MS Excel : Find duplicate elements in a column, find top 10 items in a column (subtitle available)

Uploaded by webseos on 25.07.2012

Hi I am Bikram
I am showing you how
We can find out the duplicate
contents here in a column of a excel
Here in the C column I am finding out
duplicate items in the selection
Here TOM 2 times appear in this column
c4 and c6 cell of c column
and I have written here some other elements
So now our target is
to find out the duplicates here
So need to select the elements
after that goto Conditional Formatting button
Highlight Cells Rules -> Duplicate Values
Then click OK
You can see the duplicates in RED
you can clear the cells
by going to the
conditional formatting button again
then the highlights will disappear
Now our target is to find out
the top 10 items
of this list of elements
Here I am not doing sorting
I am keeping every elements
in its own position
but I shall highlight the top 10
elements without shuffling the elements
Goto conditional formatting then
top/ bottom rules then
top 10 items from menu
then the top 10 items will be highlighted
in pink colour then will be displayed
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