The Vamps Next Door 7 Season Finale Vampire Comedy

Uploaded by TheVampsNextDoor on 08.11.2011

I heard this crazy screaming like a sick cat or something
Both my dogs were barking and when I went outside to check one of my dogs was missing
He's in our house, he's sniffing my ass, I'd say he's our dog.
I had to take him. I think Shadow's might have bitten him.
Shadows? He's ok. He's all better.
Shadows? Oh, he's ok. All better
Are we busted? You have no idea. If she finds you up here she'll send me back to therapy for sure.
Is Shadows a bird?
He's a cat and he better be ok. He's no ordinary cat.
A rare breed?
He's been in my family for centuries.
Centuries? You mean years?
I've got a bad feeling about this. I better go home and check on him.
Lookin' good Walter.
Jeez, you look like the ghost of Christmas future.
(hypnotizing voice) Dewey, you love my cloak. You think it's hip and cool.
Sorry Walter, still weird.
Beverly, you found your second husband.
Sit! Sit!
Beverly that's not how you do it.
Sit your dumb ass down!
Now that's how we did it in the old country.
I think Shadows bit this one too!
This better be good, Hal.
I swear I saw the whole lot of them creeping around our backyard and now both our dogs are missing.
It all adds up.
You're worrying me, Hal.
This crazy obsession you have with the neighbors it's bad for your blood pressure.
Her brother eats dogs for dinner!
I'm tellin' ya, Nancy, there's something strange about this Tepes family.
C'mon Hal, don't be such a judge.
And I think it's pronounced "Tepesh".
Oh, good evening Hal.
Oh, Beverly, nice to see you.
So sorry to bother you at this hour but have you seen our dogs?
No, I'm sorry. I haven't.
Hi, I think this is your cat.
I landed on him when I fell out the wi...
I mean when I...
Shadows! Meow!
I'm the mother. Let me help you with that cut.
I'm the oldest. I should help him.
No, he's my boyfriend. I'll help him.
Beverly, what's going on here?
Yes, I'd like to know, too.
Johnny scratched the dogs, Hal found the cat, and Beverly's busted. At least a double D.
Oh, dad. Mike rescued Shadows and brought him home.
Really. Thank you young man, I owe you one.
Now get the hell out.
I believe your dogs are back home. Why don't you go check.
(hypnotizing voice) but first take a walk around the block.
(hypnotizing voice) we need more time.
All of this happened because you were hitting on Shadows.
But it was an accident.
No TV tonight.
But mom, I'm gonna miss True Blood.
Walter, if Nancy Finster finds out that our cat might have bitten her dogs,
And then she finds out that I took them?
I'll be ruined. And I'll never get elected Neighborhood Watch captain.
None of the neighbors will like me anymore.
Calm down Bev, I'll have the dogs back in their yard before they get home.
Why to you care so much about... people?
We're new here. I want to make some friends.
I'm tired of moving around all the time.
They're just people. They come, they go...
You.. are immortal, beautiful, sexy.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Impale me, baby.
I know why you're attracted to Walter!
It's because of his voice!
Yeah, yeah, that's it!