Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya - Part 12/15 (Eng. Subs)

Uploaded by FilmyJosh01 on 21.04.2010

I am your problem, Karthik
I chose awrong timeto say I was coming...
you couldn't do anything, right?
Atleast for ten minutes you would have thought what to do, right?
That isn't how it should be
I don'twant you to suffer because of me
I know this won't change
Yes, I wanted to comethat day
That moment is gone
Today, I wantto let go... it's over
I told you earlier... you didn'ttake me seriously
If you hadn't come after me...
I would have been just myself
I would have married the guy my dad chose
Why did you say you love me?
Why did you come to Kerala and apologise?
Why did you kiss me?
Why did you come for mywedding?
Why did you follow me?
Six months... knowing my mind set...why?
This doesn't feel good... I don't want it...
Let's forget and move on...
Are you mad?
Why are you taking this decision?
Nothing happened... I'll wait however long
Will he accept when you are fifty?
I'll be forty nine... I'll wait till then!
I'll see you now and then
Wiill you meet me? That will do
That's why I don'twant it
Why should you wait?
You have things to do
I will decide that
You don't decide for me
I'd rather you hate me...
than my parents hating me!
Let go...please let me go...
I swear this won't work... Iet me go...
I can never do that...
It's only 'cos of your dad and brother?!
I will talk to them
Go...before it becomes a disaster
I swear something has happened to you
This is how I am Karthik... I don't know myself any more
I don't know what I want
I like pain...I likethis pain...
Of al the girls in the world why did you fal in lovewith me?
I justwaked past you... That's al I did
I hatewatching films
Darkness...crowd...Ioud noise...
and isn't it an irony you chosethis?
You and I won't gel
You're serious or ***ing what?
You don't likefilms?
What ***ing logic is that?
Cal Jessie
Come down
Where is Jessie?
You can't talk to Jessie
Why has he come here now?
Karthik, just go
Jessie, come down I need to talk to you
I didn't realisethis pain would be so intense
Don't hate metoo much... I don't know why I did this!
Sheer foolish... just couldn'tfigure out why!
One way ticket to heart break city!
I didn't see her after that
She walked away from me!
Just humiliating!
"What? Did your brother send you?"
Thatwas his first question!
I said "l just cameto see her,
I don't even know where my brother is"
Did you see her? Where is she?
She's got married!
She's not here, she is somewhere in the U.K.
He even showed me her wedding snap
He even apologised for not inviting us as it was all done in a hurry
Karthik, forget her...move on
You have drifted far away from me Jessie
You have even closed all doors!
We got yelled at because of you yesterday!
Director thinks you are the only capable assistant!
Is that why you are kneeling down beside me?
I heard you even know Hindi?
Don't be so pleased with yourself...
He'll suddenly bark at you... that's it
Sorry, suddenly just felt like kissing you
I need to talk to you Karthik...
Spend sometimewith me... will you??
whenever you can...
I don't know when it happened
Before you say anything else I haveto tell you something
I loved a girl... it's two years since she left me
I am unableto let go of her
I don't know where she is... what she's doing?
But she is sitting here... and here...
...and not going away from me
I can easily get into a relationship with you
but it won't bewhole hearted
I can't be crazy about you
You will reaise it yourself
She's haunting me... I have to come out of this
Tiill then let's refrain Nandini!