Война и мир фильм 2 / War and Peace film 2

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Direction - Sergei Bondarchuk
Screen Adaptation - S.Bondarchuk, V.Solovyov
Director of Photography - Anatoly Petritsky
Sets - Mikhail Bogdanov Gennady Myasnikov
Music - Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov
Sound - Yury Mikhailov
Natasha Rostova - Ludmila Savelyeva
Pierre Bezukhov - Sergei Bondarchuk
Andrei Bolkonsky - Vyacheslav Tikhonov
Count Rostov - V.Stanitsyn Countess Rostova - K.Golovko
Nikolai Rostov - O.Tabakov Petya Rostov - S.Yermilov Sonya - I.Gubanova
Prince Bolkonsky - A.Ktorov Princess Maria - A.Shuranova
Helene - I.Skobtseva Anatole - V.Lanovoi Dolokhov - O.Yefremov
Uncle - A.Borisov His wife - N.Mordyukova
Akhrosimova - E.Tyapkina Drubetskaya - K.Polovikova Drubetskoy - E.Martsevich
Sherer - A.Stepanova Karagina - G.Kravchenko
Alexander I - V.Murganov Napoleon - V.Strzhelchik
In June 1807, in Tilsit,
Emperor Alexander met
with Napoleon.
Meanwhile, life,
real life, with its essential interests
of health and sickness, toil and rest,
and its intellectual interests in science, poetry, music,
with its love, passions, friendship and hatred,
went on as ususal, regardless of whether relations
with Bonaparte were hostile or not.
January, February, March, April...
Do speak to me, mother. Why are you silent?
This won't do, my dear.
Not everyone will understand your friendship.
Seeing him with you
may harm you in the eyes of other young men.
What's more, he is tormented without reason.
He might find a wealthy match,
and now he's going mad.
I'll tell you of my own experience.
I had a cousin...
I know. Kiril Matveyevich. But he's old!
He was not always old.
I'll tell Boris that he is not to come so often.
Why not if he feels like it?
I know this will come to nothing.
Nonsense! What does it matter!
I won't marry him. Let him come,
we both enjoy it. Why marry?
What are you saying?
Just what I mean. I don't have to marry him.
Stop laughing, you're shaking the bed.
You're awfully like me, just such another giggler!
do you think he's very much in love? Was anybody ever in love
with you like that?
He's very nice,
but not quite to my taste.
He is narrow, like the dining-room clock.
- Don't you see? - No.
Narrow, grey, shining.
What nonsense!
But don't you see it? Nikolai would.
Take Bezukhov - he is dark blue and red.
And square.
You flirt with him too.
Oh, he is a freemason. But nice too - dark blue and red.
Can't you see?
You are not asleep, countess?
No one can understand all
that goes on within me.
Sonya? Not she! She is too virtuous.
Even mother cannot understand.
It is amazing how clever I am, and...
How charming she is.
She has everything -
intelligent, graceful. She swims and rides well.
And her voice! A truly lovely voice.
On the thirty-first of December, 1809,
on New Year's Eve,
one of Catherine's courtiers was giving a ball.
Diplomats and the Emperor himself were to be present.
Natasha was going
to her first grand ball.
That bow is not right, Sonya.
Come here!
Are you ready? It's ten o'clock.
In a minute. Are you ready, mother?
I've only my toque to pin on.
Don't do it without me. You'll do it wrong.
It's ten already.
Hurry up, Mavrusha, dear!
- Are we going or not? - We are. Don't enter, please!
Is it possible that no one will come up to me?
Is it possible that no one will notice me?
No, it couldn't be! They must know
how I long to dance, how splendidly I can dance,
and how they'll enjoy dancing with me.
I find it interesting. It's probably Speransky.
You always dance.
Ask my protegee, Natasha Rostova.
Pardon, we will finish this conversation elsewhere.
At a ball one should dance.
Allow me to introduce you to my daughter.
I have the pleasure of being acquainted with her.
May I ask you for a waltz?
If she goes to her cousin first
and then to another lady she will be my wife.
How delightful, isn't it?
Yes, I am very pleased.
Ah, it's you! I am working.
I wanted to tell you yesterday.
I've never felt anything like this.
I have fallen in love, my friend.
- Well. - Don't ask me anything.
- Is it Natasha Rostova? - Yes!
This feeling is overpowering.
Only now do I feel alive. I can't live without her.
But can she love me? I'm too old for her.
I never felt like this.
I am in awe of him.
What does it mean? Does it mean it is true love?
