Catch Me If You Can (3/10) Movie CLIP - Bank Teller Seduction (2002) HD

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♪ ♪
Woman: I'd like to open a money market, please.
Welcome to miami mutual bank. How may I help you?
My name is frank taylor. I'm a copilot for pan am.
I'd like to cash this check here, and then
I'd like to take you out for a steak dinner.
( laughing )
( teller giggling )
And then we feed the checks into the micr machine
Which uses special ink
To encode the account numbers
On the bottom of the checks.
And where are these numbers?
They're, um... Right here.
Right there?
( both giggling )
They're called routing numbers.
So where do the checks get routed to?
You know, I don't exactly know.
Nobody ever asked me that before.
( both laughing )