Kpop Music Mondays - T-ara "Yayaya"

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This week's Music Monday is the magic edition with Orange Caramel's
Oh my God Martina wait a second! [what are you doing?]
Ok, last week we reviewed T-ara, right? [yes]
Ok remember how we said that they were creepy stalkers? [yes]
This week they have taken it one step too far. [what? What are you…what the?!]
For this week's Music Monday we present to you the tribal edition
With T-ara's "Yayaya." [You pushed me!]
Let me begin this video by saying I TOTALLY FREAKING TOLD YOU SO
Last week we reviewed T-ara's "Why Are You Being Like This"
in which we revealed a very scary tendency with them.
So let's look at their past few songs: first, they go crazy.
Then they get all hurt, then, they become stalker-ish,
and now, they officially crossed the line into borderline creepy.
Girl, you crazy.
So in this video they find a guy who's crashed his plane into their island,
and instead of tending to his injuries and taking care of him,
what do they do? They take him prisoner.
And what is their preferred method of torture? Shameless flirting.
T-ara, meet me at camera 3:
T-ara, I think what you need is a pep talk.
You're all a bunch of really pretty and attractive girls.
You're famous singers and great dancers, and you're relying on entirely wrong tactics to get a guy.
See, that's not the right way to get to a man's heart,
so, you can do better than that girls. Come on now.
Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to have a word with your prisoner for a minute,
just, go away, just me and him one on one for a second. Thanks.
Are they gone? Is the door closed? OK:
Are you out of your freaking mind? You're on an island full of sexy kpop stars
And they're feeding you chocolate [I think] and they're dancing around you
and they're hugging you, and you're upset?
Send us the GPS location and we will go there ourselves,
Because there are thousands of men, millions of men,
who will gladly be in your place instead.
Not me, of course, Sunshine, because my heart belongs to you
What confuses me about this video is T-ara's choice of weapons,
I mean, they're approaching this strange guy on the island
and they've got a bow and arrow. That's good,
and the rest of the girls have feathers…hmmm
and then they tie him up…hmmm
Is this some kind of like, S&M Island, and I don't mean like
S&M like SimonandMartina island, because that would mean that
a bunch of wild Spudgies running around.
IT WOULD BE WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean, I get the bow and arrows, but the feathers?
Maybe this is Kara's Island, you know:
Ohh! Where am I?
What happened?
There's a Spudgy Dog!
Oh! Oh jeez! Oh my God it hurts! Oh!
Please! Help! I crashed my plane and I don't know where I am,
Please…….wha…Okay…what are you doing?
HAHAHAHA okay that's nice, I, I think I broke my femur.
I need to go to an ambulance. Can you please call
I love you! [YAYAYA!]
I don't understand what that means crazy indigenous lady, but I still love you.
Okay so there are some really, really fun dance moves in this song,
but we have a problem with the main dance move. T-ara's Choreographer:
meet me at camera 5.
On a serious note: dressing T-ara up like Native American Indigenous people,
Dancing in front of teepees, and padding your mouths yelling "Yayayaya"
Is totally not cool. It's not PC, and it's extremely culturally insensitive.
On a side note, it is very cool that some Native Americans
have smoking hot bodies and the ability to transform into wolves
to fight vampires. AWESOME! [I vote for Team Edward]
Hey get out of here! [ohhh]
As for the English of the song we give this a:
"Somebody please tell me WTF is going on in this song about" out of 5
U-Kiss! You are hereby stripped of your WTF award.
We are awarding this to T-ara for Yayaya,
and in comparison to T-ara we're gonna bump you up to a 1 out of 5
so congratulations on that [WAIT!]
WHAT IS THIS?! What do you mean?
This is my award! This is Mordney present, not T-ara present!
Give it back! [what!?] Give it back to me I worked so hard for it!
Go away, old overused joke! [ohh my weakness!]
In fact, the song is strange in English and in Korean, too,
and for once we are not the only ones confused by it.
So many people were confused by the song that ETribe had to
release an official statement to try to explain what the song was about.
But the explanation itself is so confusing that by the end of it
it seems that ETribe doesn't even know what the song is about.
Because they say, and I quote, to
Not misunderstand and just enjoy the song and be understanding,
What does that even mean?
In our opinion, ETribe should stop trying to defend the lyrics of the song
because, really, they are nonsensical.
They're fun, they're catchy, and I've been singing them all day,
But that doesn't mean that they make any sense
Last week we asked you who was more stalkerish:
2PM with "Again and Again" or T-ara with "Why Are You Being Like This"
Well, it was pretty clear within the first 500 votes
that T-ara was being crushed by 2PM. Yeah!
Although, a lot of people said that they would like to be stalked by 2PM,
So, I don't really know. Does that count as stalking if you want them to stalk you?
This week we ask you who pulls off a better Tribal look:
T-ara with "Yayaya" or 2NE1 with "Clap Your Hands"
Leave your votes in the comments and we'll announce the winner next week.
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Even if T-ara's songs have been a bit stalker-ish lately,
we still think they've been incredibly fun and amazing to dance to
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