood flow to your muscles and organs as well as an improved cardiovascular capability.
Not to forget that walking briskly at a fast pace will burn between 200 and 400 calories
per hour! The third step is to focus on gaining muscle.
It is a well-known fact that if you have more muscle you’ll burn more calories at a resting
state; not to mention the fact you will be overall far more healthy than if you had no
muscle mass on your body’s frame, but only fat.
So how do you go about gaining muscle on your body?
Very simple! You get your sorry butt into the gym and start
lifting weights to gain muscle mass and overall strength.
Start with a full body workout routine three days per week and after a 90 day period of
time you will see very noticeable results in how your body looks and, more importantly,
feels! There is a ton of information found on the
web, or in bookstores, on how to set up the basic full body workout routine that will
get you additional muscle mass on your body’s frame.
What you will notice fairly quickly is that this building of your body in the form of
lifting weights, in conjunction with the cardio you are doing on a daily basis…. In addition
to the healthy eating you are doing on a consistent and monitored basis … you can only see very
positive results in your overall health, bodyweight and appearance.
This is not rocket science! Eat healthy, do cardio on a daily basis and
perform strength exercises via lifting weights to build muscle mass and you will lose the
fat and subsequently the body weight you are eager to drop.
The result you will find will be a much healthier you!!
Now get out there and move! Hopefully this has answered our question of
What is the best way to loose weight! Good luck.
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