- Why don't you speak? - I told you life was not over.
- Are you asleep, mother? - No, I am afraid too. Go now.
She is a rare girl,
a girl to be treasured.
I entreat you not to waver or try to rationalize.
Marry her.
I'm sure there will not be a happier man.
- But what about her? - She loves you.
I know she does.
I feel I must tell somebody all about it.
Go on, speak to me.
How odd that he should have come to St. Petersburg just now.
And that we should have met at that ball!
It is fate. Everything led up to it.
This is not what I felt before.
The whole world is now divided in two.
One half is she; and where she is, there is happiness.
The other half is wherever she is not; it's dark there.
I can understand that.
I cannot help loving light.
And I am very happy. I know you are happy for me.
Mother darling! I am so happy, I love you so much!
Three weeks have passed.
Bolkonsky didn't appear at the Rostovs'.
Perhaps he is ill.
Or sick. He was wounded at Austerlitz, remember.
Or busy.
Please, mother, I don't want to think about it.
He used to come and now he doesn't - that's all.
I don't at all want to get married. I'm afraid of him.
I have now calmed down.
What's the good of thinking about it? I'm not unhappy.
There, that's me! And very nice too!
I need nobody.
How charming Natasha is! Pretty,
a good voice, young, and never gets in people's way.
If only they'd leave her alone!
Mother, Bolkonsky has come!
It's awful, unbearable!
I won't be tormented so! What shall I do?
Who's come, when? Stop it, Natasha.
We haven't had the pleasure...
Yes, I was at my father's.
I had to talk over a very important matter with him.
I came back last night.
I need to talk to you, countess.
Leave us, Natasha. I'll call you.
Have mercy, O Lord! Help me... Help me...
What, mother?
Go to him. He has asked for your hand.
Could it be that this stranger
has become everything to me?
That he is dearer to me
than anyone in the world?
I took to you from the moment I saw you.
May I hope?
Why ask?
Why doubt what you cannot but know?
Why speak, when words cannot express what one feels?
- Do you love me? - Yes, yes...
Why are you crying?
I am so happy.
Prince Andrei did not love her now as before.
Something in him suddenly changed.
There was no longer the poetic charm of desire;
only pity for her feminine and childish weakness,
and fear of her trust and devotion.
The present feeling, though not so romantic,
was stronger and deeper.
Do you know that it cannot be for a year?
Is it possible that this is me?
That I am to be the wife and equal
of this strange, charming intelligent man
whom even my father looks up to?
Is it true that I can
no longer be frivolous?
I'm grown up now.
I must answer for my every deed and word.
Ah, yes; what was it he asked me?
- No. - You are young
and I have been through so much already.
I fear for you. You don't know yourself.
This'll be a hard year for me,
but you will learn to know yourself.
In a year we will be man and wife.
But you are free. We won't publicize our engagement.
If you find you don't love me...
Why should you say such a thing?
I have loved you since the day you came to Otradnoye.
You will learn to know yourself in a year.
A whole year?
But why a year?
Cannot it be changed?
That is cruel, cruel!
I shall die waiting for the year to end.
That's terrible!
No, I'll do everything you want.
I am so happy!
No bethrotal ceremony took place
and the engagement was not announced.
Don't go.
I must, Natalie.
And heaven knows what may happen. You may cease to...
I know I mustn't say that.
Whatever may happen while I am away...
Please, don't go.
Whatever happens, turn to Pierre
for help and advice.
He is absent-minded and absurd, but he has a heart of gold.
Don't go...
How horrible Pierre would have felt
if when he came home from aboard 7 years earlier
he had been told
that there was no need for him to seek and plan,
that his life's course
was predetermined forever.
He would tell himself that the kind of life he was leading
was only temporary.
But then he was shocked by the thought
of how many had begun that life, like himself,
with all their teeth and hair
and ended it without a single tooth or hair.
What for? Why?
What was going on in the world?
Pierre heard that soldiers in war,
if they've nothing to do,
try to occupy themselves
as to conquer their fear.
To Pierre all men seemed to be such soldiers,
seeking an escape from life:
some in ambition, some in cards, some in framing laws,
some in women, some in toy-things,
some in politics, some in hunting,
some in wine, some in state affairs.
Nothing is trivial, nothing is important.
The only aim is to save oneself from life.
Not to face it.
That sordid life.
He said, "It doesn't matter, I'll get it unravelled,
I have the clue. I'll figure it out, later."
But the "later" never came.
Good morning, uncle.
