The Israeli Street - Hanukkah 2010

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-Do you believe in God? *shakes head*
I believe in God, I'm a Cohen Jew from the order of the Cohanim.
-No. -No. -I believe, yes. -Do you believe that God exists?
In heaven, yes.
-Why do we celebrate Chanukkah? -There's the whole deal with the menorah, and we beat the Greeks or something
Because of the miracle with the jar of oil and the victory of the Maccabees over the Romans.
Because of the victory of the Maccabees over the Greeks
Do you believe in the miracle of Hanukkah?
I believe in the whole Bible.
The miracle of the jar of oil was actually made up later, in the period of the Talmud
The celebration itself is for the Israeli independence that happened at that time.
-So you believe in the Messiah? -Of course
You think He came already? He's destined to come? what do you know about this?
It's written about the Messiah that He will come like thunder on a clear day, suddenly and without warning
It's not something that they decided that tomorrow, in a month, or in a year, He'll come suddenly,
And only then will we know that He came.
I personally know someone that their last name is Mashiach (Messiah),
But I don't believe in the accepted meaning of the idea.
-And what do you think, is it possible... -They say that the Messiah will come from the seed of King David
We have no way of knowing, it says in the Bible that one day He will come,
and the redemption with Him according to the Jewish faith.
-And what features will identify Him? -The prophet Elijah will come before and proclaim His arrival.
Do you know the Milubavitcher Rabbi?
Yes, I met him once.
Is it possible he was the Messiah?
I don't think so, because when Messiah comes, He has to do the things and complete them.
I don't think it's allowed to say he's the Messiah. I mean ,every Godly person is the Messiah?
-Have you heard of the Messiah in Tel Aviv? -No.
-Have you heard of the Messiah in Tel Aviv? -Yeah, I've heard of him
-And do you believe he's really the Messiah? -No, no way.
-If you're clairvoyant, then where is Gilad Shalit?!? -He's with Arabs
-But where? give us an exact location!!
-You don't think he's the Messiah? -No way
-Why not? -Because there's signs in the Bible that according to them Messiah will come.
-What signs? -He wouldn't be here sitting on a street in Tel Aviv
Before His arrival, the prophet Elijah descends from heaven, and there has to be a war, Gog and Magog
This needs to be before the Messiah comes and I don't think.. like everyone here sees...
-Do you think this could be the Messiah? -No -Why not?
-Because he doesn't look like the Messiah and he's just a guy that's growing in his faith.
-So you're going to die for our sins? -He's going to die from all that pot!
Do you think it's possible the Messiah is supposed to die for our sins?
No, that's not a righteous man, a righteous man is someone who comes and dies for our sins
But the Messiah didn't come as a sacrifice, He only comes to correct.