Free Towel Origami Folding Directions / Instructions

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For the body of the puppy
we will start off with one
bath towel
you start rolling the ends up
into a tube
now this is a fairly loose to you don't want this to tighten
is in a moment we'll be making the lake side of it
so once again i'm fairly
loose role fairly dance to
get to the center point
who said the same exact role and the other side
tilling the in the center
once again a fairly loose role
anyone each side about even
c even enough you look about the same sides
give it a little turn
i'm going to fold in half
and we're going to pull the quarters
of the columns out
of the center of the tubes
tool once again uydess returning to the sender
the tubes you grab that corner the towels
can pull them off slightly
about an inch or so
now you can see the creases are there
eternity decide
it's like so
in then i'm going to grab those corners and i just pulled out
in give them a slight
bowlers like jerking motion
to kind of unraveled howls just a little bit they don't want to get strongly but
full of this or else he might actually unraveled houseboat
but you can see that creates two almost do you see a proportion shape
once again they are connected in the center of it is one towel
you could set the section to the site for the moment as we start and the
puppies payal
which uses
one white he and help
keep your finger in the center
and start rolling with howled in and painful
now this role has to be a fairly tight world
because you'll be able to sculpt
the puppies tale
the curl up a little bit gimmick
pull down with the other hand
switch he experiment start rolling the other side in and angle as well
fairly tight role
once again see itself
the public scale
just a few moments
aleal echoing a start
role in the mid to late
for both sides meet
at the center
now the crease it should be faced down
could turn purchased the public's gayle potter
you can also start rolling it up if you prefer people's please and you can see
it arcgis right up there because once again take role
helping all their tail
said that to the science we start with the parties face now
the final
part of this durable help i think
keep your finger on the sender point
many fold it in
annette triangle take shape
and you can see there's a three or four inch
speaks to the bottom depending on your hand towel
don't worry about that
are now
old the center in about
two or three inches over
mystical therefore the down
first like so
and then i fold
at all
all the way over
so it's wash up against the end there
just like so
turning to assign
mister rolling the towel
now this is not to diagnose role you basically want street role
straight as possible
now here's where it gets a little bit tricky
you cannot let go of that role as you start to roll the other role
process will come undone
so you need to hold onto them
tight as possible
then with one hand
start rolling in the other side exactly like he did
for the first side
i'll get to reach over with your family can do so and help along
usually twenty ended
make a very tight
two worlds together
you see that respect priests
is going to be
the bottom of the puppies base
the undersigned
here's how i did for years and pull the edges out there
dislike so
independent remember around
so the whole thing car
is facing the parking space
you could see how it will be down there
if you want to repeat years you can folded down if you just want long
walked the earth pointed up its appeal buchanan just that role in the center
turned around there
so it can be folded right over
so once again the puppy would basically be looking at me here
the bases face up in the notes section of sports next on the air
interneurons you could see it better
there is a basic puppy thanks
now going to get some high his nose and tumbled public space
at the final touches out you can use black belt in the eyes if you prefer
but in this case held views of legally highs music
flack felt for the nose dived there's no double stick tape i mean knows it just
kind of sticks they were felt
themselves on the cult stays in place nicely
with the i_r_s_ and the other hand they got double stick tape coming back to the
so they will stick on the child
once again the felt doesn't need to double stick tape visits
recently fabric on fabric
over the smooth
back to the plastic
it will fall off committee for the double stick tape
on the ice
now the tonya is just a piece of bread felt
edition of accounting therebetween decreases
mckenna carted so it's
sticking out there a little bit but there you have the cute little puppy
and it really gets a lot
this adorable ta organic creation
once again you can read the ears pointy ears got them down dislike so however
you prefer
now i'm going to assemble the entire howell puppy
their city at once again you can't beat the tail curly you want like just
throwing it up giving false internship
at somewhat of a crow for you
event at the packing spotty
which is once again that one can tell
basically has to force chanting for work
initiate together
you can see i at the end of the pale
of under the body so it's out of sight
if you want it longer publicly owned pull it out a little bit
more you wanted
cutting edges in there
now the head of the party
will just actually kind of balance khatam
the body
there's no need to get it
there's no need to keep it
they should just be able to go right-hand half of the body
as you can see industry just can't you're scared to make them
i what i want to once again if you have long years of floppy ears is totally up
to you
but i like twenty years ago and volvo
abuse can little squeeze some time from those statements
but once again to setting head down there
and you can flatten out the towel
and the body of it
for the heads of state
once again is looking for anything it's just
set up their balanced out there
let's break up
now if you want to add likable playing ball or a dog bonior something between
between two countries paul you can do that
but there you have
the adorable culp hobby
you take a look at their debate these delightful alterations in del
with these details about a step-by-step directions and this professionally
produced dvd
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