I knew you wouldn't be able to resist it.
Take the covert at once.
I hear the Ilagins are hunting too.
They'll take the cubs from under your very nouse.
Shall we join up our packs?
Good morning, uncle. We are going too!
Good morning. See you don't trample on the dogs.
We won't be in the way. We'll keep to our places.
All right. Only don't fall off your horse,
or where will you be?
Where is Natalya Ilyinishna?
She rode away with Pyotr Ilyich.
She's a lady and is fond of riding.
I see you're surprised.
She rides as well as many a man!
Yes! So bold, so easy!
If you scare away the wolf Danila will give it you!
I'm nobody's fool.
They are on the scent of the cubs.
They're chasing him.
Watch out!
Let the wolf go!
Call themselves huntsmen!
Dear God,
pray do this for me!
I know it is a sin to ask this for you,
but do let the wolf come my way.
Just once in my life to get an old wolf!
Back or forward?
Eh, no matter. Forward!
Oh, he's a strong one!
Isn't he an old one!
That he is.
You are a crusty fellow.
I never saw anyone like the young countess,
I swear.
Riding all day like a man
and is as fresh as ever!
Have something to eat, little countess.
Wake up, Petya!
Do wake up!
Try this, Petya, it is simply delicious.
This, you see, is how I am living out my days.
Death will come and nothing will be left after me.
No more sinning for me.
Open the door! Why did you shut it?
That's Mitka, my coachman.
I've got him a good balalaika.
Very good indeed. Splendid.
No. Simply perfect!
More, please! More!
You like it, dear countess?
He is a good player.
He doesn't play that right.
Here he ought to brust out...
Can you play too?
Are all the strings of my guitar intact, Anisya?
I haven't touched it for months, you see.
It's delightful, uncle!
Some more, some more!
Come on, uncle!
Come, niece!
Where, how
and when did this young countess,
educated by a French governess,
imbibe this Russian spirit?
From the air she breathed?
Where did she learn those tricks?
For they were inimitable
and typically Russian
the ones her uncle was expecting from her.
How was she able to feel all that was in Anisya,
in Anisya's father and mother,
and in a every true Russian?
Well, little countess...
There's my girl!
We've got to find you a fine husband,
I'd say.
He's been found already.
And such a good one!
What did Nikolai's smile mean
when he said that?
Does he think my Andrei would not approve of our gaiety?
Wouldn't understand it?
But he would.
I wonder where he is now. I mustn't think about it!
Since the evening...
...newly fallen snow.
The road to the wide world...
...lost in the field...
The young lad...
...crushed with grief...
What were you thinking about just now?
Me? Wait a minute.
That we were driving along
imagining we were going home...
But we were really going heaven knows where,
and all of a sudden an enchanted kingdom
would loom before us.
And then I was thinking...
No, nothing.
I know you were thinking about him.
No. I wasn't.
I kept saying to myself
how attractive Anisya looked.
I know I shall never be as happy and serene
as I am now.
Rubbish! Utter rubbish!
What a darling our Natasha is!
Never shall I have another such friend.
Why should she marry?
We might always drive about together.
What a darling our Nikolai is!
If only he would come soon! I am so afraid he never will!
The worst of it is I am growing old!
I'll lose all my charm.
Perhaps he'll come today, this very minute.
Perhaps he came yesterday and I have forgotten.
What can I ask them to do?
Please go and... er...
Where shall I send him?
Please go and fetch a cock.
What sort of offspring shall I have?
Why, fleas,
grasshoppers, and dragon flies.
Oh, Lord, it's always the same.
Where shall I go?
What shall I do with myself?
The island of Ma-da-gas-car.
Do you ever feel
as if there were nothing more to come,
that everything good is past?
And doesn't it make you sad?
Yes, often.
I felt like that even when everything was fine.
I was sick at heart
and wanted to die.
Once in the regiment, when I did not go to a party,
I heard the music
and suddenly felt so depressed!
I know, I know.
I felt the same once when I was a kid.
I had been punished for taking some plums.
Everybody was dancing and I sat upstairs crying.
I'll never forget it.
I felt so sad and so sorry.
For myself and everybody else.
You see, I had not taken those plums.
I remember.
I wanted to comfort you, but was too shy.
We were so funny then.
I had a little toy
that I wanted to give you.
- Do you recall any of it, Sonya? - Yes, vaguely.
It seems so strange now, like something in a dream.
I love it.
And you remember how father in his blue coat
fired a gun on the porch?
Did it really happen?
