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Hello and welcome to the Wednesday Show
if you're not familiar, my name is Philip DeFranco
and this show really isn't a show
it's just me talking about some of the stuff that mattered in the news to me
starting with: a story about 86 year old man
by the name Leroy Luetscher
Leroy was in his backyard when he
accidently slipped and fell on his
pruning sheers, the handle
pennetrated his eye socket
and wait, went all the way down to
his neck, where it rested on an artery
until Leroy was taken to the hospital and yes
he actually survived and
he didn't lose his eye which is an amazing turn
of events, in fact the only bad thing
that came out of this for Leroy is he has some eye
swelling and nothing else
doctors say there's going to be no permanent damage, so Leroy
congradulations, you may in fact
days, maybe even minutes away from dying
because you are old, but hey
you're not blind, so that's a good thing, that's how we start the show
and then we move on to the story of AT&T
buying T-Mobile for $39,000,000,000
it would essentially be the number 2 wireless carrier in the country
aquiring the number 4 and that is why
today the Justice Department filed a suit
and said "No! That would be way too much
shitty service for everybody
and also it might create a monopoly in the wireless game
and cause unfair high prices
for consumers, so yeah that's a thing even though
most likely I'm probably going to switch over to Verizon
and the biggest thing about this merger is
if this merger happens, are they going to stop
the commercials with Carly Foulkes, the very hot
and completely bangable T-Mobile girl
by the way, here are some pictures of her in a bikini
aren't you so glad you subscribed?
I know, I'm such a giver
so mainer main point
the T-Mobile commercials stay, I'm all for the merger
trust laws aside
and we move on, next up is story about
photojournalism, you know because I love video
because you can express so much more than a picture
but there are moments when a picture
speaks volumes and so we talk about
a photo that was taken Monday at the Notting Hill Carnival
starts with 20 year old Rio Andre, seen here
stabbed, putting his arms out like
"Oh my god I just got stabbed!"
then come in the police that are like "Oh my god were you stabbed?"
to which Rio is like "Aaaaahhhhh"
thirdly you see the guy running away that stabbed Rio Andre
I must say, I like the color coordination
and fourthly, this guy being awesome
stopping the stabber in the laziest way possible
like he saw him and was like "minimal effort"
and so BAMF guy trips stabber guy longer enough
for the police to notice that oh yeah Rio Andre
was stabbed, we should get that guy
and they arrested, and so we salute you minimal effort hero
for you are our BAMF of the day
and also to Oli Scarf who took one of the best
pictures I've seen in photojournalism
in a very long time, and then we move on to Yorktown, Virginia
police were responding to a domestic dispute
at 10 o'clock in the morning, apparently a husband and wife
weren't getting along and when police got there
they found out it wasn't actually a couple that was together
it was a divorced couple. and the couple as arguing
about access to the children
who luckily were not there and so while one of the police officers
was taking a statement from the ex-wife
the husband pulled out of the garage in
a Ford Explorer that was pulling a trailer
the husband set on fire, but then
the cop relizes that the husband has
something tied around his neck and it's a cable
used to hoist engines, then the police officer
notices that is attached and tied to a tree
this going where you think it's going
the officers then ask the man to get out the vehicle
to which the man responded by accelerating
his Ford Explorer so fast
that went but then his head stayed
and he killed himself by decapitating himself

that's terrible. why?
take pills like a normal depressive
that's terrifying. but with how dark the situation is
I got to say that guy probably got
points for flare, that's like saying to your ex-wife
"I hate you so much, I'm going to set
something on fire
and then cut my head off." I don't even know what that kind of
angry is, I mean ah
and then we talk about Mel Gibson in the news again
because Mel Gibson and his ex
Oksana were at court today trying
to finalize their settlement
now if you're even vaguely familiar with the history of this couple you're just like
good finally, that's just too much crazy
for one household, in over a year ago Mel Gibson
alledgely tried to settle with Oksana
for $15,000,000
just like "Bitch get out, here's some money"
Oksana turning it down most likely because she was like
"I'm going to take you for more
and you're never going to see your daughter!"
because that's what vengeful people
well as of toady, for everything Mel Gibson did
or didn't do alledgely
he's only having to give Oksana $750,000
and they have joint custody of the kid
so the moral of that story is sometimes
you just take what you get and don't be
a greedy bitch face even if it is
towards an anti-semite with an alcohol problem, yeah
and that brings us to our final story of the day
someone is trying to buy
the distribution rights for the Kim Kardashian
s3x tape, everyone is like "Oh it's Kim Kardashian"
who cares? and why would anyone buy a s3x tape that's been
out for years, do you not know how the internet works?
anything that's been on the internet for more than 30 seconds
has been downloaded and replicated 18,000,000 times
but fun fact: when Kim Kardashian got married
the sales for the s3x tape went up like 40%

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