How to make doll outfit 17 Hat

Uploaded by yuniedhc on 13.11.2011

Hello, many people had asked for a tutorial on hat
There many variations
Here I'm going to show you one
Felt, find the hardest you can find
You want the hat to be in shape
Optional trims for decoration
Start by cutting the felt from the pattern
The C shape can be in different colors or same, up to you
A piece to go around the hat and a top piece
Some people mistaken that it's a rectangle.
It had to be a curve unless you want an Uncle Sam hat
Sew the 2 pieces of C shapes together
Turn it over, ajust it well
Sew a line to press the rim
With the small top piece, notice it's an oval
Start sewing at this 2o'clock position
It you probably have a little bit of the curve piece left
Just cut it up when you finish sewing
Sew it to the C shape
All the way to the end
Sew the gap togther
Now the hat is done, just add decorations
I recommend something like a flower to cover the gap
The hat could have many possibilities
Big, small, different decorations
And of course, Setsuko looks lovely wearing it
That's all for now, see you soon
You may notice the video quality had improved a lot this video
That's because I got myself a new camera
I definately had fun using it, it's sooo detail
Finally, two artistary shots