They've brought the cock, miss.
Tell them to take it back.
You know I think
when one goes on and on recalling things
one at last begins to remember what happened
before one was born.
It's metempsychosis.
The Egyptians believed that our souls inhabited
the bodies of animals.
I don't believe it.
I am sure we were angels somewhere out there
and have been here before, that's why we remember things.
If we were angels
why did we fallen lower? This can't be.
Not lower. Who said this to you?
How do I know what I was before?
The soul is immortal.
If I live always,
I must have lived before -
lived for a whole eternity.
It's hard to imagine eternity.
Why do you think so?
There is now, today, and there will be tomorrow.
And there was yesterday, and the day before... always.
Mummers have come!
Did you see him?
I saw him.
How? Standing up or lying down?
At first there was nothing, then I saw him lying down.
Andrei lying? Was he ill?
No, his face was cheerful and he turned to me.
Then what?
I could not see. Something blue and red.
When will he come back?
When shall I see him?
Oh, dear! How afraid I am for him and for myself.
And for everything!
Andrei wishes me to reduce the term by three months.
Write and tell him to wait till I die.
It won't be long - I'll soon set him free.
Marry, my son. A good family.
Clever people, eh? Rich, eh?
Little Nikolai will have a nice stepmother.
Write and tell him he may marry tomorrow if he likes.
I'll marry your companion,
so he'll have a stepmother too.
No more women in my house.
Perhaps you will go and live with him too?
Go, in Heaven's name! Go!
The count's things here. The young lady's - to the left.
You're growing prettier every day.
My, you're cold!
My wife is ill,
our house is unheated, so here I am.
High time. I'm glad you'll be staying with me.
Old Bolkonsky is in Moscow, his son is coming.
You must make his acquaintance.
The prince is not receiving.
But the princess begs you to see her.
There, princess, I've brought you my little song-bird.
I'm so glad you've met.
I've been wanting to meet you for a long time.
What a pity your farther is unwell!
If you allow me, princess,
to leave my Natasha in your hands.
I'll drive round to see Anna Semenovna.
Then I'll come back for her.
Not too soon, count,
Dear Natalie, I'm so glad
my brother has found happiness.
This is hardly the time to speak of it.
Ah, miss!
Countess Rostova, if I am not mistaken?
I beg you to excuse me.
I did not know
you had honored us with a visit.
Forgive me this attire.
I thought Maria was alone.
God is my witness,
I didn't know you were here.
What do his father and sister matter to me?
I love just him, him alone!
Better not to think of him, to forget him for the present.
Look at Anna Mikhailovna - what a headdress she has on!
It's the Karagins and Boris.
Julie and Boris are engaged.
Drubetskoy had proposed.
Have you been here long, countess?
I'm here on business
and I have my girls with me.
They say Semenova is superb.
Here is Kuragin.
I cannot visit you.
Shall I never see you again?
I am madly in love with you.
It is possible that I shall never...
One word... Just one word,
for God's sake!
Natalie, just one word!
Please, miss,
a man told me to give you this.
Only for the love of Christ...
Since last night my fate has been sealed.
To be loved by you or die.
There is no other way.
You'd really better
drop it all. There's still time.
Fool! Don't talk nonsense.
If you only knew... It's devil knows what!
It's no joke, this thing you're planning.
Stop taunting me, damn you!
I helped you, but all the same I must tell you the truth.
It's a dangerous business and, if you think of it, stupid.
You'll carry her off all right, but it won't end at that.
They'll find out you're married and take you to court.
Didn't I explain it to you?
If this marriage is invalid, I have nothing to answer for.
But if it is valid,
no one abroad will know about it.
Still, you'd better drop it.
Go to the devil!
Feel how it's beating!
What little feet!
What eyes! A goddess!
Well, and when the money's gone, what then?
What then? I don't know.
But why talk nonsense!
I can't hide it from you any longer, Sonya.
We love each other.
He writes... Sonya...
And Prince Andrei?
If you only knew how happy I am!
You don't know what love is. Is it really over?
Are you refusing Prince Andrei?
You don't understand. Listen...
I can't allow this. I shall tell.
If you do, you are my enemy!
Do you want us to part?
No one has the right to interfere.
Why this secrecy? Why doesn't he openly ask for your hand?
Prince Andrei gave you complete freedom.
You mustn't doubt him!
- What if he's a dishonest man? - I can't live without him!
What are you saying?
Think of your father, of Nikolai.
I don't want anyone but him. I love him.
