Global MBA Program - ESSEC Business School

Uploaded by essec on 02.02.2011

Summarizing briefly the Global MBA program is a big challenge. It is a challenge because
we have worked on this program for the past two years and have come up with an innovative
strategy where participants would do a lot of things in a one year time period.
Also we conceptualized the program which is in one year we give a generalist MBA flair
plus we bring in the strengths of ESSEC Business School which is a 104 years old and has many
innovative concepts, innovative ideas and strengths which we all build in this program.
We included some topics which are "frontier courses". These "frontier courses" have been
decided after much analysis. We analyzed the top 100 business schools in the world, understood
what they offer, how they are offered and what changes they would like to do.
The ideal candidate is an open-minded, curious, and responsible individual who has the ability
to move out of her or his comfort zone and to think out of the box.
I believe that the career development would be an integral part and why is it so, because
most of the participants would like to enhance their career and to have better opportunities
when they graduate from this Global MBA program.
Any educational background at a Bachelor level minimum is suited when applying for a MBA.
Majors can be in engineering, business economics, science, law and others...
Hi, my name is Josiane Stirling, I am the assistant of the Global MBA. I am the primary
contact for those of you who come through us through the internet and I ll be in touch
with most of you to answer any questions you may have about admission, insurance, healthcare,
visa, anything you require. So please do not hesitate, contact me and I hope to hear from
you soon.