Pirates of the Caribbean, American Idol, and ANT Farm - Everything That Really Matters - Ep. 7

Uploaded by dreammining on 20.05.2011

LILLY: Hey guys! What’s up? It’s time for drumroll: (they drumroll) the
Rundown of Everything that really Matters, our show.

I’m Lilly.

SARAH: And I’m Sarah. and we’re comin at ya, from our super cool,
Dream Mining School... Ok, so, Lilly, you must be freaking out.
American Idol is almost over!

LILLY: Oh my god, I know. There’s always The Voice to
but I don’t know. I’m kinda Idol obsessed. It’s not the same.

SARAH: Aerosmith is
gonna play the finale show--that’s pretty cool.

LILLY: Sarah, you didn’t even know
who Aerosmith were two months ago.
Remember you were all, “Steven who?”

SARAH: Yes, I know, but that’s because I
found out my parents
used to listen to them, so I didn’t know if they were kinda like Tony
Bennett, who I actually like, but anyway, now I know who they are,
and I’m totally excited to see that show. I’m broadening my horizons!

LILLY: So does
that mean you’re not going to ask me anymore if Steven Tyler
is Captain Jack Sparrow?!

SARAH: Oh, speaking of which, thank you for that most perfect
Pirates of the Caribbean!: “On Stranger Tides”. I can’t wait.
The Pirates of the Caribbean movies are the best summer movies, no doubt.

was a really good segue. Wish I had meant it on purpose..
Yeah, On Stranger Tides looks pretty good.
But there’s no more Orlando Bloom!!

SARAH: Omg, I know. Where can I file an official

LILLY: I don’t know. Disneyland? But the line is probably waaay long.

Oooh, speaking of Disney. Suite Life on Deck. It’s over!
Wherefore, Sprouse twins?

LILLY: Yeah, it’s the end of an era.
I feel like I’ve grown up with Dylan and Cody.
Hey did you know they started their TV careers as infants on the show “Grace Under Fire?”
Man they were cool when they were 6 months old...

SARAH: I had learned how to burp when
I was 6 months old..
Ok, so what do you think of ANT Farm? Excited?

LILLY: Totally! I loved the first episode.
Advanced Natural Talent--just like me!

SARAH: Haha, yeah, me too!
You know, a lot of people are saying it’s too much like Victorious.
What do you think?

LILLY: It’s similar, but, hey, if it’s funny, it’s funny.
I think I like ‘em both!

SARAH: Okay, I’m outta stuff for this Rundown.
Go on Dream Mining  and tell us who’s gonna win American Idol,
Pirates of the Caribbean, and--

LILLY: --how much you’ll miss Dylan and Cody, and what
you think of Chyna,
Olive, and Fernando on ANT Farm!

SARAH: See you next time!!

Lilly: Bye!!