Go away, Sonya! You see how I am suffering.
Well, friends of my youth, we've had our fling.
When shall we meet again? I am going aboard.
Adieu, my friends. Three cheers!
Time to go!
Where's the fur cloak?
Go and ask Matryona for the sable cloak.
She'll rush out coatless...
If you delay, there'll be tears.
She'll freeze and have to go back.
Wrap the cloak round her and carry her to the sleigh.
Fool! I told you the sable one!
The sable coat!
Here, I don't grudge it - take it.
Like this and like this.
She'll come out directly.
The mistress whishes to see you, sir.
The mistress? Who are you?
Kuragin! Come back! We've been betrayed!
Let me in to see her!
You shameless hussy!
You are a nice one!
Arranging rendez-vous with lovers in my house!
Listen when I speak to you!
You've dsgraced and demeaned yourself.
I'm sorry for your father,
so I will conceal it.
He's lucky to have escaped me but I'll find him!
Do you hear me?
Let me be! What is it to me? I shall die!
Natalie! I wish you well.
There... Lie still, I won't touch you.
What am I to tell your father?
And your fiance. Your brother will know.
I have no fiance; I refused him.
If he hears of this, will he let it pass?
I know your father.
He will challenge him to a duel.
Let me be! Why did you interfere?
Who asked you?
Do you think they wouldn't have found him
if he'd carried you off?
He's a scoundrel! A blackguard!
He is better than any of you!
Oh, my God, what is this?
Why did you do it, Sonya?
Go away! You all hate and despise me!
You are a scoundrel and a blackguard!
I don't know what stops me
from smashing your skull.
Did you promise to marry her?
I never promised.
I am married, as you may know.
Have you any letters of hers?
Have no fear, I won't be violent.
First, the letters.
Second, tomorrow you must get out of Moscow.
But how can I--
Third, you must never breathe a word of
what happened between you and the countess.
I know I can't prevent you doing so.
But if you have a spark of conscience
amuse yourself with women
like my wife.
They know what you want of them.
They are armed against you by the bad that is in them.
But to promise an innocent girl to marry her...
To deceive, to abduct her.
It is as low as hitting
an old woman or a child.
I don't know about that,
nor do I wish to know.
But you have used such words
as "low" and " "scoundrel". As a man of honor
I cannot allow this to pass.
Though they were said without witnesses...
Is it satisfaction you want?
You could at least take your words back...
if you want me to do as you wish.
I take them back
and even ask you to forgive me.
And if you require money for your journey...
Oh, vile and heartless brood!
Please return her letters and portrait to the countess
if you see her.
She is very ill.
Then she is still here? And Prince Kuragin?
He left long ago. She has been at death's door.
I much regret her illness.
So Monsieur Kuragin had not offered her his hand?
He could not marry, for he is married already.
Where is he now, if I may ask?
I believe he has gone to St.Petersburg.
Well, that's not important.
Tell the countess that she was and is perfectly free
and that I wish her well.
Do you remember our discussion in St.Peterburg?
I said that a fallen woman should be forgiven.
But I didn't say that I could forgive her. I can't.
How can you compare?
Ask for her hand again? Be magnanimous?
But I am unable
to follow in that gentleman's footsteps.
If you wish to be my friend
never speak to me of this... of all this.
Well, goodbye. You will give her the packet?
Prince Bolkonsky was your friend. He still is.
He told me once to turn to you.
He is here now.
Tell him... to...
to forgive me.
I'll tell him.
I know all is over.
This can never be.
I am tormented by the wrong I have done him.
Tell him I beg him to forgive me for everything.
I will tell him.
I will certainly tell him.
I should like to know one thing.
I would like to know...
Were you in love...
with that low person?
Don't call him that!
As for being in love, I don't know.
We won't speak of it any more, my dear.
I'll tell him everything, and I beg you
to consider me your friend.
If you want help or advice,
if you simply want to open your heart to someone...
not now, but when your mind is clearer,
think of me.
I shall be happy if it is in my power...
Don't speak to me like that. I am not worth it!
No, no! You have your whole life before you!
Before me?
No, all is over for me.
All over?
If I were not what I am
but the handsomest, cleverest and best man in the world,
and were free,
I would beg for your hand
and love
on my knees.
It seemed to Pierre that this falling star
was a symbol of what was passing
in his own softened and uplifted soul.
On June 12th the forces of Western Europe
crossed the Russian frontier,
and a war began.
That is, an event took place
that was counter to human reason
and human nature.
End of Part Two