SNSD Hell0 B@by ep 12 p1/6 [eng subs]

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New moms SNSD and baby angel Kyungsan's pink-colored baby-care diary!
no matter from which angle,
Tiffany and Kyungsan are always awkward when together
to help them, the soshi moms has a plan
hope to pull Tiffany and Kyungsan closer
as soshi moms are worried for TF and Kyungsan, Tiffany mom was left to spend time with Kyungsan
what's happening to you... this is the first time
[Kyungsan's heart getting far?] Kyungsan's heart is possibly getting more and more far
[that's not all]
intimate test between two soshi mom and flower boy Kyungsan
[Intimate-ness Test Competition]
unsure of ks feeling
[let's find out what kyungsan's feeling inside?]
let's confirm that
[making effort calling out to kyungsan] sica: kyungsan ah
[Tiffany mom tempting kyungsan using the toy xylophone]
sica: dont use anything
[which mom will kyungsan prefer?]
[kyungsan sets off]
sica: come here quickly
tiff: here here kyungsan ah
[crawl crawl~] kyungsan ah
[getting nervous. Jessica uses Tiffany's song]
tiff: why do you sing my song
[changes to taeyeon's song immediately]
[kyungsan seems to be listening or not listening]
sica: kyungsan ah
[kyungsan showing off his strength]
sica: he's trying to lift it up
[attracted by cameraman's tripod]
[cant watch anymore, sica approaches]
[Tripod: use to secure the position and stability of the camera during filming]
sica: come look over here
tiff: me. after meeting kyungsan
my heart has become more open
[Tiffany mom has become more matured]
become more open and also understood that when
[famous saying: people that are suppose to go, have to go] its time to let go, it should be let go
[farewell] tiff: bye!
sica: this is really impossible
[intimate-ness test]
tiff: how do we continue when there is no love
sica: exactly. have no love towards us
tiff: even though we have love, but the child has no love for us
[couldnt know who is the child now]
sica: in the end kyungsan likes this more
[the problem is the tripod]
sica: your love is like this. kyungsan ah
sica: over here
[does kyungsan really prefer the tripod than the soshi moms?]
[climbs towards it immediately]
sica: you see?
sica: kyungsan love this
[attracted by a non-living object]
sica: good
tiff: should we put pictures of our faces here?
sica: doesnt like it. he doesnt like it
[kyungsan grabbing tightly to the tripod] sica: see, he's holding onto it tightly
[angry Tiffany mom]
tiff: intimate-ness test. today's winner is the tripod
[tripod mom congratulations]
[do you think kyungsan knows what happened?]
sica: do you know what's the plan for today?
[today is to make both the soshi moms and kyungsan closer] sica: for us to get more closer with you
but because of the tripod, everything become bubbles
[because of the tripod]
[become bubbles?]
tiff: satisfied?
[should laugh or should cry]
tiff: fine. since there is no feeling
[Tiffany mom - inside of her has turned pitch black]
[runs away when tiff mom approaches]
tiff: fine. go then.
[counter conference - what should we play?]
tiff: dont play with kyungsan
sica: im going to eat up the egg biscuits
tiff: im also going to eat them
sica: im gonna use all the diapers
[so childish]
ks: do whatever you want sica: im also gonna drink all the milk
sica: you wont have anything
tiff: im going to tell the members about you
sica: nothing at all nothing at all
[kyungsan not being affected]
tiff: doesnt even look at us
[i only need the tripod]
[because of tiff, separated with the tripod]
[kyungsan gonna cry]
[let me go please]
[immediately climb towards the tripod]
[why come up with the test?]
tiff: fine as long as you like it
sica: sica & fany's chances of getting closer, next time
[hope next chance will make them closer]
tiff: next chance intimate-ness chances
who knows there will be improvement
its okay if you dont choose me, as long as there are improvement
so show us how you feel
PD: who do you think kyungsan likes more between the two of you?
tiff: truthfully, me
sica: hey its the tripod
[kyungsan who cant live w/o the tripod]
[only observing]
sica: kyungsan wont get fat eating these
[doesnt care. steal ks's tidbit]
tiff: wont get fat?
he needs to become fatter
after meeting kyuyeon
sica: who?
tiff: kyuyeon
sica: who is kyuyeon?
[watch the show sica ah]
[what are you talking about?] tiff: went for blind date already
tiff: what's his blood type?
[ks's blood type A]
tiff: wow. honesty.
sica: type A
tiff: i dont like blood type A boys
sica: me too
tiff: type A boys are normally
[what tiff thinks about type A boys]
careful, wildful, when its time to be happy will be very happy, when its time to cry will cry alot
[you dont know how good a type A boy is]
tiff: type A boys are difficult to love
sica: have you liked a type A boy before?
tiff: that's why i dont like
[after today, try meeting type AB, B or O fany ah]
[Intimate-ness Test Competition] [Stage1 Humble way] [try becoming a tripod]
tiff: kyungsan ah
[im now totally attracted by the tripod]
tiff: *sadly kyungsan ah
should we try to act like a tripod?
and wait for you to climb up will do?
[im just following where my feeling takes me to]
tiff: i got it
[soshi moms - became tripod in the end?] tiff: like a tripod sica: okay
[kyungsan's not even turning to look]
[how would there be such pretty tripods]
[sparkling sparkling very dazzling~]
sica: doesnt even look at us
kyungsan ah
[calling out to kyungsan anxiously]
[moving backwards] sica: he's moving backwards
tiff: so there's a reason why car reverses too
[moving towards the tripod again]
sica: kyungsan ah
[ahh woo~!]
[Intimate-ness Test Competition] [Stage2 Flattery way] [offering gifts and praises]
sica: kyungsan ah. whose shoes are these?
[soshi moms using gifts instead]
[isnt that shoes?]
know what is this?
[slightly showing interest]
shoes that you wear with your feet
[chey~ not my style]
[upset Jessica mom]
[compared to the gift, toy xylophone seems more interesting]
[praising kyungsan for his performance]
tiff: Bravo
[even flattery]
tiff: you will become as successful as Mozart
sica: its okay
[for President kyungsan, becomes loyal]
[why suddenly become like this]
sica: do you know what happen to my sister's milk bottle in the past?
*threatening i drank them all
do you know how terrible i got scolded by my mom?
[so you are going to drink my water?]
[Intimate-ness Test Competition] [Stage3 perform individual talent]
sica: quick sing a song for kyungsan
tiff: a song?
[uses an emotional song to make kyungsan touched] tiff: kyungsan ah. do you have any songs you want to listen to?